21 comments on “Soundcheck! TOSOD Asian TOUR Edition!

  1. T.T

    That is all.


    But Asian Tour Edition CD+DVD!!!! Only RM49.90 with 5 new songs??!!! Great buy.

  2. Oh my Gosh!! I am about to explode with excitement!! What an absolutely treat!! A sound check party AND a Asian edition TOSOD album with FIVE new songs!! That’s like practically half an album!!

    Sony Music Malaysia is AMAZING full stop! ❤ ❤

  3. Amira, you can call Joanne or Sue Lee and ask where the AAMers are seated. They are pretty helpful.

  4. Sheba, hope the 5 new songs aren’t the bonus/leaked/etc/we have heard already.

    Shu, possible to get the list of tracks? Or the 5 new songs?

  5. Guys!! Check out ways to win Meet and Greets on the M&G Contest 1 tab above!!! Good luck!!

  6. Homaigosh. i feel so dang proud to be a malaysian right now (eh not that i never was before ok HAHA). gosh sony is awesomeeee. basically the msian concert has :
    1) an ASIAN TOUR EDITION album with 5 new songs. WHAAAAT.
    2) Soundcheck party (eventhough for vvip but but…gosh you never see that happen in malaysian concerts maaaann. at least,there is none that i know of lah)

    it is true. save the best for last they say. AAAAHHHH *SQUEE*

  7. thanks kylie! i upgraded my tix but not my seat cos my seat ad great! hehe! its in the middle of the stage!

    nanana daniel !

    cant wait!!!

  8. I heard it Sheba … at the nick of time .. Everything and More! Is going to be another great song for us to enjoy:-)

  9. Daniel
    Will check with Sony on your tix

    The new single: dare I say it……autotune or maybe it’s the recording? The vocals sound a bit tinny.

  10. I want that albummmmm! Hey, does anyone know the percentage of the number of tickets already sold?

  11. Hi guys! Remember me? lol. Guess what? me and some of my fellow Indonesian Archies will Fly to KL on July 26th to See David! Can’t wait to see you guys! 😀

    Anugrah DAI

  12. Anugrah! Hi! Cool of you to visit us here again and even cooler you’ll be coming for the concert! See you there!

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