27 comments on “Groupon: 40% off VIP RM300 & VVIP RM500 tickets!

  1. aih.i dont know exactly to feel happy or just… “….” when this sorta thing appears lol.

    yan,it needs 80 ppl only can get the 40%? funny way of doing it..

  2. Anne, it’s why it’s called “GroupOn” – it’s getting popular here.

  3. Yep, I think that’s how Groupon works, from what I’ve read on the site. When a certain amount of buyer is reached, they can unlock the discount. Otherwise, you’ll be refunded.

    Thing is, if it doesn’t get unlocked, that means I must buy tickets later on, closer to the concert, risking the better seats that I might’ve got if I buy now @.@

  4. @.@

    So this benefits those who are still so-so about going to the concert

  5. That was me by the way. The early bird may get the worm, but the second rat gets the cheese. Such is life. >_< – James_Padfoot

  6. @Archuleta Avenue Msia
    That’s a huge discount. I’ll be like ._. too if I’d bought the tickets earlier.

  7. I’ve been wanting to get the tickets but I haven’t been in M’sia. Now that I finally can go get the tix, this comes out. What do I do @.@

    Btw, is it just me, or is the post’s entry doubled?

  8. Is that a real quote from the real James Padfoot? He exists, right? Excuse the ignorant. 😛

    Yan, maybe wait till tomorrow or 2 days. But keep checking the ticketing site to assess and monitor the seats?

  9. haha, Kylie, nah, I’ve heard that quote used before; it’s by an unknown author. I added in a – because it was signing me in as anonymous again, but then I guess it didn’t… o.o

  10. Wasted discount but stll glad we got our tickets at the launch. It’ll be too “kan cheong” to get them so last minute even with huge discounts but no guarantee!

    Btw, what’s the plan for AAM members at the concert? Any coordinated attire?

  11. Eng Leong, you are right. That’s the consolation I have.
    About attire, how about it, guys? Your comments.
    Official t-shirts are sold at the venue.

    James, I think your ticket is with me, right John?

  12. Kylie, yeap, it’s either with you or John. I am no longer foaming at the mouth (ha.ha) at the injustice that life decided to be, but can’t help but occasionally glare at Groupon (though not their fault) & Sony (a bit of theirs, but okay, they’ve been otherwise lovely, so not really either) and have mostly made my peace. Or something. *goes to do something productive*

    As for shirts… we could wear back our black AAM shirts (and those that don’t have it can wear the black David shirt, or the grey baby-t? – Speaking of which, do we have a size meter yet? – )

  13. Morning AAM…

    I send an email regarding buying a T-Shirt a few days ago but didn’t get any reply…can someone check on it? Pls..hehe…

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