13 comments on “Here we go again – petition

  1. Yay John! Thanks so much for posting this. David in Malaysia for a full concert FTW!!!

  2. David was not connected anymore with Sony, he doesn’t renew his contract with them remember on 1st quarter of 2011 , so petition with Sony is no longer effective.

  3. The petition is not meant for Sony or his management – neither of which David has at the moment. It’s meant for any local concert promoter / musical sponsors / radio stations that we can highlight to in the hope that they will find it economically viable to bring David to Malaysia for a concert – if he hasn’t planned to already ( which we all truly, madly, deeply hope he has ) 🙂

  4. We can send the petition to as many potential sponsors as possible. Let’s send it out……. Cast the net into the ………will see what happens…….

    Way to go AAMers!!!!!

    Thank you John!!!

  5. There is a news, Malaysian fans, David will have a show in Malaysia on July 24 MTV world stage live in Malaysia, I don’t know if it is confirmed or not, or they just requesting petition for David to come on MTV world stage Malaysia. You can inquire it to know if it is true.

  6. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the info. I wish it is true! Can someone please find out?

    Please! please! Thank you!

  7. try tweet David drummer @stevenJRob if David coming to Malaysia, he might tweet back

  8. Sony Music Malaysia:

    “Elevator is going up, please keep Tuesday 26 July
    night free as we will have something special for
    everyone, please stayed tuned!”

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