17 comments on “davidarchuleta.com

  1. Yaa .. absolutely loving the new site!! The new David logo – simple and elegant:-)

  2. Yes! Simple and elegant – I love it! And easy to navigate………
    Oops, it’s all been said already. 😀
    And David’s drop-dead gorgeous cheery smiles….better things are definitely yet to come….can’t wait!!

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The latest Matt Clayton black and white pic of David in the striped tee!!!!!
    DEADED and DIEDED !!! David is sooo hot in that pic!!!
    Someone pleeeaaase post it here!
    Sheba! Where are you?!!

  4. I’m here lol! You okay there Trace??

    Love the new official site! Love the Matt Clayton pics as well! Also love the fact that they include little elements of humour in the website like in the FAQ where they have questions like “Will David go to the prom with me?” and “So, where did they all park?” lol!!

    Also the whole “David Gets a Costco Card”!! What even? lol! Too cute.

  5. Wow! What a great new site, LOVE it.

    Haha Trace, its a good thing you didnt take a look at that particular hot pic this morning otherwise you would have been rendered useless the whole day.

    That Matt Clayton’s a genius 🙂

  6. Sheba!
    Thank you for the pics! I’m sure all our archiekins thank you too! 😀
    You are a precious gem, as always.

    Yeah you are right – one can’t do much while lying quite dead on the floor! 😀

  7. Came back from the Deaded.
    Looked at the other pics especially the one of him in the blue shirt and the oh-so-evil-n-seductive smile and….
    Dieded again………zzz….in Heaven…..

  8. David really knows how to make his fans head spins .. not only with his singing; lovely personality now … with the arrays of gorgeous photos that make fans go deaded haha!

  9. Can I be your photographer one day David? xD Wow…sometimes I wonder how this boy can even deny how photogenic he is.

  10. Trace – dieded again!! hahaha…. Wake-up, you are going to his concert.

    I love the 3rd picture above from Matt Clayton’s – it’s like David is saying to you: “hey gorgeous, what so funny?” The 1st picture is kind of like in the 60’s era feel!!

  11. Trace,

    You are just too funny! I agree with you. That’s one beautiful pic of David in a striped t-shirt. I get a kick out of the fact that David says he thinks he’s funny looking, and yet there are so many pics of him that prove he’s out of his mind!! Ha! Ha!

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