20 comments on “Pilgrimage to Manila

  1. Good job Trace … you could decipher your handwriting haha! Now … that’s a tough act to follow haha! I know, I know – Uncle John will say, write from the heart – aiyoooo … my heart is still on the top floor of Archulator! Ok … Elevator come down ~~

  2. Hey there you are Trace!

    What a fantastic recap. Haha you were brave enough to look him in the eyes, yay for you, never mind that you had to utter those mama or aunties’ words to him.

    Looking forward to be blown away by The Archuleta soon…cant wait! See you soon 🙂

  3. I was laughing all the way through your recap….hahaha. It was hilarious and really felt that it came from your heart. Can imagine what the 3 die hard fans or archu aunties was feeling when you guys were there at the concert. I am really looking forward for the 26/7 and excitement are really heating up for all of us here, all geared up for the concert. A very well written recap from you Trace. Love it. Hopefully we can get together before “THE” day!

  4. Thanks guys for the comments.

    I love your sepia vid of Heaven! Really really love it archu- auntie! 😀
    There were some great comments about it in SoulD – go check it out.

    Come back! Come back to KL!! We need you here before the KL show! 😀

    Yes, it does take some guts to look at him straight in the face! When he comes to KL, we will all stare at him with love at the same time…let’s see how he will react. 😀

    Thank you! I’m glad you had a good laugh amidst all your amazing chores. Can’t wait to see you again – we’ll have a great time laughing and also loving and sharing the same gorgeous man! 😀

  5. Trace, you’re so funnnny!!! love the post! makes me very excited. and i wanna see that gRIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hey archu aunty,

    hahaha…. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us. woohoo….way to go, Trace!!. You have another chance in KL again as David just announced over Flyfm that he will be doing an autograph session in KL. You may continue your conversation from where you left off. 🙂

    I have yet to watch any video of his recent USA and Asia concert performances and I’m so ready to ride on his private magic carpet to the highest level come Tuesday. woohoo! Let ride together!

    Sheba – Everyone on the fan sites complimented your video recording skills which I shall watch after Tuesday. Kudos!

    See all AAMers next week!!

  7. LOL oh trace, sudah kena his spell hahaha! he has that effect on everyone it seems 😛

  8. Trace,

    That is such a great account of your trip to Manila! How awesome that three of you were able to make the trip! I was also one who called David’s song, EAM, mediocre, and have totally changed my mind. It is such a beautiful song, and his performances of this song in Asia have been stunning, and his stage presence is tremendous! I’ve been just blown away by his performance of Heaven. Words can’t totally describe that one! That was one of David’s best performances EVER!!!

  9. most beautiful recap u wrote …aaah….next tuesday seem sooo far away…Thx Trace for sharing ….sheba for most awesome vids..shu yee for organising the promos….wah you guys there is so much love …sniff

  10. Haha Clara! You will have to talk like an archu-aunt to get that grin from him! 😀

    Yes! Aam does have some go-go type of aunties, doesn’t it?
    And lots of go-go senoritas as well! 😀

    Archu-auntie Akang
    Yes! We’ll all ride on his magic carpet next Tuesday, with him as our pilot, and let him take us to wonderful places we never dreamed existed! 😀

    you sudah kena his spell – next tuesday you lagi kuat kena! 😀

    I agree with every word you said. All the vids are fantastic (especially our dear Sheba’s sepia version) but wait till you see and hear him Live! Even the bestest vids don’t compare – swear!

    …..sniffing with you! When you see and hear him Live, you’re sure to sniff more…and sob too! Remember to bring tissues!

  11. Hello Ms Trace

    Love your recap, really from the heart. Didn’t mentioned about your Malaysia streamer, all the archuleta fans are talking about, imagine that streamer being shown at the Jumbo tron as soon as the concert finished for all the world to see.

    Hi ms Shu Yee and Sheba .

    Hope to see you all three again

    Vee from Sydney 🙂 🙂 ❤

    P.s. Met him again at the book signing and then I flew back to Sydney last Wednesday morning

  12. Hi Vee!!
    So very happy to see you here!
    That streamer I made did not get you to come to our KL show though! 😦

    (For the benefit of the aam archies, my words on the streamer to David was “Malaysia Awaits You!” with a pic of a red squiggly pig 😀 )

    Vee, it’s a shame we could not stay longer in Manila for the book signing. So glad for you that you saw him one more time! Would love to see you again – wherever David goes! Meanwhile take good care! xx

  13. Vee .. we had such a great time at the concert and most of all, to meet you all lovely fans! Thank you so much for watching over us. I am eternally grateful:-) Hope to see you soon!

  14. Thank you so much for this heartwarming recap!

    Trace, you are not alone. I am sure a lot of aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, sisters, brothers etc, have told David to be cautious of what he eats/drinks. No one can resist his charming sweetness! That’s what diehard archukins are. Looking out for David’s BEST interest!

  15. Trace: I smiled and laughed the whole way through your recap. What a delight!

    Don’t beat yourself up over any early criticism of “Everything and More.” I too was not overly impressed at the first listening, but I qualified my original statement saying that I wanted to hear a better audio recording before I ultimately made up my mind. Suffice it to say once a higher quality version became available, my previous evaluation evaporated. Of course, any recorded version is always superseded by The Beloved Imperial One’s live rendition!

  16. Haha Anonymous!
    I agree with you totally!
    Since I got that beautiful cheeky grin from him, I am tempted to say many more auntie-things yet again to him in KL! 😀

    Katheryn Yes! I remember what you said when we all first listened to EAM.
    You really must must listen to him Live sing that song when he has his concerts in the US.
    I repeat: must must must!!! 😀

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