10 comments on “David Archuleta has arrived in Malaysia!!

  1. Hey! Thank you so much for the video! That is so precious!
    Shu and company, you folks are the real Archiekin troop!

    I hear a lot of heavy breathing!! Must be breathtaking meeting David face to face!!!

  2. Hi! I captured the UStream and uploaded it to YT for easier access, I hope you don’t mind. Here it is

    SHU, AMY, TRACE – am SO happy for you guys!

  3. Tomorrow I’ll be there around 4.30-5p.m. Hope I’m not the only one arrive early for the concert. Anyone else?? 😀

  4. Lee Hsu Zen – Alright! See u there! Btw,which tix u bought? 300,190,150??

  5. OMG!!!! I took the first vid and soo annoyed with the security…keep on covering Shiba’s camera! Today was the best day ever cant wait for tommorow!!!! We also had a 15 minute convo with Jeff Archuleta :p he was sooo awesome and he talks sooo much just like david

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