17 comments on “Indonesian Archuleta Goodness!

  1. somehow i don’t like the host..a bit too “gedik” don’t u think? hahahaha!

  2. I’m like a proud mama or something..seeing him perform so well on stage now.. wow!! and look how far he has improved..i thought he was amazing last time..now much better also!! David…ur such an inspiration la! 😛 hugs for him!

  3. Boy, it’s awfully quiet here. I hope it’s because you guys are practicing your flash mob routine!

  4. Sheba!!! Thank you for the videos!! <33333

    Katheryn, all tired out from the mob even tho' it was put together in 15 minutes 😛 Trying to download,e dit and upload the vids.

    Amelia, memang kan. My bulu roma sudah diri tegak.

    Streamed the concert live yesterday. Even with stream breaking in and out and sound quality, his voice was pretty clear. One amazing live singer.

  5. Haha Sheba, you followed him as he runs/moves across the stage in EWTRTW. Love the band in this song. And the wind blowing his pink shirt adds to the effect of this song.

  6. amelia,i know right!I think people who didnt follow him at all since AI would be jaw-drop shocked to see his stage presence now..macam season veteran,pro and totally at home in the spotlight. EEEK 9 MORE DAYS. AHH. and i cant wait to hear EWTRTW live. if he sings it that day.he better. 😛

  7. EUNICE!!!!! Why you didnt reply my text? 😦

    Yes, we did it! Even tho’ small group and only 15 mins of final planning and practice. After yesterday, we believe we can do bigger and better. Shu yee is the mastermind.

  8. Text? I’m sorry! I don’t have a phone yet! I guess it didn’t go through afterall.

    Will we have another one again before the BIG Day?

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