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  1. And dont forget guys that if you buy through AAM you might be entitled to win exclusive Meet and Greet with the man himself!!! See the M&G Contest 1 above for more details.

  2. AAM
    Errrr…dont’ you mean – the vvip $800 ticket holders DON’T need to buy the cd and t shirt? You have posted “…..do need to buy….”
    Sorry – but is it your mistake or my mistake? 🙂

  3. Joanne, if you want them posted, there will be extra charge. If collecting on your own, we will be letting you in the email.

  4. does anyone know which shirt is sony giving for the RM800 package? im hoping it’s the third one 🙂

  5. Ooooh. Question though… can get the CM or INCH sizes for the S, M and L respectively? Different t-shirt manufactures have very different ideas of S, M and L…. Especially since the Grey shirt is in a baby-cut style, and the rest is either college-T fit or normal fit (not quite sure which it is… *squints*).

  6. @Zu & James, Oookay, gonna pry the info out of Sony 😀

    @Rachel It’s the ATE for VVIP RM800. As for which tee, have to check with Shu/Sony.

  7. hey, the concert venue is still stadium negara right? this afternoon I heard on flyfm’s advertisement saying that it is at stadium putra bukit jalil..

  8. Diane, David’s concert is confirmed in Stadium Negara. Oh boy … can to tweet flyfm about their mistake again.

  9. hi AAM! I would like to know can i just order the t-shirt itself? or do I have to order the cd and t-shirt? and how much would the postal charges cost? and most probably when will I receive it? BTW, I am going to email you the order by today. 🙂

  10. hi AAM! I would like to know can i just order the t-shirt itself? or do I have to order the cd and t-shirt? and how much would the postal charges cost? and most probably when will I receive it? BTW, I am going to email you the order by today.

  11. GREY (Baby Tee) T-Shirt << what is the meaning for baby tee? and I hope to know how big the size for S,M, and L.. Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi AAM, I notice the grey shirt says Tour 2009 and the black shirt says Tour 2010… 😦

  13. thanks kylie! emm..I have already email to AAM the order. But, unfortunately there is no reply. Would you please check my email as well. thank you so much.

  14. Well done Rachel:-) You got yourself a job of editing Archies videos in the future.

  15. Clara, re: wordings on tshirts, those are samples from USA. The new tshirts are printed in Malaysia with the right year.

    Measurements on sizes …. still waitingggggg.

  16. Well done Rachel!
    You are much smarter than many of us aunties 😀 …well, speaking for myself actually! 😀

  17. HaHaha …speaking of aunties just read HOT’s interview article ..the bit about the screaming middle aged women during his concert ….guilty as charged :):)

  18. Farida, are you from PJ area? if you are, will you be interested to join in the Promo 2 for David’s concert this Saturday. If you need more details, please email AAM gmail ok! love to see as many of you there as possible!!

  19. AWESOME Rachel! If I am one of those who still have not bought the tickets will probably buy it after watching your video haha!

  20. Rachel
    Aunty Shuyee is right! Your vids are amazing! You definitely deserve the name Rachel ARCHULETA! 😀

    Aunty Farida
    Yes, do come for the Promo 2 this Saturday. The guilty women need to have a practice session in their screaming!!

  21. Can i buy a TOSOD tour edition?
    i live in korea… maybe…. NOT realeased this album in my country.

  22. Rachel,

    Your videos are fantastic, and well worth all the time you took making them! Way to go!! I agree with Trace about calling yourself Rachel Archuleta! Keep up the awesome work!

  23. Please vote for David on these 2 polls:

    1. The Dam Nation Idol Tournament Round 2 — David vs. Jasmine Trias

    The poll is only open for 24 hours, so please vote ASAP! You can vote more than once if you clear cookies between votes.


    2. The Idol Head Top 13

    This poll is open until Sunday. I think you can vote more than once, but you may have to let some time pass between votes.


  24. Hey Trace & Shu Yee , would love to join promo 2 but can’t as i am attending the Liverpool v Malaysia match dis saturday.Any other activity i’m in , just holler!

    Rachel awesome vid!! Hope David gets to seei it 🙂

    To those attending the Manila concert ,safe trip guys and am green with envy you guys ..I heard the accoustics in DALIM 3 is to die for.

    James , HP 7.2…..tic tic tic………

  25. Hi Trace and Shu Yee – wish i could join you guys for the Promo 2 this Sat 😦 we will only be in KL on 22/7 so if you have anything on after that, just let us know. I also need the guilty women practice session in screaming haha

    Hey Rachel – thanks for doing those great videos..thumbs up!

    To Sheba, Trace and Shu Yee – safe travels to Indonesia and Manila. Am super excited for you guys..cant wait to hear your recaps and to see those videos. Take good care!

  26. Morning Shirley – thanks for the wishes!! David is in the air … although is rather hazy air but hope and pray it will not affect his voice haha! ya … let’s practice screaming together haha! I know Sheba is dying to let it all out … cos when we were on the phone talking to each other .. and in the office … we can only let out little scream .. little scream at a time. Is really funny hahaha!

    Really wish you guys are here on the 16th July. Imagine lots of fans together to promote David, sing, dance .. it will be FUN!

    So everyone, those free on the 16th July, let’s show David we are his #1 FANS. Email AAM for details …..

  27. Hey peeps! Did anyone catch the tv promotion of the KL Concert on Astro Channel 711 yesterday at about 6 -6.30 pm? Maybe they will show it again this evening!! Watch out for it!!

    David’s new songs on the Asian Tour edition are sooo good. And I’m now looving EAM! I take back all the rather negative things I said about it earlier on. I am learning the lesson: Trust the Archulator! 😀
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new CD!

  28. hey guys..
    I emailed the order but I didn’t get any reply.. Idk if you guys have received it or not. Soooo, yeah. 🙂

  29. hey AAM. It’s been quite a while since I emailed my order for the t-shirt and there was no reply since then. I would like to know if I’m the only one who hasn’t receive any reply or what. Are you guys still working on the t-shirt? because only 5 days left till the concert.

  30. Zul, still having technical issues with Sony eg. can’t seem determine when the t-shirts are ready. With the time limit, maybe best fans get from the venue itself, or Monday at autograph session if Sony is selling then. Sorry.

  31. Can I buy the CD & T-shirt from you guys even after the concert if I opt to get it posted? Thank you!

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