27 comments on “Ticket launch @Berjaya Times Square

  1. I will be going … clever John suggested go by LRT! it will be a fun ride to see all the archies there haha!

    Trace, Amy – are you guys planning to go this Sunday?? Let’s meet there lar

  2. We are planning a gathering to celebrate the ticket launch. Hopefully deets soon.

  3. Ahhhh David, so many meetings already…. getting antsy, what are the meetings about?

  4. omg screamz!! lol..haha im so gona be tere!!! gota sumhow win the meet & greet passes 😀

  5. gatering to celeb?? wow! tat’l be nice…hopefuly tere’l be a pre concert gethering as well…aam’s :))

  6. Totally gonna put up my A-Game on to win those meet and greet passes this sunday! Didn’t sleep AT ALL last night thinking about loads of stuff to do before the big show! Can’t wait to see ya’ll again! 😀 Going by LRT with my best friend on sunday.

  7. OH GOD, i used to be an archangel when i was 13,then suddenly i didnt. Yesterday my dad offer me to go to his concert,how could i say no?! SO THRILLED umm where will it be at ts this sunday?

  8. Good luck scoring meet and greet passes, guys! Honestly, you deserve them!


    Ack, I won’t be anywhere near KL on those dates… no meet and greet for me, I guess. Oh well… have fun, peeps!

  9. hey Shu Yee,

    Oh yes! I’ll be there to support Sony Malaysia. See whether I can score some meet & greet passes….see you there.

    Trace – what about you?

  10. Shuyee and Akang!

    How can I not go?!!! Can we meet there at 3 pm? Please reply!
    Sheba! What about you?!

  11. envy you guys man! how i wish i can go this sunday! haha, i bet the tickets are going to finish in no less than 1 hour! :p

  12. hey Trace – OK. see you at 3pm under David’s chin…. I meant David’s poster!! LOL…

  13. LOL akang! yay its gonna be great seeing (and spazzing..and squeeing) with everyone again hhaah. i’ll only reach at abt 2pm earliest though,so you guys wait for me alright! haha!

  14. Shuyee
    Waaaay before 3 pm? Ok I’ll be there waaaaay before 3 pm then! Like 2 pm? 1 pm?

    Shu says meet waaaaay before 3 pm. So snap snap! 😀

  15. Hope y’all will be there this Sunday “waaaay” before 3pm lol.

    Wear your black AAM T’s. We gotta show Sony our full force eh?

  16. AAM: me, my friend and my brother need 3 VIP tickets worth RM300. But the problem is we are in JB and we probably can’t make it to the pre-sale thing. Can i ask for your help to help us get the tickets? We will bank in into your account the money. Any of you are getting the RM300 VIP tickets?

  17. Feli, soon. probably when you wake up tmrw. Just get ready the money. No 10% discount though coz have to present CD to get it.

  18. okie.. So me,my bro and my friend’s seating would be with someone i know right? haha the nearer to the stage the better. 😀 I mean i won’t be there to see the VIP seating so i’m counting on u 🙂

  19. I have exams going on these few weeks so I can’t turn up to purchase the ticket this Sunday. Can I still it some other days? 😦

  20. I have exams going on these few weeks so I can’t turn up to purchase the ticket this Sunday. Can I still purchase it on some other days? 😦

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