29 comments on “Let’s M&G!

  1. WOOOOT!You guys…super fans are an understatement lol. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! You guys better get some sleep the night before loll.

  2. To all the M&G winners from the fan gathering last Sat, please email AAM with the normal details – full name per IC, age and location.

  3. this is so exciting! although i’m not a winner, lol, but all the buzz of the concert is finally going on!

  4. I’m really impressed with all the efforts these guys have put in to win the m&g passes..

    The videos are great..

    Anyway, congratulations winners!! You really deserved it!! 😀

  5. Yoashio, those mobbers, love their energy and adrenalin on Sat. All I need to ask, “who wants to ….”, hands shot up. If this happens at workplace, wonderful, haha

  6. Thank you so much AAM! You guys rock! I hope I dont faint or anything when I meet david hahahah!

  7. The videos are awesome.. The challenge winners deserved the M&G more than anyone could!
    Heheheh.. But do I deserve the M&G from the fan gathering too??
    Yes? No?
    Please say YES! *shiny puppy eyes*

  8. THANKS YOU SO MUCHHHH!!! Thanks guys!! and thanks for making me not able to sleep tonight…zombified esok at work..ahhaha…but a good zombie..a smiling zombie.. LOL.. ppl at work will ask me why im smiling the whole day esok!! thanks guysssssssssss!!!

  9. Oh boy! what an amazing videos these girls produced!

    I just arrived home from the most amazing concert – David Archuleta in Manila. Can’t wait for all of you to have the same experience if not ‘Everything and More’ weeeee!

    Ok .. now I have to go back at try to finish the flashmob video … aiyaayaa .. after watching the m&g videos, I have doubt about my first attempt! No wonder my son asked me get one of the younger girls to do it haha!

  10. Hey all

    I’m supposed to be working but I sneaked in here for a moment and I just have to congratulate all those who sent in their videos for the M&G challenges.

    For once I can’t find the words to describe the ‘amazingness’ of all your efforts. I have a huge silly grin plastered on my face as I watch the videos cos they’re all so dang good!

    David does have the bestest fans in the world! Well done guys 😀

  11. Wonderful videos and congratulations to all the winners, you guys certainly deserve the M&G!!! Its going to be one amazing meeting with David.

    Hey Shu Yee – welcome back! BTW, is Trace ok? haha, just kidding..I am sure she cant wait to share with us your Manila experience.

    Hi Sheba, Just want to record my appreciation for your great videos. Yours were the first I saw from the Indonesian concert, you wont believe how happy I was that Sunday morning. Thanks also for those you’ve taken from Manila and for putting them up at lightning speed after the concert.

    See you all in KL soon.

  12. Dora, it is yours! The contest at the fan gathering wasn’t easy also.

  13. Hey guys, want to write personal messages to David and compile them in a book for someone to pass to David?

  14. OHOHOHOHO thanks guys!

    And Dora, see, not all hope is lost. 🙂 Now we both can get to meet him 😀

  15. i agree to the book thingy~~~ weeeee~~~ can include pics too! it’ll be an awesome photo-book with messages for his keeping… so sweeet~

  16. YAY!! Domou arigato!!!
    Nat, the history will be repeated again! 😀

    Would love to write a personal message for David! 😀 😀

  17. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE M&G ON SATURDAY!! TO ALL OF YOU 🙂 Who made my dream come true.. ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. congratulations to the winners!!! Marrianne I told you before! you gonna win this M&G since you are such a HARCORE archie! haha

    To AAM, thanks for the M&G on Saturday! I had so much fun doing the mobs, hang out with some of Archies!!! and sorry bout the tears after Kylie announced me as the M&G winner! I love you guys so much!!! I’ll see you guys at the autograph session! anyway, bout the book, count me in! It’s such a great idea! 🙂

  19. awww, everyone is so exited to meet david! =) yea! i think the book thingy is good! we should do thatt! can’t wait for the autograph session too 😀 see you guyssss in 6 more daysssssssss!!!

  20. Those who won at the gathering need to email your details – full name per I/C, age, location and contact number. We will keep you informed of the details when we get them.

    Get back to you guys on the message book to David.

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