10 comments on “W.O.W @ Megamall crowd

  1. can he be any more cuter and he is glowing with happiness..and it is so sincere~~ aaaaaaa!! thats why i love him..he always shows his love for the fans with honesty!! love u david!

  2. Stand By Me video has been added!
    He choked at the end. Tiredness? Or just overwhelmed with emotion looking at the crowd at Megamall.

    Yesterday at Curve, the band sang SBM as an opener.

  3. Eunice, we would love to! But planning a flashmob is not an easy task. hence major kudos to Shu Yee. Next would the mobbers – I have so much respect for them. Lastly, Sony holds the key lol

  4. Kylie: David’s little blip at the end of “Stand By Me” was probably a breathing issue. Singing a sustained high note followed by singing runs requires that your throat be completely relaxed. I have a feeling he may have sucked in a little bit of air, which threw off his rhythm. And yes, he was likely pretty tired, which probably led to his throat clenching up a bit.

    I thought it was cute the way he handled it. Poor guy, I don’t think he expected to be singing, and he probably hadn’t done any of his usual vocal exercises beforehand. Just a little reminder that he’s human after all!

  5. Haha, Katheryn, you may be right. And SM Megamall event was right after the arrival! Not worked up at all about it. I have so much admiration for David’s live and accapella singing.

  6. to put it simply..he is an AMAZING SINGER.. 🙂 eventhough he choked up..he did it in a cute way..ahha..he laughed about it and went on..so cute.. 🙂

  7. not related to this post but I kind of need to get this out. I just found out I won 2 150 ringgit tickets to the show. After a crying… (OUT OF JOY, OUT OF JOY) like.. a lot and calling my friends, I am now incredibly terrified about telling my parents. I don’t even think I can go. I live in Penang. I’ve been trying to arrange to go for over a month now since we first found out but nothing has worked out and I’ve been desperately entering contests. I don’t know what to feel right now. =/

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