129 comments on “Malay Mail feature + Kosmo!

  1. Also, can I say how happy I am that David remembered the fan club!! And I love the ‘.. and they still are’ comment haha!!! I remember during the showcase when he actually came out to join us on the bleachers for the photo session and his little speech promising he’ll come back!

    Was quite surprised he agreed to come out and Ray actually let him, cos seriously what other star would do that?!! It was a truly awesome moment and LOVED the fact the EVERYONE behaved and didn’t scream and go crazy and scare him off or anything (even though we were spazzing BIGTIME on the inside lol!). I think it must have left quite a good an impression on him πŸ™‚ *wishwecoulddothatagain*

  2. Oh my god.

    Also Sheba, you’re so right. I think the fact that everyone was respectful of personal boundaries and were polite really, really, went a long way not just with his team, but also David himself. See, do unto others what you’d like done to yourself, and it will work out. =)

    So happy and proud of that and I’m so excited to hear TOSOD in the flesh, as it were. Also, have to say, I’m really enjoying watching David come into his own and not by rebelling outlandishly but by elegance and dignity with the decisions of his life. Bravo.

  3. Debzhttps://archuletavenue.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/malay-mail-feature/#comment-form-guest on said:

    This is amazing! And he remembered the fan club too! I’m reminded of that picture of all of the fans scrambling and he was the only one looking at the camera.

  4. So happy we have left an impression on him in 2009 that he kept his promise to come back!

    Let’s get together again to promote his concert Archies .. only 35 days to go ……. *think … ideas* *think* think*! Marianne, Schaz, Irda .. all the singing angels at Berjaya Time Square … shall we do it again .. and maybe win some M&Gs :-))

  5. 35 days = just over a month!!! πŸ˜€
    great end to the school year and great start to the summer holiday for all archangels! Many stars promise they’ll come back but David really means it! Such a rarity πŸ™‚
    Maybe make a music video, not just fan made…FANS MADE…for David’s single Falling Stars? Something that is more mind blowing than the J-Biebs dance entourage?

  6. Yenlai
    You’ve got a great idea there with the fans made video πŸ™‚

  7. James, most singers, at his phase in life, go 180deg turn in image. Apparently, this is called growing up and maturing……

  8. Wow Shu Yee πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    That Christmas flash mob gave me goosebumps!
    Can Archiekins pull off the same thing? Are we daring enough?
    We need at least 100 fans for this.
    I’d love see it happen! πŸ™‚

  9. We need Yvette for this haha! Wish she is residing in KL:-)

    How?? Anyone can help … please:-)))

  10. sheba – EVERYONE behaved and didn’t scream and go crazy and scare him off or anything (even though we were spazzing BIGTIME on the inside lol!). – hahahha u rite !!!!

    kylie , shu yee , yenlai – wooow!! great idea .. hope i can join u guys πŸ™‚

  11. Nice bannerrrrr! John, did you?

    Flash mob – game! As long you guys are game πŸ˜€

  12. “I’m really enjoying watching David come into his own and not by rebelling outlandishly but by elegance and dignity with the decisions of his life.”

    Beautifully said, James. Dare I say elegantly?!

  13. Kylie
    Guilty as charged πŸ™‚
    I was gonna put that ‘special logo’ in there somewhere but thought better of it. Didn’t want to cause confusion lol.

    I watched the xmas flash mob video a few more times and I think it’s something we should seriously consider. I suggest using ‘Stomping The Roses’ as it’s a fast paced song and relatively easy to sing. I was listening to it last night and imagining in my mind what the scene would look like in a busy food court setting in Malaysia.

  14. Oh Katheryn, James Padfoot is a beautiful & elegant mystery in “itself”. We love James!

  15. Yvette, pronto! You got your orders.

    And it was a delightful surprise to know a lot of Archiekins can sing!

  16. John you changed the banner!! Wow is there anything you can’t do? lol!

    Katheryn, I haven’t said this before but I want to say how AWESOME it is that you visit and post here regularly and keep us updated on what’s going on on the other side of the world and just so you know, we are officially adopting you as our very own AAM imported Archiekin haha!

    James, I absolutely agree. That interview he gave Yes! was one of the BEST interview of his I’ve read. He was soo amazingly candid and gave such insight into himself and whats been going on and it was really cool to see him really open up like that. He’s really becoming into his own and its pretty awesome to see.

  17. Loving all the comments!
    Mob Sing!! I’m game for anything for David! Just don’t ask me to sing solo πŸ˜€
    Maybe we should add in the kompang as well, just to create more noise!
    Been thinking about the venue.

    John – banner is beautiful! Mob singing STR sounds stupendous!!

    James – beautiful words, beautifully put, as usual.

    Katheryn – we will now address you as “Katheryn Archiekin” !

    Sheba – Totally agree with you – I’ve re-read the YES interview many times. He was loquacious and candid – words flowing – he is at last comfortable and relaxed in his own skin! πŸ™‚

  18. Archiekins! Especially the ones in the 1st 3 rows at the Stadium!
    Remember to throw some roses onto the stage when he is singing STR!!!

  19. Stomping the roses! Great song choice! Won’t it be lovely if AAMers wear roses to the concert! Hope the guys won’t mind wearing. Hahaha! that will be so cool!

  20. Shu! Are you coming in incognito again?

    Amira- great! But remember – aim at the stage and NOT at David. We don’t want to distract or frighten him. πŸ™‚

  21. Shu Yee: It would be awesome! flashmob thing just count me in! haha set the place and I’ll be there. anyway the video just WOWed me! I believe in the power of Archiekins! so we could do much better! STR?? NICE SONG!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Trace: wish I’m in the 1st 3 rows but unfortunately not.. So, I’ll try my best to throw some roses from the 5th row! haha πŸ˜€

    Eunice : wear roses! superb!!!! love your idea πŸ™‚

  22. Can I proposed the flashmob to be held on 9 July (sat). Sheba will be Jakarta on 16 Jul.

    *Calling* … Yvetteeeeeeee!!!

    Schaz ……. YES, YES, YES!! we will make it work and have FUNNNN!! hahahahaha!

    Meantime, let’s tweet, fb all our friends to buy tickets for David’s concert:-DDD! That’s a will that’s a way …. so lets believe … I know they will not regret because David will BLOW their mind with his voice!

  23. Archiekins
    Akang remarked that, if you think you are not able to land your roses on the stage because of the distance, wave your roses from your seat!

  24. Shu Yee
    ……..also, we want to blow David’s mind with our show of love for him!!

  25. Shuyee
    Yes 9 July is fine with me. We MUST include Sheba!
    Hmm.. better go learn the STR lyrics…

  26. By the way, if you’re done writing down the e-mail, could you…delete it? xD I don’t fancy putting my e-mail in public. πŸ˜€

  27. Aunty Shu Yee!! I AM UP FOR ANYTHING!!! My mom would tag along with me too, I’m sure! July 9th?? Um, maybe that will do fine if my mom doesn’t have to work overtime on that day cus of all the functions she has to organize at the hotel.. Sunday perhaps?? The 10th.. I don’t know though but I know we will figure something out. WE ALWAYS DO!! πŸ˜€ Uncle John, I love the new banner! Absolutely “ArchMazing!” We can totally do a fans made music video! Or a flash mob! Or just about anything! Because it is possible! And we have to let David see the “thingy” that we will do for him so that he might consider on meeting us or something.. πŸ™‚ He must want to meet more than just FOUR of his fans in Malaysia, right??

  28. Thanks Debz

    Anyone fancy themselves daring enough to sing in public please email us now with your intention. Just say that you are game for the singing. We are looking for at least 30-50 Archiekins, male and female, to take up the challenge.

  29. how bout every weekend starts on july? we want a perfect vid right? 1x is not enough i think? teheeee XD

  30. i want2!! but no solo for me plese! cos i hv a realllllly baddddd voice!!! πŸ˜‰

  31. I’ve already sent you guys an email regarding the public singing.. πŸ™‚

  32. I am in Uncle John hehe! hiding behind some cameras .. but can lend my tone-deft voice … but hope to do justice by practicing, promise:-D

  33. Ahem….bad or good singing voice, join in. It’s a mob, right, need the number. Lip synch la.

  34. Kylie
    Went into youtube just now to get the lyrics and sing along with David. Guess what! I realised what a bbaaadd singer I am!! If there is a large group of good singers, I will come lip synch, like you, Amira! πŸ˜€

    What about Maxine (I think that’s her name) and the group who sang Crush at Times Square? They are good. We should recruit them. Maybe they don’t know about this yet. Someone go inform them!

  35. trace – haha hi5! i told maxine ad πŸ™‚ btw i am one of the group mmber who sang crush at ts too hoho

  36. hey guys..wow..that was a long comment thread!!

    I was one of the peeps who sang in the Crush vid too πŸ˜› I would love to join! Also..I do think the video singing thing is awesome too! I can edit ti.. maybe a few peeps can email vids of them singing the song..and can cut into sentences where everyone will be in it!!

    I am super excited!! But count me in on the flashmob!! πŸ˜› will email u guys!

  37. Thanks to all those who emailed their interests in the singing project but we need more so keep them coming. Go tell the other Archiekins.

    We do need a few soloists as STR, in my mind, will sound good if it’s started with a solo or two. C’mon Archiekins get those vocal chords moving! πŸ™‚

  38. Singing? Hahahah no problem, bring it on! Hopefully I can come for this gathering cuz I have SPM trials coming up in August so gotta study too :\

  39. LOVE the new banner john!i think by the end of the concert,you can be officially certified as the most tech savvy among us heheheh!

  40. Wow! what amazing mobs! Anne!
    The first one was so cool. My brain started working when I was watching it.
    Maybe John and his guys can lead the flashmob the first 5 minutes, follows by the ladies.

    The Freeze mob was interesing and it did capture a lot of attention and buzz. But not sure if it will work in KL, anyway,worth a try if all participants hold a David Archuleta concert banner or some kind when they freeze.
    I bet it will be on the front page of all local newspapers or even international headline! I guess. You folks are sooooo creative and I am sure David and his management will be so touched by this gesture!

    It’s exciting!!!

  41. Just an idea for the vid scenario –

    1. Bring a portable stereo
    2. Play STR – start David off with the 1st verse
    3. One of us peeps, with a booming voice, starts solo and join David in the 1st chorus
    4. 3 – 4 peeps join in
    5. As more and more peeps join in, turn on the volume of stereo gradually louder and louder
    6. Big climax at the end

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    If we are not able to get a big enough or brave enough group from AAM to sing, why don’t we invite other fans other than the AAM’ers – we surely can get a big mob then!

  42. I like the first one at Ohio Union.But it takes a looot of Archiekins to get the same impact. Can we do it?

    Can anyone of you dance? πŸ™‚

  43. anon was me. Dang weirdpress is going thru one of it’s strange metamorphosis

  44. Akang told me that the JB peeps did their mob thing infront of Pavilion.
    We WILL do better!! πŸ™‚

  45. If we’re doing it at a mall or something, It’d also be good to get cooperation from the guy/dj working the music to play the song (maybe a minus 1) through their sound system, if possible. Would have more impact. πŸ™‚

  46. Well I may be able to get a minus-1 track of STR or SBL so that the ‘mob’ lol can sing along.

    I’m thinking KLCC / Midvalley/ Pavilion.

  47. It’s wonderful to see so much excitement! Ahhh John, told ya the Archiekins are crazy.

    We can incorporate a freeze mob with a sing mob with a dance mob and a giggle mob.

    Eunice idea for the freeze mob is good! Like a pantomine. Wear the white masks.

  48. Hey, Sheba and Trace, thank you for adopting me into the Archiekin family. I’m honored!

    Speaking of family, have you heard the news that Extreme Makeover, Home Edition will be building a home for Jonah Gomez and his family? (He’s the adorable little boy that sang with David at the Real Salt Lake soccer game.) I don’t know if you are familiar with the show, but they choose needy and deserving families and build new homes for them. The homes are individually designed so that they meet the needs of the particular family involved. Who knows, perhaps David will end up being invited onto the show. They usually have a guest spot for celebrities on each episode. Here’s a link to an article on this story.


  49. Here’s the video Real Salt Lake posted for their home opener last year, featuring lots of photos of David and Jonah, with “Touch My Hand” playing!

  50. Finally, here’s a clip with Jonah singing, hunker-down move and all. Too adorable!

  51. Kylie,

    You can recruit your precious Jay and princess to join the mob.
    They will surely attract all the attention! I can imagine Jay doing the mob. He will be so awesome!
    What about Nik and school mates who have been promoting the concert at school? They are potential participants!

    Hahaha! David doesn’t wear masks! For those who are shy, wearing a mask is a good idea! Very creative!

    Love this excitment!

  52. trace – aamers + oneDavid ? but i think , STR is a little bit difficult to sing ..

    bout JB peeps at pavi, i want something different than them cos i am anti-bieber hahhahah! oops!

    sheba – yeah we need a DJ and a professional cameraman lol! XD

    AAM – i prefer KLCC ! in the mall or at the park

  53. I’m with Marianne.. We both got our SPM Trials in early August!! So, we are totally trying to cramp everything up into one at this point.. But, ANYTHING FOR DAVID! Hopefully it goes well. And we will DEFINITELY be better than JB’s flash mob!! STEP ASIDE BELIEBERS, ARCHANGELS/ARCHIES/ARCHIEKINS COMING THROUGH!! Midvalley or klcc would do great. And I would love to get that solo part if possible.. I’m not saying that I have a fantastic voice or even as close as to David’s amazing vocal chords, but I do have the passion to do it.. And, anything can happen when you have passion. πŸ™‚ CHERYL! SUMITA! HIRINYA! ZULFA! CHARMAINE! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?? We have to alert all our peeps. And Auntie Trace’s idea ROCKS! GOSH! I’m really cracking my head trying to think about more ideas to help, but I’m so stressed out with studies and homework and trials and SPM!! Oh man.. I’m sooo SORRY… Huhh.. Marianne, we gotta do this though (flashmob).. No matter what! We’ll be able to push through.

  54. IM INNNN!!! πŸ˜€ this will be awesome!!
    hiee irda hahah =) all the best for the upcoming trials! and marianne too! (:

  55. Wow.. So much details here when I last commented.. Now I am very excited for this whole thing!!! Let’s do this, Archiekins!!
    P/S: Will be doing my homework by watching the videos posted by Anne when I am at home later.. *whisper* I am actually at work now!! πŸ˜€

  56. Out of curiosity I googled the JB flash mob at Pavilion.

    That’s not a flash mob! Cause it was all staged and planned like every one was standing at the ready to do their thing.

    A real flash mob is when the participants appear one by one or in small groups out of nowhere and starts to sing and/or dance much to the surprise of the general public.

    Now that’s what I call a flash mob!

  57. AAM
    You are absolutely right about the flash mob thing. Something staged like that would be called “Line Dancing”! πŸ˜€

  58. LOL! We are gonna be attacked by Beliebers if they saw what we said here.. XD

    Erm.. Sudden inspiration, if we are doing like a Glee-ish way, we can start off with a couple arguing?

    Then STR start playing, the guys’s friends and the girl’s friends teamed up..

    Then one person come out to make peace to the both groups, then SBL start playing??


    Sorry if it’s kinda lame.. XD

  59. dora – who cares! cos our Archie is better than JB haha!! i saw on utube, JB is not a ‘user-friendly’ ! selena too.. after saw that, i officially hate selena too! atleast try 2 b nice la.. senyum sikit laaa! bkn ssah rite? our David siap sign lg at klia!!

  60. Haha Irda fingers crossed I will be able to make it for this flashmob thing. Sounds like so much fun heheh πŸ˜€ All the best to you & Sumita for trials! πŸ˜€

  61. hey guys…

    I have done 2 flashmobs in my life.. hahaha!! both were awesome!! i am hoping to add this to my list too! I did the Glee Flash mob… and also a deaf awareness flashmob πŸ˜› fun stuff~

    during the deaf awareness flashmob..they tried getting KLCC or Pavi..but its really expensive. Apparently have to pay. Unless loads of media will come..then they might give it for freeeee~~

    Irda..U can be the first soloist… i can come after that..ahhaha!!

    I also think the freeze thing might work.. everyone wear a mask with davids face on it…cool! πŸ˜› and just freeze~

    they had a freeze flashmob in Malaysia too once.. think it was in Pavi or somwhere in KL…

    these are the ones i joined…take a look !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aggjFCKiV_0 (deaf awareness)

    there are two parts in this..dancing and sign language.. πŸ™‚


  62. Just watched the Freeze Mob! It’s interesting!!
    Wow.. I am so excited! Flash mob look so fun!! πŸ˜€

  63. i want david to see my ‘so- so’ face.. no need a mask haha unless if i got a m&g pass ! XD

  64. Hey all

    It’s so good to see y’all so excited about the FMob project. We’re trying to come up with a choreography that’s easy to follow and requires minimum dancing cos we don’t have a dance coach. It’s mostly singing and free dance movement.

    Are you guys pretty free with your time as we may have the need of your FMob services more than once.

    Amira since you’ve been in FMobs before can you help with some simple dance movements?

  65. Amelia that was great! I am sure you are a wonderful addition to this Mobflash event.

    Hey Nik, I am so glad you are keen to join the Mob. So please recruit your school/classmates to register with AAM or whoever is in charge of this mob event.

    John, you and AAM MODs may have to appoint the person to be in charge of the mob event asap! So those who are interested know who to contact. There ain’t much time!

  66. been looking through several flashmob vids and the ohio union one is still one of my favs for several reasons – relatively simple,easy to follow steps, VERY good co-ordination between the sub-groups and well-planned as they really started seemingly out of nowhere and caught everyone by surprise. Also love how they choreographed in such a way that another group came down and joined them later and they managed to get the principal in the middle of it hahahha. which then gave me this idea….perhaps we can drag Adrian into our mob too? (Of course we will persuade him to come mah) πŸ˜›

    and ohh amelia,youve been in TWO flashmobs!awesome girl!you need to give us some tips!

  67. john – 1st video – ahhahah NEVER !!! and for the last video.. sooo fast ! i dont think i can do it .. hahaha! but its really kool!

  68. Hahahaha!! I’m giggling so hard here! Seems like John has very optimistic ever-increasing ambitions for the fmob thing! πŸ˜€
    In the end, we might just land up snapping our fingers! πŸ˜€

  69. Hahaha! Oh John, you are really into the flashmob thnigey! And have come acrosss very unique flashmobs, including the Uncensored one. Boy! that is so unreal! I wondered what happened to all the passengers right there! Hope they didn’t join in and stripped.

    No! we don’t want that! May end up in the BIG HOUSE!

  70. woww… the excitement here on flashmob thingy!!!

    My suggestion: Why don’t some of the Archiekins create your own dancing steps (2 mins / 3 mins), record it and send it to AAM team to view and they will choose it. Those interested, registered with AAM so that AAM team will send the short video for you and your friends to practice. Don’t add any own new steps to it or made any suggestions until the actual day so not to confuse anyone.

    We can do it at Berjaya Time Square – there is a huge space in front of the information counter if the concourse is not possible. They have a huge PA sound system and we could work with the person-in-charge via walkie talkie. Maybe we could work with Sony on this special project. I sure Sony would be thrill, too. BTS is a huge mall and you all can practice at the side of the foyer on the actual day. BTS does hold hip-hop events for the youngsters during the weekends!!

    Do I sound crazy?! hahaha….

  71. Regarding the flasher mob: Why is it that really attractive people are never the ones who participate in these kinds of events? That may sound judgmental, but then these people put their butts on the line, both literally and figuratively!!! I’m no Venus de Milo, but then I’m not stripping in public either!

  72. Those Swedes were pretty lethargic swing dancers by American standards. They did a much better job with their Michael Jackson Dance Tribute:

  73. Flashmob is definitely a great expression of our love for David. With busy working and study schedules & yet we r willing to pull this off it will be fantastic!. We need all the ‘experts’ choreographers, singers, dancers, video / cameras people, sound people, guys & gals , uncles & aunties archies soooo yaaa .. COME ON EVERYONE lets chip in together and make it work.

    Watch out for announcements regarding practises and the actual event ..

  74. Lol katheryn I was thinking the same thing Those people at the train station shudlnt even strip in private let alone a train station! Haha πŸ™‚

  75. im thinking of choreographing some simple steps or at least,as much as i can (lol) this evening…will be *ehem* copying most of the steps from ohio union to try out as it looks pretty simple and straightforward.its been a looong while since i last danced so might be quite karat already lol but yess anyone who has any great ideas,get someone to record your own moves, email it to us!we definitely welcome any ideas and input from our archiekins!

    we have veryyy little time left peeps so lets get our thinking (and dancing) caps on!Pull ur friends into it too πŸ˜›

    p/s: kylie,john:got my email? πŸ™‚

  76. digi did a freeze mob before last year too. followed by dancing but this was a much bigger crowd..

  77. archuleta flash mob? that’s a great project ! i wish i can join ! but im scared my parent wont let me going out weekend coz im taking spm examination this year >.<

  78. i agree with hazmi :/
    even though my exams are over, I don’t think I can go to the concert because my parents said that tickets are expensive and I can only go if I manage to win myself a ticket…which is so unlikely!

    I’ve been AWOL for a while…can someone update me what the plan is for the video? I’m a little lost and all I can gather from the fb page is that we’re sending in videos of us singing?

  79. Ooh, things are starting to piece together. Excited! =D Let me know how I can help, I’m not much of a creative dancer, just a follower XD

  80. Hey James! You are up already! Super early bird! Good to know you are around!

    Kylie! please recruit Jay and princess to join the mob. They will be sooooo cute and adorable!

  81. Schaz, I hope the AAM Mods will agree to wear the roses!

    Hi Anne! It is exciting! Jia Yu! I am with you folks!

  82. Good Morning!

    Saw your tweet. Love to see Archiekins groove to SBL – chorus part.

  83. AAM
    Re your tweet:
    I think SBL is probably more suitable than STR as it is more well-known to the public since it’s been on the airwaves.
    Besides, I think only the choruses of STR are suitable for group dancing, no?
    A Medley sounds interesting – I would go for that too! But would it disrupt the rhythm of the dance steps?

    Hmm I think I would go for SBL.

  84. Wow! Filipinos rock the stage!

    Thank you Akang!
    Yes, Msian Archies can do this, maybe better!

    Anne, Waiting for Archiekins flashmob!!! Have you got the dance steps? There are many eager dancers waiting on you!

  85. John!
    Call me slow but I just read your post at TheVoice (alerted by Shirley).
    Kudos to you! You created quite a buzz with the ladies there …wink wink! πŸ˜€

  86. So if this flashmob is really good, we can convince Sony to let us “open” for David Archuleta at the concert, like just before he comes out?

  87. Hahaha! Kylie! I agree. I bet AAMers will give their Best to open for David Archuleta! That means having your precious kiddos on stage too! πŸ™‚

  88. Pinoys are very creative and talented in all forms of the arts. Are there any of you currently residing in Malaysia who are a fan of David Archuleta and would like to join us in our little FMob project?

    That’s a great idea! If we really pull off the FMob with aplomb then maybe, just maybe Sony can be persuaded. Who knows? It’ll certainly add to the spice of the moment.

    I lurk every now and then at other sites and add to the ‘noise’ lol πŸ˜€

  89. I offer myself to be one of those singing πŸ˜› haha! not an awesome singer..but i can..ahha! will try to ask my friend a dancer to help see if she can choregraph something for us..simple n interesting!! πŸ˜›

    but i think in order to get steps done..we need to know how long the songs will be? u guys planning to do the whole song? or maybe start of SBL up till chorus..and then enter Elevator chorus and back to the SBL song?

    Let me know.. hehe!!

  90. AAM
    What about the school David visited the last time? Sri KDU. You think the principal ( a fan, I believe) will allow us to have our mob rehearsals there?
    And the students can join in the actual mob as well. πŸ™‚

  91. AAM
    Sorry – unfinished business.
    I mean in their school hall. Large enough.
    And it would be good publicity for the students to know about the fmob and perhaps join us on the actual day.

  92. Trace
    Good idea on Sri Kdu. Will see if any one of us has contacts with the principal.

    I like the way you put it “mob rehearsals” Sounds like a bunch of mafia! πŸ˜€

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