91 comments on “Archuduties – KLIA welcome + Autograph Session @Farenheit 88

  1. i cannot..working la T__T but for autograph session i might be able to..providing ada transport..and got some ppl to go with.. haha! i dunno how to get there! Sony said those who buy ticket there oni can get it signed? so sadddd T___T

  2. Amelia

    Can you get to Farenheit? Doesn’t matter if you’ve already got the ticket. We need people to make the numbers. Let’s go in force and show David + Sony lots of support.

    The more fans there the merrier!

  3. Just wondering, for those with the concert tickets, can they bring other stuffs for him to sign as well such as his CDs? And are we allowed to pass him gifts?

  4. yeah…i can make my way tehre.. i shall go together with clara! 🙂 hehehe! might be a little late..scared of traffic and what not..we are taking the train..but can’t imagine how pack it will be.. hahaha! see u guys there!

  5. I am kind of not very happy with Sony at this time.. like they are rewarding ppl who will be buying the tickets last minute rather than those who bought it early.. poor thing to those who have bought it earlier! haihh.. i don’t mind not getting it.. but the others… From Groupon discounts…and now those who buy tix on monday will get it signed..hurmm… a lil unfair on Sony’s part here..

  6. Yeah!! Not very very so unhappy wid Sony..How cud they give that chance to only buyers at autograph session? What abt us who excitedly supportingly buy David tickets earlier? I come along way to have a bit of chance to see David in real n they just took that chance away?? HUUUU…wanna cryyyy…sob3x!!!

  7. guys ! twit to david about it !! who knows if he can consider about that!

    sooo sadddd and really unfair!!

  8. So it’s true? We can only have his signature if we buy the tickets there? That’s so unfair!

    OH OH, count me in please? I can attend both events! I’m on SEM BREAK 😀 Heeee.

  9. Hey all

    Let’s not quibble over whether it’s unfair or not 🙂

    The important thing is we show David all the support we can muster. So bring your CDs, pictures, posters, placards what have you cause who knows what can happen rite?

    We need you – fans – to go and rock the place down!

  10. AAM – i am very disapointed about this! ikot perasaan i i dont want to go but since its not his fault, COUNT ME IN ! i will go there by train ..

    a sad fan :((

  11. At the end of the day, I’m sure he’ll eventually let everyone get his signature. Com’on it’s David, he’s too nice to say no (: Does that mean you guys won’t be providing transport for those who are going to be at both events? 😦

  12. i know..i will still go.. and we all know how sweet david is.. but i just expected more from sony.. 🙂 many are very disappointed with their decision..coz david said in his announcement his tickets n CD.. so..we will love david forever no matter what.. just Sony je disappointing..BUT GO DAVID..we love u!!

  13. Hey Guys, please don’t be upset okay. Sony’s done SOO much to make the concert happen for us and this is just another way to generate more sales for David. I think more than anything, we want to make this concert a successful one so that maybe just maybe he would come back one day *hopes*.

    But let’s look at it this way, this is an AMAZING opportunity to be in the same room/place as David and actually see him in action, whether he’s able to sign for you or not and really, we don’t get opportunities like this very often so lets just go and support the heck out of it for our boy!! He deserves all the love we can give and Everything and More 🙂

    Hope to see you guys there!!!

  14. haha…true Sheba.. tp.. emm.. he rarely comes..so for those yang tak dpt beli on that day kesian they all~ 🙂 but no worries..im always there to support David..ahhaa! no matter what~~

  15. Hmm, on one hand, I can understand from a marketing perspective why it’s being done this way. On the other, it REALLY is unfair to the dedicated fans who have bought tickets to support the launch party (especially after Groupon’s discounts) and everything else. I don’t see the problem of fans voicing out the injustice to Sony as long as it is done in a polite and concise manner. YMMV.

    But I agree in the sense that it will be horribly disappointing for David, Sony and even fans if the people who go there to buy the tickets for the sake of getting his signature aren’t even fans of his. So let’s support it in any way we can. =D

  16. Woohoo! Im excited man! Umm can he sign the tosod asian edition during the autograph session?

  17. Yeah we should make a banner; saying something along the lines of, we pre ordered your ticket, but buggers buying them now get your autograph? not fair!

    I used to praise Sony for how they handled autograph signing sessions, but this is really too much. I know its Marketing & all but come on! we don’t have that much money la. Parents would crucify me if they found out I bought another ticket JUST TO GET his autograph on the ticket.

  18. Hey all

    We understand your disappointment with the way things have turned out. In fact it was the very same thought that occurred to us when we got the news from Sony. After all many of us dutifully trooped to Berjaya Times Square for the ticket launch and now this.

    But as James has commented, this is a marketing tactic to get fans ( or not ) to buy the tickets. At the end of the day that’s what counts the most.

    So let’s just go and support our guy cos he’s the main man rite?

    We need help from fans who do have transport to help ferry those who don’t to either or both events.

  19. Yeah..AAM, u say true..yay!! No matter la wat happen , we go attack David at autograph session…haha!!

    I want to join u guys to both events but no transport :((.. so how??
    I dont even know where is Fahrenheit 88..huhu..anyone can tell?

  20. Yeah Sheba but still unfair. Fans are just expressing their dissappointment. Support we will to our best ability. James, where is your quote again?

    Sony may allow other fans to do so on that day (like a change of heart, lol) but at this juncture it’s what it is.

  21. Marianne, you need to buy the concert ticket on that day itself. And “only signing concert ticket…” – signing concert tickets…means not other stuff. Anyway who knows, just bring whatever you want him to sign.

  22. hehe..yeah Kylie..agree with what u say 🙂 But david said something about having the ATE albu, right? and we should be able to get autograph for that? emm.. oh well~ hahah! whatever it is.. i still love david 🙂

  23. AWW MAN… Come on Sony.. We went through a lot just to make it to the pre-launch event at BTS on June 19th. WE PURCHASED THE FIRST BATCH OF TICKETS! Huhh.. Anyway, never mind then.. What do we have against the power of SONY, right? I still agree with everyone, this matter is truly UNFAIR. Hearts to David of course, for being the sweetie pie that he is by agreeing to have an autograph session here. 🙂 Whatever it is, WE’RE STILL YOUR ARCHANGELS, DAVID.. ❤ Now and forever.. 😀

  24. Hey you guys! Someone asked Sony in a tweet whether we could have his autograph during the meet and greet session and sony said NO!! Whatttt???? REALLY??? And no pics from our personal camera too??? Then what is the purpose of meeting him anyway?? If we can’t get his autograph and get a pic with him!! I’m soo furious now! First, only the tix purchased at Fahrenheit88 will be signed, NOW THIS???!! AAM needs to take a stand! We gotta do something!

  25. Ok, wait.. This is a REALLY STICKY SITUATION.. My head is fluttered in confusion!

  26. Amira: Yeah..A LOT OF ARCHU ARMY!!! Haha…

    If this is Sony strategy to sale the tickects…Wat to do then? WE STILL SUPPORT DAVID!! WooT WooT!!

  27. yeap..sony said no autographs..and NO personal pic..that means we get to take group pics saje..T__T hurmm.. sighhh… dunno la what is going on..maybe AAM can get some answers ar? hahaha.. i mean yes we get to see him..tp..no auto? personal pic i can understand.. hahah! not hard to sign a few CDs during meet n greet ma.. apa la ini Sony.. ahhaha!

  28. Irda – will talk to Sony about it. Trust me, they know how the fans will feel. The main focus to sell tickets so that the stadium will be filled.

    M&G – you guys will meet David, have a moment with him (I will ask Sony to let you guys have at least 1 of your item to be signed by David.) then group photo.

    I have relentlessly sending messages, videos to David, Sony and the band about us wanting to meet him as a fan group. I have patient to wait … cos good things come to those who wait!

    We will have fun at the concert ok. David will give you more than you expect.
    After the concert, those who don’t have to rush home could hang around and take photos with the band. If any bonus, David might be there. No promises.

  29. We shall all meet after the concert la 🙂 no need rush home.. when else are we gonna gather like this and meet all archie fans right? we have to get a big group photo even without david in it..ehehhe.. just for us~

  30. awww 😦 why is this happeningg.. anyhow, i will be there for the autograph session! hope there is something we can do about it ):

  31. shuyee, what about those who won m&g through sony and others? do we get to have him sign on one of our items too? :/

  32. I don’t even know what or where Fahrenheit88 is but I’m so going there.

    I wish I could go to KLIA, but that’ll mean skipping so many classes, which would get me killed. DX

  33. Hello everyone! We (my sister and I) have been lurking this site almost everyday even before David came to Malaysia three years ago, but i guess we’re just too shy to post regularly here before. Trust me, this takes a lot of guts. Hehehe.

    All I wanna say is,I too was a bit disappointed with the autograph session issue but lets not make this one considerably small matter dampen our spirit. We should all be happy and thankful that THE David Archuleta is coming to townnnn again!

    btw, we’re in TEAM BOTH!!! 😀

  34. Thanks for making me feel better Aunty Shu Yee!! You’re always the light in the pitch black night 🙂 I hope to see you guys on monday in KLIA. Really hope i wont be late, or else i would be at the back of the crowd.. Gotta leave school early la. Off to Physics tuition class now. TTYL!
    P.S: I’ve sent a happy and understanding tweet to David already.. I don’t want to have these complications mess up my anticipation for JULY 26th! Can’t wait to meet David again.. 🙂

  35. I know it is a disappointment to most of us here, but I’m sure it is also a good decision to boost the tix sales..

    Let’s give all our best effort and hopes by being either at KLIA or Farenheit88 or even both..I would be happy to be at both places.

  36. I agree with yoashio. Let’s just go and support our man – KLIA or Fahrenheit 88 or even better, both. 🙂

  37. I can’t go to KLIA cause I’m working, but I’ll definitely be at Farenheit88 just to be in the same room as him although I’m super disappointed that the autograph session is only for people(I don’t consider them as fans cause they didn’t buy the ticket earlier) who are buying the ticket last minute :/

  38. i’ll be going by public transport but im afraid i’ll get lost as im not familiar with the city area. are there any signs or landmarks from bukit bintang monorial station to the mall?

    will David be signing the concert ticket only or the album as well?

  39. Mc, when you come down the escalator from bukit bintang monorail station, the mall is on your right. Just cross the road 🙂

  40. mc- lets just meet me & frens at kl sentral infront mcd ( if u r going there from kl sentral la)

  41. I will buy another ticket just for the autograph! Man how i wish David’s gonna sign albums instead.

    Btw, TEAM BOTH! 😀 so excited!!!!

  42. Autograph or no autograph.. I will be there.. Disappointed, yes, but I am going to be at the “autograph session”.. See you guys.. 🙂

  43. Hey Elyssa, welcome from out of lurkerdom! I don’t think much can hamper our excitement, 4 more days away!!! Don’t forget to join the post-concert-happy-daze with us. =D

  44. hahaha..cool guys..i will only make it for the autograph session..i shall leave work early..hahaa..my boss will understand..haha! shall go with Clarawan with lrt then monorail 🙂 weeehooo~ ehhehe! see u guys there… can i just bring my poster which was used as the competition ID there? hahaha…better than holding nothing right?HAHAHA!

  45. Elyssa, I was so in your shoes about 3 years ago but David sucked me right in lol! Do come by and post more often okay. Your sis too and hope to see you at either KLIA or the auto sesh or both woot!!

    By the way, everyone of you guys here are awesome just so you know 🙂

  46. would LOVE to go for both! but even now just going for the concert is so hard! I’m very desperate right now. by any chance is there any archie able provide transport for me and my friend from the KTM bus terminal to a hotel near the stadium? and to drop us off to our hotel (on the same street) after the concert at night? currently these are the only things keeping us from going. 😦 I entered a lot of contests and managed to win tickets so I even have tickets now and I managed to get my parents’ approval. (due to horrible timing my parents cannot take me). only the transport around KL is a major issue. I would walk everywhere but my parents would be very worried if I did that alone. I’m sorry but I just feel really desperate. “sometimes you just know, when to hold on, when to let go”, I’m not letting go just yet. 🙂

  47. Ai Lyn, I think most of us won’t have trouble accompanying you back, but getting there is the only thing. I will be coming straight from class, so I’m not sure on my timing yet.

  48. yeah Ai Lyn… going there I am going earlier..by LRT then taking the monorail.. i think u should be ok if u are wiht a friend. I am stopping at the monorail line Hang Tuah I think..closest to Stadium negara 🙂 goin back we can all go back together..ehhe!!

  49. James,

    Are you going to both KLIA/F88? Is there a place for one more person?

  50. Hey all

    Fahrenheit 88 is the old KL Plaza mall ( for those who are familiar with the malls along Jalan Bukit Bintang ). It’s sandwiched between Uniqlo and Lot 10 along the Bintang Walk. You won’t miss it.

    You can get there by monorail – if this option is available to you – and get off at the Bukit Bintang station.

    I hope a lot of you will go to either or both venues to support David, cos he may never come to Malaysia again. Who knows when he becomes super successful the demands on his time will be even greater and he may not have the chance to come this way again?

    So let’s just go and support our guy all the way regardless of whether we get a pic or not. See ya there 😀

  51. To anon – No, I can’t make it for KLIA since I have class (boo!) until 3 pm on both Monday and Tuesday. I will of course, be heading down to KL to show support (and yum cha with fellow Archies) because there’s no point rankling in the injustice of it all.

  52. James, I like the word you used, yum cha.. XD

    I go to F88 every week cuz of my Japanese class near there, and I spotted this today:-


    Now, I am stoked though I won’t be getting his autograph.. Teehee..Let’s just be there to support him!! Show him that Malaysia loves him! 🙂

  53. can some of us meet at a place and go to KLIA together?…anyone? is there any other way to go there besides by cab?

  54. I’m Team F88!!

    Too bad I can’t join Team Airport cuz I’ll be arriving at KL at 6pm. =_= Anyway, I hope you guys will have fun and I’ll meet you guys at the signing session!! 😀

  55. James and Amelia- THANK YOU SO MUCH! my mom will definitely feel better with people accompanying me back at night. 😀 Is it safe walking around that area? cause me and my friend are like 17 and from Penang. and I was planning to stay in YWCA which according to google maps is just up the road from the stadium so going there shouldn’t be an issue. 🙂 Only thing is getting from the KTM bus station when I arrive to ywca. and also somewhere in between I need to get to the Yes office at Jalan Hang Leiku to collect my tickets. not sure how the bus system works here. we can just get on and pay the fare when we get off? like that?

    by any chance is there a rombongan to go to and back from the autograph session? 🙂 if there is then my parents would allow me to go on Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday morning, then I can be at the mall to support and meet all you guys! 😀 if not it’s okay… at least I’ll get to hear him sing at the concert!!! ah this has not sunken in yet. but ahhh the autograph session would be amazing. imagine being that close.. and possibly hearing him sing a capella! haha. is there anyone else with 150 ringgit tickets? because that’s where I’ll be, if I’m going. 🙂

  56. heya everyone! I;m Team Fahrenheit 88! Going with Amelia, most likely with train 🙂 I’ll bring a long over #1 Fan board 😀 hopefully I don’t look weird walking around from sentral to monorail with it

  57. guys maxine and i will go to f88 by monorail from KL Sentral! why dont all of us meet at McD kl sentral??

  58. ai-lyn, don’t think twice, just come!!!!!!! you won’t want to miss this concert!! 😀

  59. Hi everyonr, I just heard that he’ll only be signing ticktes bought at the event? izit true? but I hav already bought the ticktes….

  60. clarawan- thank you. 🙂 I absolutely do not want to miss this, believe me. I’ve been dreaming about this forever… but I think I’ve done everything in my power… and with a lot of help from friends to go but nothing is working out now. my parents are still worried about my and my friend going around by ourselves. 😦 if I can’t find an adult to help us in kl I cannot go. was planning to get bus tickets but now I don’t think I can. I’m sorry I’m kind of potong-ing the steam in this comment area a little. haha. 2 tickets to give away if I can’t go…

  61. ai lyn, please email us your handphone number and we’ll see what arrangement we can make okay.

  62. I’m sorry I don’t what to say… thank you so much. I really, really appreciate the help.

  63. I’m Team Fahrenheit 88! can we like meet up at kl sentral n then go together?? time?

  64. Li sHAN…. I wanna do a big board too..but no time!! dang it! hahahhaa!! i shall try la~~ 😛

  65. Uhh guys? I can make it to F88, but only if I have transport.

    My orientation at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus will be over at 5.

    Can anyone come and pick me up from there and go? D:


  66. kl sentral is the centre of al..it’l be great if we meet up n then go together frm tere =)

  67. hey guys..just wanna say that i’m team FAHRENHEIT 88…me and my sis that is..but we r not sure how to get thr…i wish i could be team klia as well..but i have classes on that day..so i cant…but this i’ll nvr miss it 4 the world..u said u would provide transport..do u mind telling me the detail…i need some help 2 get thr..thank u 🙂

  68. So sad that Sony has made such arrangement. 😦
    Anyway, can I know the details about the transportation?
    Can’t wait for his concert this Tuesday! ❤

  69. Natalie, I’ll be in campus tomorrow and leaving from there. Send me a FB message, and we’ll work it out, since I have lab until 3+.

  70. Is there anyone of you coming form Subang Jaya or Solaris (Sony’s office) between 3pm-4pm today? We have a member who has room for 4 in her car to pick fans up at these 2 locations today for the autograph session.

    Let us know by email asap

  71. Ai lyn
    Tell your mum that you and your friend will be with Uncle John, Aunty Shu Yee, Aunty Trace and all the other aunties and older brothers and sisters so there’s no need to worry.

    Are you able to get to KL 2moro?

  72. sigh… my father changed his mind last minute and his final word is that I am not allowed to go and not to plan anything anymore. I don’t understand why he changed his mind but I have to respect his decision. having horrible withdrawal symptoms right now haha.

    thank you so much for all your help though. 🙂 means a lot.

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