33 comments on “Archiekins@Berjaya Times Square – Part 1

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been waiting anxiously this morning at 6 to see if I can enjoy your videos and pictures!

    Hey! I love the sight of serious folks sitting in a circle working on their SPECIAL collages. You guys look so focus! You should get an “A++” from your Art teachers!!!That’s what David Archuleta will make us do!
    What a Great ArchiekinsTEAM work! And great singing! Your voices blended harmoniously! What about singing MKOP on that special day?

    Waiting for more pictures and videos.

  2. wohooo….my video is posted here…so touched..ahahha!! had fun meeting u all there as well~

  3. To anonymous: heck ya, that’s a good seat. Row 2 of the VIP section, right on the center aisle it looks like . Good for you!

  4. Hey Archiekins! Looks like you guys had a great outing today. Wonderful to see the great turnout too.

    It must have felt out of this world for the lucky M&G winners. Congrats!!!

    Hey Akang, did i hear you ‘directing’ that video? Haha, great job!

  5. It was so much fun to see everybody today, so excited! =D Love you guys, big extra thanks to Anne, Kylie, John, Justine and Lily for all the extra work 😉

    Sony Malaysia team – you guys are way awesome to the fans. Yes, especially Adrian.
    Ticket Charge – ahhh thank you for putting up with our chaos especially Kinnix!
    Nadia of Fly Fm – doing a great job being the MC of the event
    Archiekins – no words to describe your support. Thank you so much. Now, we as fans have a job to do until 26th Jul. Can we get it done?

    Wow, I.am.tired. Good night everyone.

  7. lol yea james,i hardly did anythg >< john,kylie,shu and sheba are our heroes! and again, SO good to see everyone again! ❤ one more month peopleeee

  8. Too bad I missed out on all the fun, but man everything looks so awesome! Nice to see the colourful banners. 🙂

  9. Ah yes, of course Shu Yee and Sheba, two very awesome ladies who I adore greatly. Every one of the Archies are awesome. Truestory.

    Mamacub, get some rest! One more month woohoo!!!!

    (Too hyper to sleep, plus I had chocolate.)

  10. yea!! thanks shu yee for running up and down the priority line aisle and helping us secure our tickets! and for john who looked like a japanese hero with the head band. thanks to all the AAM-er helpers!! Appreciate you!!

  11. Daniel & Felicia
    Your tickets are ready and the seats aren’t too bad either.

    We managed to get most if not all AAMers together in the 1st three rows of the VIP section so your view of David will be unobstructed.
    He should be able to see all of you quite clearly lol

  12. I cant eat or sleep since yesterday , when will i receive my ticket lol… Want to enjoy looking at a physical ticket…

  13. I SEE ME (: The one making the poster. LOL. Thanks for an awesome time to everybody there! It was nice meeting all of you. And thanks AAM for helping us get the tickets!

  14. Daniel
    Email us your details and preferred mode of postage.
    We’ll let you know the charges

    Thanks for turning up to support the event. We’ll see you again on the day of the concert if not earlier 🙂

  15. Kylie: omg thank you so much! hmm.. hope you don’t mind me asking but am i in the 1st 3 rows? *fingers crossed* oh btw, is it safe to send the tickets to me via poslaju?

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