7 comments on “It’s really feels like HEAVEN live from Manila!

  1. Sheba: You are a master videographer! I don’t know how you manage to hold the camera so steady, and the sepia tone is a brilliant idea. FanScene and FOD have posted it, and probably countless other sites as well. I posted it in the comment section of Master Class Lady. Several of us are hoping she will comment on this very special performance by David.

  2. I’m “anonymous” above. I accidentally hit enter before I put in my name.

    I can’t wait to see and hear the rest of your videos, Sheba. The quality is superb!

  3. Katheryn .. yes … Sheba, Trace and myself are totally still in Heaven .. we have not come down to earth yet hahaha!

    Trace is busy scribbling her recap and gosh .. how to describe our experience … one word ‘Heaven’-) Will do our best to write our recap when we return home.

    Just can’t wait for KL!! Guys … will get the video of our Promo out soon when I return. We will spam Sony to go to airport, group photos, m&gs. I think I am going a little crazy .. hahahaha! but tell you guys … is going to an AWESOME concert awaits you. We want to fill the stadium and the fans going tell David that we will stand by him!

    Shu Yee

  4. Baru got chance to listen in full… x_X .. Truestory: I’m a little bit more mollified after listening to him sing. ❤ __ ❤

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