10 comments on “TOSOD Asian Edition – Cover and Tracklist

  1. Omnomnomnom. *chomps at the album* The website seems quite catered to the Asian fandom at the moment… *speculates* I wonder how his popularity and response back home is faring… And not to compare, but oddly, Dave Cook seems to be enjoying more popularity in the US compared to Asia (with the exception of Philippines, who seems to enjoy both equally) while it’s the opposite with Archie. It just makes me wonder if both sides are capitalizing on that.


    So now comes the question… is AAM mass ordering these lovely little ditties? Oh, and also the merchandise (t-shirt, in particular) as I would love to get my grubby little hands on them. =)

  2. James: I believe David Archuleta currently enjoys more success in Asia because: 1) there is less of an “Idol stigma” associated with singers in Asia than there is in the U.S., 2) DJ’s in Asia will play his songs on the radio whereas they tend not to in the U.S. regardless of requests from fans, and 3) continued support from Sony Asia.

    As to my first point, I believe David needs to distance himself from Idol as much as possible. That combined with a more mature looking David will help to establish him as an artist apart from the Idol machine. No matter the talent, some just cannot look past the fact that David was a part of the show. These people are complete music snobs.

    As to my second point, whether or not there was pressure by Jive NOT to play David’s songs on the radio (there’s evidence there was), or whether or not a lot of music directors at radio stations (many of whom are middle aged males who don’t think David is cool enough for them) chose not to, the fact is that, despite our attempts, it has been very difficult to get his music played in the U.S. “Crush” was an exception, but even it didn’t get that many spins as compared to other artists.

    Finally, even though I believe David is no longer directly associated with Sony Asia (Jive was a sub-label of Sony), they understand his continued popularity in your neck of the woods, and they aren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak.

    In defense of David’s American fandom, David is still a strong draw as far as live concerts go, which speaks to his continued popularity in the U.S. despite a lack of publicity and promotion. Also, I believe the vast majority of David’s album sales have and still come from the U.S. I can only imagine the level of success David would have (I’m guessing it would be Bieber-like) if he had the kind of promotion and support in the U.S. that he has in Asia.

    After taking a hard look at the current state of the music industry, I’m convinced the American market is so unfocused the only way to gain traction is with a powerful promotional machine backing you. When you consider the breadth of entertainment available here (although most of it is garbage as far as I am concerned), it takes a lot to grab the public’s attention.

  3. Thanks for your input, Katheryn. You’re most certainly right about the Idol Stigma. Here, being branded with the show is not at all a bad thing, where as back in the states, it is frowned upon in terms of ‘street cred’, something which (again, not to compare, but I’m from both sides so it’s easier for me to draw experience) DCook has done as well – distance from Idol. That aside however, neither of them will be able to escape being branded as such, and simply need to find a solid grip in their chosen niche to catapult themselves out of being type-cast. David hasn’t quite gotten a stronghold on his niche yet, and I expect that within the next 1-2 years, we will see that happening. When that does, we will see him make a come back in the public eye, so to speak.

    A reason for his popularity (or lack thereof) could possibly be because he doesn’t fit ‘in a box’. And he certainly doesn’t push the envelope socially or even artistically as of yet, so that’s not attention grabbing either. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy David’s music and his mild style and humble personality, but sadly, few appreciate such people.

    The odd thing is though, David has a band of loyal (and some say militant) fans, which keep pushing for him (it could be a turn off if these same people appear to be the only ones championing him). Even so, realistically speaking, I do think the numbers are dwindling; these same hardcore fans are turning into passing fans.

    I do think you’re right in terms of numbers and revenue… it does come mostly from the US, but I cannot verify that for sure.

    The point is simple though: Milk the cow where it is. As crude as that sounds, it’s the simple truth. With such a competitive market back home, it makes sense to go where there is the loudest calls, and for now, that place is Asia.

    I just wonder how sustainable it is.

    (Ah, the plight of over-analyzing worry-wart fans.) =D

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