18 comments on “Fan promo 2.0

  1. FYI, the meet up is at 4 pm – 8/9 pm at the Curve (opposite IKEA). Meeting area is in front of the Curve Starbucks.

  2. hey Shu and Trace,

    Since I’m unable to meet you today, have a fun time at Manila. Send my regards to JR. Waiting for your recap.

  3. Hey, everyone. We shall all request The Day After Tomorrow by David Archuleta on the Sunday before 26th of July. Love the lyrics of the song.

  4. Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get to join you for this! Hope it went great!! Can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂

  5. Ahhh Sheba, it was adrenaline rush especially moments before we spring into action, hahaha. Nervous. But we got some cheers! Woot. And you, you focus on your concert tour – we are waiting for your recaps or insights 😀

    Anonymous, (siapa ini?), if we can wrestle some goodies from Sony, we can have fan promo 3.0. You know, I am dreaming of having a flashmob at KLIA???? 😛

    Schaz, you guys deserve the passes. I am super impressed by the boldness and passion for David Archuleta.

    Also many thanks to the band, if they happen to visit the site. Well done, Michelle.

  6. Tee hee. Heard you guys had a super time! Are there any footage/pictures of the event?

  7. Thanks for the AMAZING day you guys!! And of course.. THE MEET AND GREET PASS!!!! 😀 I ❤ YOU

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