76 comments on “Stadium Negara

  1. Whoa. A another post!! It sure is busy here today haha!! LOVE it!! Can I just say that David looked sooo happy in his little vid announcement. I guess we’re not the only one stoked!! ❀

  2. You guys are working hard this morning! I can’t keep up with all this annoucements!!
    Way to go! AAM Mods!!!
    Any plans to do some promotion? Like T shirts and etc…

  3. Just thank God is my off day today haha! otherwise will be stealing of my bosses time:-(

    Thank you John … really appreciate all your wonderful posts. We really must continue to β€˜sell’ David’s concert. He wants to see all the Malaysian Archies there weeeeeheeee!!

    5000 and beyond!!

  4. AAM is alive again…a much needed boost from this incredibly good news :):)

  5. Am loving all these updates !!! TQ:) July is going to be one heck of an incredible month!

  6. So Stadium Negara has been trending in Malaysia since about 4 p.m just now lol!! The power of the Archuleta πŸ™‚ people are stoked!!

  7. Hmm… Just another slow day there in Malaysia I see!

    I guess this news is even better than David pairing up with Lady Gaga!!! Your loyalty and persistence has paid off. Congratulations!

  8. would absolutely love to be a part of that giant karaoke session. πŸ™‚ gah need to stop thinking about it

  9. My phone battery was fully charged this morning before I left home. But by 2 pm, it heaved a deep sigh and conked out from too much Archu-excitement!! πŸ˜€

  10. We should have another post about the tickets as soon as we work out the deets with Sony.

  11. TEEHEEEEEE! omgosh! he looks so happy in the video! πŸ˜€ THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWNNNNN :))))

  12. WTH!? He’s coming back? But I thought he got dropped. How come he’s still touring? I only got this news from my friend today but I didn’t believe her. Yaaaaaaahhhhhh! MUst get de teekoootsss.

  13. Wow… what an exciting day, today!! We must support Sony Malaysia, too, for being so awesome and supportive.

    Thanks AAM’s MOD for keeping us informed.

  14. To the next Arch Angel who’ll get the chance to be part of David’s entourage… if you’re reading this, just know that I left you a little something on the you-know-what blog.
    Have fun, whoever you are. πŸ™‚

  15. i am over the moon!!!! if u guys need any help designing anything…i can do it~~~ with full of love hahahahaha!! hugs for all~

  16. Yaay! This is awesome! I’ll send in some doodles soon to keep the hype up. πŸ™‚

  17. Is AAM going as a group? In similar t shirts and all? Can I join? πŸ™‚

  18. We’re trying to get everyone together as the Archu flock. More fun that way so stay tuned for more info as something is brewing.

  19. LOL Nadia of FlyFm tweeted that David’s concert will be held in….Stadium Merdeka!!

    Now that would be a humdinger of a concert.

  20. Hey you Glee fans, Jane Lynch thinks David is “fantastic!” πŸ™‚

    On the downside though I see TMZ is still stalking David lol.

  21. i wanna get those VVIP tics..ahha..Kylie do let us know.. πŸ˜› ur our source of all things David madness~ hahaha1

  22. Hey, John. What exacting does the guy holding the marker say in the TMZ video? I’ve listened to it over and over, and I can’t make out all the words.

  23. Make that “what exactly” does the guy holding the marker say in the TMZ video?

  24. Nik Maryam- David actually chose to leave Jive. πŸ˜€ So glad he did. I’m not sure how David is still attached to Sony Music Malaysia though but it’s great since they’re bringing him here!
    Alicia- Ooooh thanks for that! I still remember reading the other parts such a long time ago. So fun. xD
    Katheryn- I think he said “Fairness. Cause there were a lot of big people.” πŸ™‚ I think he was insulting David but I won’t go further haha.

  25. Ai lyn – TOSOD is still under sony label. It took them almost a year to arrange for this concert. We just happy that Sony Malaysia for making it possible:-)

    VVIP RM800 front row all snapped up in an hour … 2nd row is almost going.

    There are 120 vvip @ rm800 and 280 @ rm500. You have to get these tickets directly from sony malaysia. Upon booking, you have to pay to their bank account the next day, otherwise your booking is cancelled.

  26. What???they’re “secret” vvip seats on sale without the public’s knowledge?! So buying the rm300 tickets are useless then? 😦 should be fair & make available for all fans πŸ™‚

  27. Is not a secret .. it was mentioned .. let me go find out where i got the info .. brb

  28. Eng Leong .. the info is from a fan who called sony office (my memory failed me just now). Now that we know of the availability of the vvip tickets and if you are interested, you can book directly to sony malaysia by calling the office or email.

  29. We just got the email from Sony this evening about the VVIP tickets.

    Anyone interested in the VVIP tickets?
    RM800 ticket includes T-Shirt and CD. The RM500 is a standalone ticket (ie no goodies).
    Payment within 1 day otherwise all bookings will be cancelled.
    Availability of seats is super dynamic since bookings can be cancelled upon non-payment.

  30. Shu Yee- Oh I see! Thanks. πŸ˜€ Wow didn’t know they had to try for so long! Really admire their perseverance! Oh how much I want to gooooo. I wish I could drive!

    WOW 800 bucks?? talk about a hole in the pocket

  31. what tickets aqre you guys getting? I am thinking of getting the RM300 ones..issit really far back? are we all going together somehow?

  32. Sony hasnt released the seating arrangements yet. once we do know,we’ll definitely update you guys. As for the aam-ers sitting together…that we definitely cant tell for now as different people will be buying different type of seats..so…hm.

  33. omg.. rm800?? i have a bad feeling about this. my parents are gonna do karate chop!

  34. Anyone getting the rm800 tickets? My best friend wants to meet David. Idk how to help him but i was actually hoping that AAM and Sony could organize to meet David just like last year. I told him bout the VVIP tixs. Well since its SUPER expensive, WE (me and him) dont know where to get such large sum of money! Btw, the VVIP tixs guarantee the fans with fan meeting with David?

  35. Felicia… i don’t think buying RM800 secures u a meet with David unfortunately T__T its kinda impossible for him to meet everyone..eventhough i wish it would happen!

    hahaha!! I am tempted to buy the RM500 ones..but its a big amount of money.. haha!!

  36. feli (and everyone else lol) please be informed that sony did NOT mention anything about a meet and greet being included in the VVIP tickets. only things they said so far are 1)tshirt and 2)CD. haha. abt any meet and greets,i guess we just have to wait for sony to tell us if there will be any..i sure hope so.

  37. omg Anne we gotta show Sony the power of the Archu fans from AAM! how bout we tweet them pleading for a meet and greet? πŸ˜€

    Amelia: so.. u beli the RM500 one eh?

  38. felicia : hahaha..still unsure la.. scared to buy now.. takut change my mind..ahha..and no one to go crazy with if i go RM500 alone with no AAMers.. hahaha!!

  39. i know right! gosh.. i hope sony let the AAMers to be together again this time. I mean we want david to recognize us and let him know AAM is still very much around. πŸ˜€ heee…excited fikir psal dulu jumpa David+group pic!

  40. OMG I’m gonna buy that RM500 ticket!Tomorrow I’ll bank in the money!Gosh I just want it please guys!

  41. I would think an archie fan willing to pay 800 ringgit to see him would have bought his CD already? hahah. Unless it’s a special bonus songs CD or something haha. πŸ™‚ OR LIVE ALBUM. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING lol.

  42. Faeez : serious ur gonna get it ke?? haha.. i nak tapiiii… hahahaha!!! byk tu duit tu…

    ai lyn : i know right!!! RM00 u should be able to get his CD a looooong time ago~ LOL..

  43. Amelia:Well I’m dead serious.I mean,this is my chance since I missed it last time.Gosh let’s buy that one and we can meet together.Gosh I’m so anxious and and nervous.I just wanna meet my fav idol that’s all.Can somebody please understand that?!

  44. The RM300 tickets can be bought at a discount during the early bird launch at Berjaya Times Square on Sunday. All you have to do is bring David’s TOSOD along and you’ll get a 20% discount.

    The VVIP tickets are without discounts but you do get the extra goodies like t-shirt and CD if you purchase the RM800 tickets. The RM500 tickets are without goodies nor discounts.

    So after a 20% discount on the RM300 tickets you’re only paying RM240, less than half the cheaper VVIP tickets. Quite a bit of savings there. Of course the 20% discount is only applicable at the early bird promo in Berjaya Times Square ( as far as we know at the moment )

    We only got the info from Sony about the VVIP tickets this evening. We’re trying to get a clearer picture from them and will keep you guys in the loop as soon as we iron out the details.

    Thank you for your patience πŸ™‚

  45. imagine.. pay rm800 for t shirt.. then CDS? i mean the shirt could cost about rm 40 the most? and the Cds like max rm100? soooo.. the baki utk apa? lol.. x dpt jumpa dia plak tu..

  46. AAM please hear me out,I want that RM500 tix.Can’t you guys promise me something so I can ease my mind.I mean I’m in JB.I don’t know whether I can go to KL this Sunday but I’ll try my best.But what happened if the tix suddenly sold out?OMG I don’t have freaking idea what I’d do.Haish please AAM.Sell me one.I’m desperate.

  47. Faeez: Do EVERYTHING you can. It’ll be so worth it. 8)

    And AAM, it’ll be so great if you can snag some meet and greet time w/ David for everyone again. No pressure, though. You guys are awesome enough, already. πŸ™‚

  48. AWW MY GOSH!!!!!! rm 800??? :O pretty much expensive last night I got a tweet back from david (HAPPY) now I’m kinda worried If I won’t be able to get the VVIP tix! I am TERRIBLY anxious here! I wanna meet him for sure! but yeah! still wondering 😦 anyway bout the pre gathering!!! I am excited!!!!!!! yay!!!! set a date? or in the same day as the concert held πŸ™‚

  49. Do what Archies do best – buzzzzzz. Everywhere. Have to get TOSOD busting the radio charts, downloads, ringtone etc. And more CD sales.

  50. We must support to Sony Malaysia for bringing him here- SOLD OUT concert to show our love to Sony & David waheyyyyy, BUZZ , BUZZ everywhere………..

  51. Thanks Shu Yee and others!Yeah hope will see you guys on that day!Wow so excited man!

  52. You guys!! HOW DO I GET THE RM 500 VVIP TICKET?? I went to sony music malaysia’s website and there isn’t anything about the booking and purchasing of those tickets! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  53. irda amelia,just give sony music office a call and ask for Joanne to book the tickets πŸ™‚

  54. So,I’m planning to buy the VIP tickets (RM300) and I asked my friend (one of the AAMs) to buy it for me.The thing is,when the day itself,the concert,how should I know that we (AAMs) sitting together?I want the VIP tickets,but what about the others?Somebody help me with this perhaps?

  55. Faeez

    If you and your pals have emailed us with your request to purchase the tickets on your behalf then we will try our level best to group everybody together based on the price of their tickets.

    So if 50 of you have decided to go for the RM300 tickets then we will try to buy all 50 tickets en bloc meaning most if not all of you will be grouped together. Don’t forget other fans will also be there to buy their tickets as well.

    That’s why it’s important that fans email us their requests for tickets so that we can group people together as much as we can.

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