43 comments on “David Archuleta – AAM Flash Mob / Promo July 2011

  1. yea wanna see the whole sBL mob! 🙂
    Dora! wished u could join us, I’m sure you’ll dance super semangat like Irda!

    hey should we all learn this dance and do it during the concert?

  2. Clara, this is much simplified than what we’ve practice that day..
    Simple but nice!

    Let’s do the mob again at the autograph session? LOL..

  3. Kylie, me want see the whole thing.. I know there was a freezing part.. Would love to see how cool was that!! 😀

  4. Clara .. sorry I couldn’t add the freeze mob. There were many wonderful shots and videos. Hope to show it to you guys one day.

    Shu Yee

  5. Dora, ya much easier to learn on the spot! 🙂
    Thank Shu Yee!
    I’m in for the mob at the autograph session! 🙂 everybody learn up the steps!!
    We could also record the mob wherever we go and then put it all in one video. hahaha

  6. if u guys having it at the autograph session..i will try my best this time to be there! gotta learn the steps though! hahahah!! if not i’ll make a fool outta myself! hope not too far away la the auto session..i have a feeling it might be at midvalley..somehow..lol.. near to his hotel.. HAHAHA!

  7. Hey, guys. You pulled it off. Way to go!!! I tweeted David with the YouTube link. Off to watch again!

  8. HAHA!! Yeah clarawan.. I dont know but all of a sudden my “semangat membara” at that time!! LOL 😀 Hope to be there at the autograph session 🙂

  9. hey i was just wondering, is there a welcoming party or smth for davids arrival in KL? 😀 if there is, can i
    join? lol

  10. guys…i heard somewhere…Sony don’t allow camera’s inside!! how can that be…he rarely comes here… and why can’t we snap or record him for keep sake? seriously..sos ad la.. haihhh..

  11. winedescape, still in the workings, definitely let you guys know becoz we want MANY fans there, more than previously, so you are welcome to join us.

  12. hahaha..true that Kylie..we fans will get it in with any means necessary.. but i think meet n greet kenot! haishh! coz they say they got official photographer! but how to get pics from them…hmm..

  13. this is so cute :b we should have a fans gathering again during the autograph sessionnn! (:

  14. 2 free-standing concert tix to David Archuleta The Other Side of Down 2011 . Now selling at RM50 each! (original price RM90 each) Interested tweet me @janessatw or email: ho0basjess@hotmail.com

  15. oh ya if we’re doing the mob again during the autograph session, we need someone on standby mode to record it! 😀

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