116 comments on “VVIP Ticket Info + Priority Fan Club Lane

  1. but i dun have the tshirt,tey all told me they hv x stock?? :((((

    and yes wich area?? plz n hopefully it’l be the reasonable one..lol

  2. It’s ok If you don’t have your Ts. We’re prolly making new ones to wear at the concert but bring David related signs to BTS if you can.

  3. I want to join you guys! πŸ™‚ I dont have the AaM tshirt do I’ll just wear a black one ok? What time are u all meeting? Should be able to spot you guys easily as a group πŸ™‚

  4. Eng Leong

    We should be there by 2pm and we’ll be carrying a big -ish sign ( hopefully ) πŸ™‚

    You won’t miss us.

  5. 1) We will let you know exact meeting place(s) and time.
    2) But help us by emailing us your full name, I/C, ticket type (RMxxx) and quantity. Please title “Priority Lane Ticket Booking”.
    3) You do need to be registered with AAM – so email us: “Member Registration”, your full name, I/C and which State you are from
    4) Mods will definitely wear AAM Tshirts for you to recognise. Maybe a rose too? Hahaha. We will have a simple AAM sign. Otherwise head to “Priority Lane” at the ticket launch, oneof us will be there
    5) If you don’t have the AAM Tshirt, wear any David Archuleta Tshirt, if you don’t have any, wear la your favorite baju coz you’re gonna be on camera πŸ˜€
    6) Unfortunately we will be spread out 😦 but if you would like to be grouped together in your area, this Sunday would be the best way to do so
    7) If you’ve gotten your tickets or unable to attend the concert, do come for this Sunday. Celebration πŸ˜€
    8) Outstation fans ticket purchases – we will let you know later how you will get your tickets
    9) Don’t forget to request and vote for TOSOD yah guys? Make TOSOD your CRT and ringing tone πŸ˜›

    Did someone famous said, chaos is a beautiful thing? Not to me, lol. But if you have any other questions, do drop it here, one of us will answer them.

  6. This ticket launch event on Sunday is a very big event, so come, come, come and make some noise.

  7. Hahaha! Mama cub is out from hibernating!!! Girl! that is a hectic/laborious task you MODS are doing! Way to go! Hats off to you folks! So when is AAM planning to have the pre concert gathering? This Sunday or later in July?

  8. Oh! I forgot, Kylie dear, please reserve a size Large t shirt for me, if AAM is designing a new t shirt logo for this concet.

    Thank you!!

  9. By the way, I just looked at the map above. It is so well done. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the Stadium location. Have I missed something?

  10. I am coming this Sunday though I will be securing the RM 500 ticket from Sony Music. Hopefully some AAMers will be co-incidentally sitting beside me, cuz I am going all alone.. 😦
    Should I send an email to AAM stating that I am coming for the pre-sale though I will not be getting any ticket that day? Cuz I really wanna be part of you guys that day.. I wanna join in the celebration! Hehe..
    Can’t wait to see all of you! πŸ˜€

  11. You guys never cease to amaze me :):):) , AWESOME SAUCE!! See you there this Sunday

  12. hey kylie, if we are going to sit together as a group what tickets are we gonna buy?

  13. What price ticks you buy is purely up to you. The breakdown is thus:

    rm300, rm230, rm190 for numbered seating
    rm150, rm90 for free seating

    maybe if you let us know by email your price preference we can group you guys together when we ‘invade’ the ticket counter. But email us early ok?

  14. Hi, John! Will be dropping you an email soon!

    Peeps, I just secured my ticket at RM 500 from Sony Music. They told me that I am located at Row 6 and seats still available at Row 6. Anyone here getting RM 500 ticket?

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  16. Dora: Hmmm… ah, I’m too gluttonous for my own good… heads up, I think I’ll be getting the RM 500 ticket, too. X)

  17. Ok sent my email to Aam’s gmail account πŸ™‚ can’t wait! Eggcited πŸ˜‰

  18. OK, I’m really too greedy/gluttonous/whatever for my own good… did i just seriously purchase myself a RM 800 ticket???? O___O

  19. hey guys!!! I wanna join u guys on Sunday…but don’t know if I can make it..will try my best. I will just RSVP in case.. πŸ˜›

    Dora..I am getting the RM800 ticket!! somehow I convinced myself!! I will be at Row 3!! we will meet there k!

  20. Row 5 is very good, Dora!
    Woot @ Eve! I don’t want to influence your decision πŸ˜›
    A mod will checking the mail, Eng Leong, thanks! Keep the emails coming guys.
    Amelia, row 3??!!!!!! U must be a very early bird

    JAMES!!!! You and us, coffee at starbucks post concert, k?

  21. No M&G passes with ANY tickets. M&G passes are won separately – through FlyFm (maybe other radio stations, not sure for now) and the BTS event. May have other avenues later on. Keep checking for info.

  22. thanks john! il be tere with my fren as well…comfirmed! haha…excited to meet u guys!! woohoo!!!! n yeap im gona get the tshirt as well :DD

  23. kylie AAM’s plan to secure wich seats? lol…rm150-200sumtin?? i reli wana join u guys n sit together! it’l be fun

  24. If I’m stuck in a sea of strangers, I’d like to change my seating or something…

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  26. btw how are the seating actualy?? acording to the prices..numbered & free seating?

  27. Tilashini: VVIP tickets are numbered seating… this, I’m sure of. The VIP ones and below are probably free seating… but this I can’t confirm.

    I want that woman-in-red’s job, I swear.

    … Don’t mind that last comment, people.

  28. OMG if I can’t go this Sunday,will you guys help me buy it? Gosh I’ll banknin the money asap!

  29. thx eve but i tink the 90 n 150 wil be at the site of the stadium n others will be at the center?? tatz hw it is i guess 😦 btw ur goin fr the vvip?

  30. Eve: You bought the 800 one in the end? Lol.. I was debating with myself either 500 or 800. But, 800 was way too high.. I picked 500 instead! And officially broke after getting this ticket. My dad will definitely kill me if he found out that I am buying the 500 one, though I am using my own $$! >__<
    But it is all worth it for the boy wonder.. πŸ˜€

    Amelia: I will be 3 rows behind you! XD

    Kylie: I am in Row 6.. I wish it's Row 5.. Hehe.. Where will you be at??

    See you guys this Sunday!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  31. Woohoo!!! I will see you guys in Times Square this Sunday. πŸ™‚
    Gonna get 3 more VIP tickets.

  32. HEY AAM!! I just sent you guys like 3 emails. 1: About me coming on sunday, 2: Priority lane ticket booking and 3: Member Registration. I hope you guys accept me in as a member and I hope to get an AAM T-SHIRT!! This sunday I will be wearing a pink t-shirt with David’s picture on it and bring 2 more t shirts! One blue and one white! All of them is stamped with David’s name and picture!! I will bring 2 large bags filled with David Archuleta posters, articles, albums, pictures and just about anything with the two magic words on them, “DAVID ARCHULETA”!! πŸ˜€

  33. Tilashini: Yeah, the RM800 one. I’ll be in Row 2… for now (being in the middle of strangers is not exactly comforting… eek!).

    Row 1 is totally sold out. Dang it. If I’d known a little earlier… *grumble*…

    I wish M&G passes were easier to obtain… but, heck, they’re hard to get for a reason. XD

    Amelia: What will you be wearing to the concert? I wanna be able to point you out. I need to know I’m not alone in that mosh pit! Wave to me! πŸ˜€

  34. i would most probablt get the rm300 😦 btw they hv startd selling the tickets alredy? i taugth starts on 20th? :/ not fair 😦 lol…

  35. Emails sent, member registration and priority ticket booking. πŸ™‚ I am showing up on Sunday.

  36. Sony is selling the VVIP tickets only as of now. The rest will be officially launched on Sunday. It also then that we will be getting the seating plan.

    RM300 ( VIP ), RM230, RM190 are the numbered seats.
    RM150, RM90 are free seating

    We can only help fans purchase the non VVIP tickets. All VVIP requests please go to Sony directly.

  37. omg!! the RM800 one comes together with a M&G pass! omg Yvette!! so lucky!!! πŸ˜€

  38. sent an email already! who else buying the rm300 one? so… row 1-10 will be for VVIPs and then will be the VIPs. omg.. so far from the stage! 😦 If only my arms are stretchable.. lol..i could touch David’s hand!

  39. Felicia, the RM800 VVIP tix does not actually come with the M&G Passes. Based on Sony’s info, it comes with tix, CD and T-Shirt. I think M&G passes would need to be won 😦

  40. Wow… having fun watching all the excitement here…

    Stadium Negara is not a big stadium as compared to Stadium Putra, hence, wherever you are, you bound to see David. πŸ™‚

  41. At the moment ( based on info from Sony ) no tickets come with m&g passes not even the rm800 ones.

    The m&g passes will only be available at the ticket launch in BTS. You may be asked to sing David’s songs like TOSOD so practice la πŸ™‚

  42. I have a question. I can’t be there to purchase the tickets…even for the AAM priority lane. Also, are m&g passes separate?

  43. Eve : I will be 3rd row.. number 206!! hahahaa!! can’t believe i spent that amount..but anything for David la~ and i have not decided what to wear as of yet.. haha! gimma ur contact number..we calling2 la~ πŸ˜› amelia.rashid@gmail.com

    Kylie : thats whyyy…very close~~ hope to meet u guys there before the concert or after?

  44. im getting rm500 and sit next to Dora.. if you guys going to buy it, please sit next to us! 6th row 101 and 102 πŸ™‚

  45. John: Aw, man, I really wish I could be there… singing is easy for me to do! Gaaaah!

    Amelia: mine is evecharmlp@hotmail.com … πŸ˜€

    Amira and Dora: Aaaah, I’ll be on the left side, nowhere near you guys… 😦

  46. Debz

    At the moment we don’t know what exactly are the mechanics needed to win the M&G passes, whether you need to purchase CD and / or tickets, or you need to participate in games, answer simple questions etc. We just don’t have the information yet.

    Sony is keeping everything close to their chest which is understandable as the M&G passes are really ‘money cannot buy’ kinda stuff. Maybe Sony will hand out more M&Gs during other promotional events. Remember there is more than a month to go before the concert.

    So perhaps you can take part on those occasions?


  48. Okay done!Hope to hear from you guys soon!Gosh I’ll bank in the money ASAP okay!

  49. Hey!! I’m also an AAMers but I don’t have the black T-shirt..So, if I come this Sunday, will I be part of y’all?

  50. Diane

    There’s nothing we would like better than to have that photo with David.

    No promises but we’re gonna try our darn best to persuade both Sony and his mgmt.

  51. Eve, we will be right behind you. Most of the aamers have isle seats. L&R of row 3, 4, 5, and 6 hahaha!

    We will have a karoake session on Sunday … !! Practise first lol!

  52. Shu Yee… ur gonna be at Row 3 too??? :D:D I am in Row 3..hope to meet ya’ll~~~ i will scream..” ANY AAMERS AROUND???” ahahahha!

  53. hey everyone! great to see that you have your tickets secured! i know most will be getting the VVIP tickets, but is there anyone else getting the other cheaper numbered seatings?

  54. clarawan .. if you are in KL, go to BTS this sunday, we will secure tickets there ok?

  55. Clarawan
    email us your price preference and we’ll try to group you with other AAMers who are buying the same tickets.

  56. waaa..it is so expensive for VVIP =( can’t get it :((( Want to ask you guys how do know which row belong to which section?

  57. The seating plan will be revealed on Sunday.

    email us your preference so that we can put you down on the list

  58. I emailed you guys last night and still waiting for the reply. Haish kinda worried. I want that VIP tickets..

  59. Archiekins, tweet @sonymalaysia for that photo op??? πŸ˜›

    Priority lane for the fanclub – best way to secure the tickets. Cut the queue.

  60. my mum just called sony for the vvip tickets and they said the first 2 rows are nearly sold out!! πŸ˜€ way the go people!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  61. HAHAHA!!! THANKS KYLIE!! I really appreciate that title! πŸ˜€ I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY!! I hope I am an AAMer.. Am I an AAMer Uncle John?? I really wanted to be in.. Been following you guys for like 2 and a half years already.. 😦 I’ve sent in every required Email too. πŸ™‚
    DO IT FOR DAVID ❀ ❀ ❀

  62. Please try your best everybody to persuade Sony so that AAM gets that photo with David and like a group meeting with him again like last time!! PITCH IN AND LEND A HAND πŸ™‚

  63. can i join you guys too? i’m getting the RM300 vip ticket. how do i email you?

  64. scsf

    email us your details like name, contact number and ticket price preference and we’ll let you know bank details by email

  65. I’m booking a ticket through AAM, but I’m showing up on Sunday, I STILL have to make payment by bank? Or do I pay this Sunday?

  66. sorry AAM… i forgot to type that im showing up this sunday πŸ™‚ i will pay for the tickets this sunday πŸ™‚

  67. Irda .. won’t it be wonderful that we can photos with David again as one big Archiekin Family…. way coool:-D

  68. Heya , Good Morning! tomorrow is the big day!

    For those who has made payment for us to help purchase the tickets, please kindly be reminded to email us the bank in slip for our reference before 12 noon today. πŸ™‚

    See you guys tomorrow!!

  69. hye guys..is the ticket reservation is closed already???? i sent mine last nite..

  70. Hye guys..is the ticket reservation is closed already????
    Sent mine last nite n did not get any reply…Huhu!!


  72. Lol CtmieArchie, me is here. What ze ur email name? Are you outstation?

    And if you are at bts tomorrow, we still take the booking.

  73. Hye Kylie,

    Thanks for reply me :D..Yes, Im Kelantanese but wud love to join all AAMers at the concert..Haha!! A Bunch of Archies!! That wud be awesome!!.. Kylie, if u Pos Laju, is it safe?

  74. WOW, I’m so, so glad to see everyone coming out of the woodwork, especially all the new names.

    And mama cub, sbux fo’ sho’. XD I miss you guyssssss!

  75. Dear AAM specially Kylie, i have made payment n now what the hell..im stuck wid the connection..cant email u guys bout the slip n payment..OMG!!! i will mail later can?? WHAT THE HECKKK!!!! AARRGGHH!!

  76. Daniel!! That you? You changed your user name a bit I wasn’t sure!! And yeah, I’m here lol!! Will we be seeing you tomorrow or only at the concert??

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