22 comments on “Teaser!!

  1. shu yee so true!! lol…haha 😉
    *fingers crossed* waiting fr the oficial anouncement! gosh! im reli reli excited!! ❤
    btw watz the pre sale tingy is about?? *blur* :/

  2. Aww c’mon Sony, tis too much for the frail heart 😛

    Stay tuned to Sony Facebook, guys. And twitter. Once the news are confirmed, spring into action and broadcast relentlessly.

    So TOSOD the new single? Listen to the radios.

  3. This is the most obvious “hinting” I’ve ever seen! Let’s just say Sony will need Parachutes and Airplanes to escape the angry fans if this doesn’t come about.

  4. Katheryn haha

    True that 🙂 Sony will definitely be ‘crush’-ed if the whole thing falls through!

  5. Jeeezzzzz, this is like watching a dinosaur egg hatch.

    Sony Malaysia, if you are lurking, please, please, please give the “hardcore” fans some awesome treats – for example, the VIP ticket package like how they did in one of his USA tour.

  6. Kylie: Don’t Let Go of your hope. I believe there are no more Barriers keeping David from a concert in Malaysia. You Can keep on feeling Desperate if you want (I know you are ’cause Your Eyes Don’t Lie), but you shouldn’t Complain because Things Are Gonna Get Better real soon. If you Look Around while you are Running, you’ll soon find yourself in a Good Place. Heck, it always Works For Me!

  7. Woohoooooo!!
    Loving all the comments! Sooooo excitiiiiiiiing!!!
    Sony…….hurryhurryhurryhurry make it official!!!!selltickets sendtheplanetohimsetupthestagejusthurryhurryhurrywecannotwaaaaiiiittttt!!!!!!!!

  8. Trace – you have to get on Facebook and Twitter haha! The power of your persuation will be noticed by Sony Msia for sure:-D

  9. I wonder if they’ll be selling tickets in Penang… please, please, pleaaaase be selling tickets in Penang… ………….. and I wonder if they’ll be having an ‘entourage contest’ again… at least a meet and greet session…

  10. It’s weird, I feel so unnaturally calm about this… like, the minute I see David, I’ll be *all calm* “Hey”, and David will be “Oh, hey, nice to see you again,”, as if we’re on friendly terms or something… ugh, is this the effect of spending too much time with him? …. I need to be humbled, seriously… someone slap me…!

  11. HOMAIGAWDDD. can’t waaaaaaait! yeah, hope they will sell VIP TICKETS. that would be awesome possum, man! this is like the best way to turn 18 on that day(yes, the concert is going to be on my birthdayyy 😀 ) CANT WAIT!!

  12. I want to be really excited about the concert but every time I think about the fact that I can’t go, I die a little haha. Very dramatic-sounding but you guys would understand how it feels, right? haha. Excited for you guys though :DDD imagine David doing all his new songs and old songs and possibly new covers with his new jazz band. So lucky!

    Eve- HI FELLOW PENANGITE! haha David would probably like your calmness opposed to people like me who would act really weird haha.

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