61 comments on “New Single: Everything and More!

  1. I CAN’T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONGGGG ❤ it's so awesome that my hands wouldn't want to stop pressing the replay button.

  2. John
    Ya, what does dot dot dot mean?
    And what does Hhmmm mean? A new language?

    I thought it was rather likeable but I’m not crazy mad over it.
    Why does he have to sing sooo high? Makes his voice sound rather strained in certain parts.
    But I also thought he sounded romantic, tender and emotionally-charged. Whatever, still love him. 🙂

  3. Trace
    I’m with you on the song. Not super crazy over it as it’s not evident of any new direction on David’s part. Seems stuck in a particular bent He did say he was on journey of discovery on who he is, what he wants to sound like, what does he have to say, etc. Seems like not too much have changed from TOSOD.

    It’s like a combination of ‘zero gravity’ and PANDA in emotion and lyrical style. I think he’s writing too much with the same songwriters.

    Am I expecting too much?

  4. John

    Apparently, this is not a new song. It is not the “new sound” that’s part of his journey towards self-discovery and a new direction.
    What I read somewhere is, this is written around the time TOSOD was written but which was not included in that album.

  5. I’m in agreement with Trace and John. Looks like we’ve got an “agreement chain” going! Unlike “Somebody Out There” and “Zero Gravity,” both of which should have been included on David’s first album IMHO, I’m not crying tears over the fact this song wasn’t part of the second one. However, I’m reserving final judgment until I hear a higher quality audio version.

  6. Hey John, I see where you’re coming from. The thing with the fan base is that it is soo wide ranging that different people have different expectations. Heck even the mods on just this blog itself comprises of peeps representing four different decades lol! Not everyone is gonna like the same things/songs.

    For me the best songs from him that I like are the ones that are right in his wheelhouse vocally. MKOP is such a good example of that I think because he can really emote that song like no other.

    His new covers, Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Gotta Get Through This are also ridiculously good because in addition to vocals, it also illustrates his musicality and I have to say that I LOVE what I’m seeing in respect of that.

    This new song is actually pretty good. In fact better than a lot of songs being played on the radio right now haha! Vocally though, like Trace said its a little bit outside his wheelhouse as its a bit on the high side in certain parts. BUT, I do think that he would KILL it if he ever performed it live!!

    With regards to growth and moving forward though, I do think he is doing that as we see from the Myrtle Beach Vids and the awesome covers he did there. Its just that that growth and finding his own voice in songs is not gonna be an overnight thing. But I’m really stoked to see the progress no matter how gradual it is. As it is, he has grown leaps and bounds from the time when he was in AI and the best part is that that growth and progress has been very real, very organic and not forced in any way, like, well, like some other artists.

    In any event, I think he’s in a good place right now and a very necessary place especially looking at things from a long term perspective so I wont write off his progress or whatnot based on one song or anything which was most probably written and recorded during TOSOD writing era. Nevertheless though, I have to say it is supercool for David and Sony to share the song and whatever new songs on the ATE to appease the fans during this long draught of new music from David, whilst he’s off finding his voice and all. I’ll definitely be buying it for sure!!

  7. Wahhh Sheba, writer tu.
    And what? We span 4 decades????
    David should be proud.

  8. Just heard this new song. Nothing special. Maybe it is because after I had heard him sang GGTT, I’m expecting some jazz feel or adult like new sound in this new song. Well, I shall see how this song turns out if he sing it live here in KL!!

  9. At this stage, I won’t be able to comment much about this song just yet. It is still early to tell. As Trace said, I believe this song was written earlier and for some reason it was not included in the album. It could be one of those things he said in the YES interview about not having the decision making power.

    It is pleasant to the ear but we don’t know for sure whether this song has a special meaning to David.

    I do agree that it is a bit high for his vocal range, maybe 2-key higher than his normal range.

    The piano accompaniment is quite good despite its simplicity. Perhaps it would make his job easier to sing this song while playing the piano, not like MKOP.

    Anyway, I would like to hear him sing this song live and I will judge later.

    Sheba, four decades? Really? That’s not a bad thing, it proves that David has a bigger influence… 🙂

  10. Wow Sheba … that’s quite a write up! You are certainly right about the wide range of fan base. Imagine, I do enjoy Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpenters -the clean clear sound of the voices with meaningful lyrics (well most of time). I know there are people who think they are absolutely boring haha! Nowadays, with all the techno sounds added to please the main stream listener is a little distracting to the amazing voice that David carries. That’s why I love MKOP. Then again, you probably know which era I belong to haha!

    David’s music at the moment is somewhere in the balance. That’s why you don’t hear his music in the gym. A little too slow for dance and a little too fast for warm down. Sometimes I can imagine TOSOD or Elevator as one of the RPM tracks. Wonder if the Les Mills people have heard of David. They are the ones who choreograph all Body pump, Body combat, body jam and rpm exercises and are based in NZ. You always hear black eye peas, britney spears even ‘fetus’ (as John calls him) as music used in their tracks.

    What I love about David is that he is not a conformist. I know he will find his ‘niche’ .. maybe he already did. Just need time and patient to develop into fullness. We as fans will continue to support him and enjoy the music he produces.

    Be prepared all of you who are going for his concert, cos he will blow your mind with his voice and the entertainment side of him will be for all to enjoy. Like Simon Cowell noticed about him during AI is that David is always prepared to ‘win’ it. We were blown away by 5 songs at Zouk Singapore … imagine a full concert .. I just can’t wait!

    So let’s get together and promote his concert either through the ways to win M&G or flashmob! Put our heads and collectiveness to create a video that will showcase the amazing David and welcome him to Malaysia with all warmest!

  11. Dear Shu
    Your link is so clear that I can’t see it! 😀

    Loving all the comments which are unusually long! 😀
    Will comment tomorrow. Off to Wimbledon……..

  12. hey Shu Yee,

    I know you are just pulling our legs when you said you are the “Top of the World” era!! 🙂 I don’t believe you!

    Yo Trace – which era would you be?? 🙂

  13. Wow you guys do have a lot to say! 😀

    I dig it! I wonder which decade do I fit in? lol

    For my taste, Works For Me, Somebody Out There, Stompin The Roses, Falling Stars and MKOP are some of David’s best works – so far. They are emotive, showcases his vocals to the max, adult-oriented in theme but still speaks to the younger listener. The thematic elements – although not entirely new – are given a fresh and unique twist which credits David’s writing abilities – something that he has always been unsure of.

    If I were his producer I would nudge him more along these lines. The directions that these songs portends are most intriguing and , I feel, it would give David a lot of credibility in his quest to be an artiste of note.

    I’m most certainly not writing him off based on this one song. If that were the case then, in my mind, he would be in the scrap heap ( career wise ) based on the many songs that I’m not a fan of. What I’m afraid of is for David to be stuck in that ‘tragic’ mode – something that Simon Cowell alluded to during David’s run on American Idol. It’s only now that I’m beginning to see what he meant. All these songs dripping with melancholic visions begin to grate on you after a while.

    I think David has the ability to put a fresh spin on the normal life experiences that we are confronted with. I just wish he had the courage to explore those areas and give them the unique coating that he is eminently capable of.

  14. I like the song but he sounds a bit too high on it. I can’t wait to hear the other songs though!

  15. Akang
    I should say I’m in the era of “agelessness” ! 😀

    Well said!
    The list of songs you mentioned are definitely amongst David’s best works.

    A little bird (named Kylie, I believe) mentioned your birthday is actually today. If it’s true, let me wish you a very happy one!!
    You once mentioned that listening to David at MOTAB was a “spiritual experience”. I hope this link will direct you to another wonderful spiritual experience for a wonderful and happy year! –

  16. John,

    Hi! I’m a David fan from the U.S.. I agree with you in regards to “Everything and More” The song just doesn’t give David the chance to showcase his incredible vocals very well. Plus, it is the third song he’s released with the same kind of theme. Although, I do love everything about PANDA, the lyrics, music, and David’s beautiful voice. I’m rather suprised that “Everything and More” was chosen as a single. But, David’s vocals alone, make the song if you ask me. He’s got a way of making a mediocre song enjoyable to listen to!

    I’m soooooo excited that David is going to Asia to see all of you! I read your post on Fanscene about how huge David is there. It’s absolutely remarkable. He deserves so much better than he’s getting in the U.S. Like you said, he’s the TOTAL PACKAGE, with a one in a million voice.

    I appreciate all the love and admiration all of you Asian fans give to David, and I know David will not disappoint any of you!

  17. This is why I love AAM. I heard it and the face I made was… well, not flattering. And I thought, ‘Oh boy, this is going to be such an unpopular opinion, I may need armor.’

    But I came here to share my thoughts, and saw everyone wording it far more eloquently about the feeling (or lack thereof) we seem to have got from this song.

    I agree with Yoashio, the piano accompaniment while simple is really pretty, and his voice while stretched a little too… well, the best analogy I can come up with is a beautiful picture that gets blown to big and becomes pixelated. You may take that statement in your own interpretation.

    Also John, your last comment basically stole (okay, you wrote them first, but still) my words straight from my cerebral cortex. A little objectivity allows one to see the kind of narrow, single lane road our boy (man, but I call everyone boy, so…) could go down. It’s not something I want for him because we all know just how capable he is, and more importantly, his passion for making MUSIC, and his personality. I would hate to watch the world stamp out something so good.

    So um, yeah, not my favorite DArchie song. It’s okay though, you win some, you lose some. And it doesn’t stamp my excitement ONE BIT for July 26th and everything that will precede and proceed it!

    For now though, I’m going back to This Loud Morning, Cook’s newly released album! (It’s so good, I’m so proud of him! =D )

  18. I agree with all of you and all that you have to say.. BUT, I STILL LOVE EVERY SINGLE SONG THAT BELONGS TO DAVID! 😀 While I’m here I just wanna say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE JOHN!!!” and I’ll catch you guys again later.. Gotta go continue my quest on possibly grabbing the chance to meet David 🙂 Some crazy things are gonna load up the AAM email inbox by July 17th 😀 OK, bye family ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. John, you ARE young. 😉 What’s the birthday plans, oh young padawan?

  20. My not-so humble opinion, in total, is simply this:
    David has a voice (and an ability to sing) that is of a very high calibre.
    He should not be dwelling in songs that are mediocre.

    If the belief that EAM was written and recorded before TOSOD is anything to go by, his performances of songs like GGTT and Crazy (the recent AI party version), which came much later, should be used as a guideline of his “new sound” and not EAM. And what a leap forward it has been!

    Much as I understand our/my concerns (some of us) about EAM being a no-stunner, I fully stand by our man/boy for the greatness he will, without a shadow of doubt, achieve in his music. And I look forward with immense enthusiasm and excitement to seeing and hearing him on July 18 in Manila and July 26 in KL!
    And he WILL prove that I am right. 🙂

  21. James
    I’ve been invited to marinate my youth in alcohol tonight.

    Yes maam. All of us fully believe that David will come into his own sooner or later as the musical juices that flows in his veins are much too compelling to be stemmed.
    Sure he will make missteps every now and then but I guess the key is 3 steps forward and 1 step back. The result is still growth.

  22. Hope not too late in wishing you a happy birthday John 🙂 , just got back from Jakarta , so excited to see teen’s pond concert advert with David in it on t v while i was there & to know that you guys are organising a flash mob , awesome pawsome !

  23. Hey birthday boy! I think you sound fully marinated already…..3 steps forward and 1 step back….hmm that’s progress and development in life, isn’t it?………..downside up…upside down…the other side of up….the other side of down….. 🙂

  24. Hey farida!
    You’d better join the flashmob rehearsals!
    Remember you were the 1st person to mention this last year?! ;D

  25. Oh! Oh! Hope ‘m not too late to wish our AAM Mod/writer John, a very happy Birthday. it is June 30th, 3.50pm here.

    Have a Happy Birthday!

  26. What interesting comments about this song.
    The quality of the of the sound system isn’t good.
    Just wait til you hear him sing in person! Many of you have heard him in live. He sounds awesome all the time, especially in those majestic kind of setting.

    Just wait and see/hear on July 26th! Meanwhile, How’s the flash mob preparation?

  27. Hahaha Aunty Eunice! Join the club! 😀

    Hey, did you peeps hear Who I Am on Fly FM last night? Such a surprise and such a treat!! 🙂

  28. Eunice
    If ur around please check your email. Something urgent for you to decide 🙂

    No la…I was out getting wasted and marinated hehe

  29. One more thing – I am also inclined to believe that all the so-called “mediocre” songs were Jive-induced. They did not get into the album because there were too many of them – ALL Jive-induced. 😀 Sorry for still grouching. 😦

    John!! Up already! Not having a huge hangover, are you?! Listen to EAM – it might just wake you and sooth you. Haha!

  30. Happy Birthday, John! (It’s still June 30th here on the West Coast of the U.S.) After all the talk about “getting wasted” I figured you’d be dealing with a hangover but, nope, looks like you’re up bright and early as usual.

  31. Katheryn, John’s version of wasted = coke disguised as kahlua on rocks? 😛

  32. Lol Katheryn! That TV ad was heelarious!! Sure hope that doesn’t happen to any of us ;P

    And yes Katheryn! You should totally join us! We could help you get good hotel rates haha!!

    Also have to say that am loving the amount of buzz this song has gotten on blogs as well as media outlets in Asia as well as in the US. I think people must be missing Archie 🙂

    I sure hope they make this song readily available for purchase soon (and not just in Asia) because a buzz about a song that you can’t even purchase would be kind of a wasted oppotunity I think.

    Also the more I’m hearing this song, the more I think it could be a duet. With the higher part being sung by female and David singing it in a lower key. It’ll be cool if it could be used in a soundtrack or something.

    Anyways, its officially July people!!!!! Things are gonna get busy!!
    Sooo stoked!

  33. This recording on SoundCloud of the song is Fantastic Quality! Plus I don’t think you can download from the link:


    Quite a diff from the youtube versions.

  34. Katheryn,

    Yes, fly over to Malaysia and join this great crowd of Archukins!
    They will receive you with open arms, warm fuzzy hugs and feed you with delicious Malaysian cuisine! And first class tourist guide provided.

    Don’t hesitate!

  35. David was on “Good Things Utah” today (July 1st in the U.S), and he sang “Falling Stars”. He sang it a bit differently and beautiful as always! The woman who interviewed David asked him if he understood the extraordinary gift and talent that he is!! Of course he just said “Oh” and smiled. David’s so humble, I love it! She even asked him why he’s releasing 5 songs in Asia first, before he does in the U.S.

    Based on the tremendous support David receives in Asia, it’s only right that all of you get this release first, if you ask me. I’ll be patient!!

  36. Thanks, guys, for the invite! Would that I could — it would be a blast!!!

  37. Thanks for the link, Sheba. Definitely higher quality audio. David’s voice sounds better on the high notes here. I have to imagine that an “original” recording — meaning not taken from the radio airwaves — will sound even better. I have to say, the song is starting to grow on me.

  38. Katheryn
    Yes! EAM is beginning to grow on me as well! Been humming it without realising. 🙂

    You’re so sweet and kind.
    David belongs to the whole world and it does not matter where he releases his new songs. 🙂

  39. Sheba!
    The Sound Cloud link is sooo much better! Thank you so much for the great find! Hmm I am inclined to take back all the negative comments I’ve made. 🙂

  40. Trace,

    Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate it! Yes, David does belong to the world!!!

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