30 comments on “He’s coming!!!


    Big gush of anxiety and tension just released from the fanbase ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Adrian said they received many requests for David to return to Msia!! Flyfm is the official radio station – there will be free tixs to be won.

    Archies, please continue with the buzz on twitter, facebook (and any social network site) and radio stations. Make a wave!

  4. The National Stadium Folks!!! That is no joke right there!! This is gonna be EPIC!! Sony Music Malaysia seriously went out of their way to make this happen for us. They are beyond AWESOME!! Let’s make all their effort worthwhile!! Spread the word!!

  5. Like! Like! Like!!!!

    oh I’m so Lovin’ this!!!!!! thank you sooooooooo much Sony Music Malaysia!!!!

    wooooohhhhhhhoooooooo~~~~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. wow!!! that post was fast =)

    congrats to all my fellow Archie fans in M’sia…you’re prayers have been answered…good things come to those who wait =)

  7. OMG OMG thank u soo much sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u david!! yahoo omg im reli excited!! when can we like get the tickets???

  8. Oops, Sheba, just read your tweet. Sony made those calls/emails or received them? Was multi-tasking.

  9. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    What I heard on Fly was Sony received 500 emails and 2000 calls asking them to bring David to KL. This was in answer to the question as to what inspired this invitation to David.

  10. Kylie, they made those calls and emails to D’s management. I recorded the announcement on my phone but have no idea how to post it lol!

  11. Aahhh!!

    I saw the vid ๐Ÿ™‚ And he said “Stadium Negara” sooo bee-yoo-tee-fully don’t cha all think?

  12. John. I was just thinking the same thing. He really nailed it with the pronunciation. Sooo many people get it wrong!

  13. Yahoooooooo! Thanks Sony for the support despite the whole label issue ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for stepping up. And they kept the video message a secret till now!

  14. Thank you Sheba! for the link to the announcement from David himself! Boy, does he smile good! At last it is official!

  15. For those who missed it. This is the announcement made by Adrian of Sony Music Malaysia this morning about the concert.

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  17. Trace, that’s what I thought I heard. Thanks Sheba, will listen again tonight.

  18. oh my heck! i heard the announcement and I wasn’t sure if I heard right!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! WICKED COOL!!!!!

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