20 comments on “AAM Freeze / Flash Mob

  1. Anyone who is holding those signboards, please bring it to KLIA and Fahrenheit 88 ok. Please …..

  2. so r u guys gona group aam’s wen where are there? i mean fr both places? n bout the trasnport tingy? =)

  3. Eunice .. where are you?? haha .. see what David can drive you to do mmmm
    is worth it all. Certainly hope he gets the message and pleases his fans who brave to dance in public and work hard to promote his concert:-)

  4. Team KLIA and Team jFahrenheit – just watch out for AAM banner. We can gather as a team ok:-)

  5. Hey all

    We’re not sure at this moment how Sony’s going to arrange things. Will let you know later today if we get any word from Sony.

    Check your email

    Where are you coming from?

  6. I sense a lot of nervous energy here! LOL!!! You guys are going to have a blast. I can’t wait for all the videos and reports. Your honorary American Archiekin is there with you in spirit!

  7. Wow! Welcome David! And thank you to all Archiekin troopers!!
    You are the best, devoted diehard fans! Have a blast time at F 88!!! Shoot more pictures and post them here asap!

  8. Shu and John,

    Will see you all tomorrow!!! Saving my energy and voice for tomorrow!! Here we come David!!!!!

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