13 comments on “Fahrenheit 88 – Autograph session

  1. He signed for everyone even for those who didn’t buy the tickets there? Aw man! I couldn’t go 😦 And he’s such a sweetheart if he did hee! Can’t wait what did he have install for us tomorrow at his show! I’m excited!

  2. Elicia
    He was a very good sport about it and he even did an acapella version of SBL right before he did the signing.

    I think we can also thank his Dad – Jeff – for the amount of time he spent at F88 cos he could have easily got David out of there in a jiffy. It was a long and probably tiring day for all of them. So thanks a lot Jeff 🙂

  3. Ahhh thank you for all the coverage and videos!! Finally got the banner signed!!!!!!! Heart kabooming 😀 😀 😀

  4. The group picture with David’s huge poster in the background is so heartwarming.

  5. morning! this is the link to my video, recorded him when he arrived at F88. can’t catch much of him though, i was busy trying to touch his hand! hahaha

  6. HI I have a a real quick question.

    I purchased the VVIP ticket(RM500). Do you happen to know anyone who purchased this ticket? I need to know if they get the additional stuff.

  7. Just like old times (^_^)! seeing the gleeming smiles on all the Archangels and David’s is the treat of the day.

  8. Hey Dharsh, as far as I know, VVIP RM500 ticket holders do not get the additional stuff (i.e. ATE Album, T-Shirt and Soundcheck Party pass) unless they upgrade. (i.e. add an additional RM300). Hope that answers your question 🙂

  9. Haha Clara! Me too! But I couldn’t cos a big fat guard was blocking me #sob I’m too short. XD

    Hehehe Amelia, I was shaking tooo.

    Yesterday night was just amazing.

    His dad was such a sport!

  10. excited bout tonite! wohooo!! cnt wait!!! love u david!!! hes sucha sweetheart!! aam’s time to ROARR!! lol…hahahha =)

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