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  1. Thank you for sharing this blog. So glad he took the time to explain his side of the “story”. Will wait for him to reveal his decision/plan. Lovely background, with the banana tree! Looks like it’s taken from our backyard! πŸ™‚

    Please keep this site on! This is where we get together and share news/stories about David.

  2. John: I’m glad you’re feeling better about the situation now too!

    I echo what Eunice says about keeping this site going. David needs you. Heck, we all need you. I love this place!

    Off to do a happy dance!!!

    Let’s do the Banana Boat Dance………or go plant some banana trees……..or just eat some bananas!!!!

    Yes! He definitely sounded more assertive and savvy……he hardly stuttered! :O
    I think he feels the happiness and relief of new-found freedom!

    Let’s do the happy dance together!

    You are so right! We Must keep this site alive. It’s such an endearing place!
    There was a time when I really thought of coming in to sing Silent Night all by myself. πŸ˜€

    I had never believed that David would go and do a mission or go to school and leave his beloved music. Singing and now, writing, is like breathing to him. But all the rumours flying around didn’t help to consolidate my thinking and to alleviate my fear. Listening to MKOP and the rest of TOSOD all afternoon today after watching his vlog, has drawn different dimensions to my love for him………I don’t think I can take much more of this happiness. πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  4. Yes John, to echo Katheryn, we NEED you!!
    Don’t EVER forget that! πŸ™‚

    And that goes to all the admins as well – active or inactive – past, present and future. πŸ™‚

    And all the lurkers and posters – we need to give John a helping hand too!
    Post post post! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh my, that was an epic vblog! So relieved to see his smiling face πŸ™‚

    Amber’s birthday, monster trucks, garbage bags, rode on the rollercoasters & other things like that, phew! its all good in the Archuworld.

    Loved his explanations on Jive and WEG. He’s one classy guy. Particularly loved that he knows we are worried and scared for him…he knows us so well haha.

    Am excited for the future – new songs and perhaps a tour soon to this part of the world…yay!

    I’ll go eat a banana now…goodnight everyone πŸ™‚

  6. Shirley
    I totally agree with you – David is classy – and he is a gentleman. Despite the nasty insinuations of that ex-manager, The Witch at WEG, as she is now referred to, which started all these awful rumours about him being “dropped”, David, in his vlog, never pointed an accusatory finger at her. He even thanked Jive for having “helped him to get to where he is”. We have much to learn in “character-building” from this young man who has just turned 20.

    If only David can go on tour now! As they say: there is no such thing as “bad publicity” – his shows will burst at the seams of the place.

    Hey I think we should have a banana party!

  7. Katheryn

    I am glad that David took the bull by the horns and quickly doused the flames of speculation and negative media coverage of his departure from Jive. It was good to hear his side of the story and it was a very savvy piece of public relations our boy delivered. It helped to calm the frayed nerves of his fanbase.

    On the other hand I’m not sure if leaving Jive at this moment is necessarily a wise decision. If it’s true that Jive had offered David an extension of his contract then if I were David, I would have negotiated a 1 album extension deal with the option for more albums after that. After all if Jive – even with all the personnel changes – was willing to continue working with David then I see no harm in contracting for another album with the caveat that he retains full artistic control over the end product. David says he’s writing a lot lately so he should have ample material for the next album. In the meantime he should embark on an extensive tour to promote TOSOD. Go out there to be seen and heard – touch base with his fans, keep himself in their consciousness.

    Then in a year or two he should have a truckload of music and loads more life experiences under his belt for his next album. This way he has a recording contract to look forward to, keeps his reputation intact and still have an avenue to express himself through his music. I don’t think the situation at Jive would have changed so drastically as to be untenable for David to remain on their roster.

    Judging from the interview that WEG’s big boss had given lately, they were all ready to do exactly just that until David decided to pull the plug on both his label and management at the same time! I honestly don’t think that this was the wisest course of action to take. Like I said it’s all about accommodation, adjustment and compromise. I’m sure Jive, WEG and David could have worked something out to the satisfaction of all.

    As it is he’s without label and management and we can only guess for how long. He needs to tour to support his album and with all the negative publicity lately ( notwithstanding his explanation in his vlog ) I fear he’s potentially losing more fans and interests of music consumers.

  8. Wow… a very good news, indeed!! Now we shall wait for his next announcement. Wonder would his new music label re-promote his TOSOD album. It would be a waste not to, right??

    hey John,

    Glad that you feel positive again!! Are you going to take up Trace’s offer in having a banana party?!! She is a good banana party planner. hahaha… You and the rest of admin have our backing in keeping this site alive.

    hello eunice,

    how are you?? I guess you need to put your balik kampung plan on hold till David comes to our shore. If you’re still coming back, please remember to let me know as I would like to meet you.

    hey trace,

    You better get ready with your Banana Boat Dance..haha!! I laughed my head off when you called the Witch at WEG…hahaa… very cheeky!!

    hello Shirley,

    You are right. We did sit tight to wait for his awesome news. Eat a banana…hahaa.. right.

    hey James Padfoot,

    I went into your blog – wow…you are now in Poland. How do you like the current weather?? You sound like David – a food critic. LOL… DziΔ™kujΔ™ for your interesting observations. Enjoy yourself!!

  9. John: You bring up some good points; however, Jive may have been unwilling to negotiate a 1 album deal together the type of artistic freedom you refer to. I honestly think they wanted to turn David into a Bieber-lite singer. Remember that article in which some guy from Jive said last fall/early winter that their marketing strategy was to go after the Bieber-type demographic? Remember that ad for TOSOD they placed in a clothing catalog aimed at tween girls? I think David understood the direction they wanted to go in, and it was opposite from where he wanted to be. He does a gesture in his vlog (moving his hands apart) where he talks about himself and Jive going in different directions. David also has information about the folks taking the helm at the label that we don’t have. I’m certain new management played a big role in his decision not to stay.

    This situation reminds me of a time when I was younger and first living on my own. I needed a sofa and was offered a hand-me-down from a relative but politely said no thank you. Why? Because I knew this “temporary” solution was likely to last for a much longer time than I would want it to. I was already dealing with a very ugly and cumbersome hand-me-down dining room set that was proving difficult to get rid of. Heck, even The Salvation Army (a major charity in the U.S.) didn’t want it! I knew that if I was forced to work and save up for new furniture I was much more likely to reach my goal of getting the furniture I actually wanted sooner. I’m wondering if David may have thought a stop-gap solution could be detrimental to his career in the long run, that it might slow down or stifle his progression. Just a thought.

    Announcements coming from David in the near future will hopefully ease all our minds. Did you read the transcript of the telephone interview Johnny Wright gave earlier this month? He stated that David was headed back into the studio. It sent the fan base into wild bouts of speculation. Now, that opportunity may have died when David left WEG, but then again perhaps not. If David had already signed or was in the process of signing with a new label, such a relationship is not dependent upon management, unless of course management owns the label. I believe David’s contract with Jive expired in late December, so he’s had plenty of time to be meeting with other labels.

    Did David make the right choices? Commercially speaking, it’s still up for argument. From David’s personal standpoint as a human being and artist, I’d say a definite “yes.”

  10. John

    Good points but I don’t agree with you. Let me give you my dua-sen worth. πŸ™‚

    Jive did not give TOSOD its rightful promotion for months. I remember how unhappy you were. Do you really think they will promote his next album after he signs a 1-album contract with them? I would hate to think that history will be repeating itself.

    David mentioned in his vlog that Jive and he are moving in different directions. He must have an idea as to what direction Jive is going, and he is not willing to do that route, whatever that is. Staying with them, I believe, will just stifle David’s growth and choice of music, not to mention the effect it will have on David emotionally. I know you mentioned that David should make adjustments etc. but as I said in an earlier comment, he, being the artist and human being that he is, is not prepared to make compromises with his creativity. It would probably make him extremely unhappy to have to “under-sell” himself.

    Major decisions are always difficult to make – both sides have their pros and cons. It is only later that you know whether you have chosen the right path. As David said, you can only use “your gut feeling” on which to base your decision.
    The situation now may seem to be a little precarious if there is no label or management. BUT we don’t know that. My own gut feeling is some company/companies are already talking to him. That remark he made at the end of the vid about “a couple of things coming up” seem to indicate that he is not being left out in the cold, and I hope it is about negotiations brewing for his next label and management.

    I trust David’s song-writing skills. He has co-written some really beautiful songs. But, to diversify, I also hope that he will let other good song-writers write for him. He really needs a mega hit now.

    I like your sofa story. πŸ™‚

  11. Akang
    Ok I’ll organise the banana party. You’d better go plant the trees now. Organic ones, mind. πŸ˜€

    Did not know you are in far-away Poland. Keep warm! πŸ™‚

  12. hey John,

    Your suggestion seems ideal but I don’t think Jive would agree signing up just 1 album. If they have a plan to extend David’s contract, they should have promoted TOSOD to a great height to prove their sincerity. Whatever it is on the negotiation table, David did not like their offers. Like you said before, JIVE is a FRUGAL company and it will always be – no big promotions for their artists!!. So, the bright side is that he got out real fast with a change of top managements. Yeah! Now he is able to go shopping for a much better music labels who allows him to have his artistic freedom in music. His comeback would be stronger than ever, believe in David! Cheer-up!! πŸ™‚

    hey Trace,

    Your analysis worth dua puluh sen-lah! Cheers!! πŸ™‚

    hey Katheryn,

    I like your sofa story, too. πŸ™‚

  13. In light of the fact that Jive was going thru a transition of its own, maybe it can be argued that that’s why TOSOD was given so little attention. Since Jive was still willing to work with David things may then be handled differently as far as promotions were concerned. The label’s new President and A&R guy could have new and fresher ideas for David to consider. I feel it was premature to end the relationship.

    A 1 album extension is most ideal because this way David can then test the waters to see if he and Jive can be on the same page. If things don’t work out then both parties can walk away clean. With a label and management in hand he can go on tour and promote his current album which is desperately needed right now. Career wise he is in limbo with nothing happening and that’s not good.

    David, we must accept, is not a superstar and he can’t walk away for any length of time and hope to pick up where he left off. This happy state of affairs only applies to the Streisands of the world. With no radio play, no tour, no video, no public appearances he is in danger of being forgotten even faster than you can say Fantasia Barrino. His fan base, though dedicated, is simply not large enough to generate the kind of momentum he needs. It would have been a better move to sign up with a new label and management before announcing his departure from Jive.

  14. John:

    I have to take David at his word when he says the label was moving in the opposite direction. I think it’s being overly optimistic to think they would suddenly be ready to lavish promotion on him, and even if they were it would probably be contingent on reigning in his artistic freedom. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one!

    David talks about announcements coming in “due time.” Perhaps he is not at liberty to make them just yet. It could be a new label and/or new management has asked him to wait. Also, it was Melinda Bell who caused David’s split with Jive to go public. That woman (she’s been dubbed the “Witch of WEG”) acted out of spite if you ask me. She was feeling the sting of David leaving and let her emotions get the best of her. If I were her boss, I’d fire her. She is a liability for WEG because potential new clients might feel uneasy working with someone with such loose lips. She and Johnny Wright are good friends and go way back, so I doubt she’ll suffer any direct repercussions. Too bad.

    I’m happy to report that some of the more reputable media outlets have been updating their reports on David/Jive. The “David was dumped” version is being replaced by the “David was not exactly dumped” version.

    It looks as though David has at least one big concert coming up: He will be paired with country singer Brad Paisley for the Stadium of Fire concert in July. This is good for David because it will expose him to a larger audience. My nephew, who lives in Utah, says there are a lot of county music fans who attend this festival.

  15. Thank you, John, for explaining yourself further. πŸ™‚

    But I still have my doubts as to what Jive would do for him.
    Jive’s new people are pursuing a different direction, as David says, and the offers they made to David must most probably be within the perimeters of that direction, that which is not acceptable to David.

    I am willing to to place my trust in David who has placed his, on his true gut feeling.

    Many thanks, Katheryn, for the video. It is truly comforting what he said.
    He looks like a really nice guy too. πŸ™‚

  16. Robert Anton (the guy in the video posted above) is a friend of Jerry, a.k.a “jwipe,” who happens to be a huge David Archuleta fan! (As you may recall, a recap of Jerry’s experience attending the MoTab Christmas concert was posted here.) That makes me feel even better about Robert’s perspective because it’s coming from someone who’s at least indirectly sympathetic to David’s situation.

  17. Hi Katheryn,

    Thanks very much for posting the video by Robert Anton.

    It sure was reassuring to hear what he has to say especially the part where he mentioned that there’s a plethora of things that David can do in his present situation. I believe he will be fine with the various contacts he had made in the
    past 3 years, the wealth of information on the music business that he has gained
    and most of all the respect of the people he has worked with.

    Cant wait to hear more from David soon πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  18. hooo so sad….. i want david archuleta to be normal again… i mean like an angel that give life to me… but all this stuff so hard…. hoping i can meet david and hug him soon… that’s my biggest dream….. huh… i’m so sad, scary and urhhhhhhhh… hate jive! hahaha

  19. Hi Shuk!
    David is alright – he is working very hard behind the scenes. We just don’t know the details yet. When the time is ripe, he will let us know. And one day you will get the opportunity to give him a big hug. Meanwhile, keep smiling and keep listening to his songs. πŸ™‚

  20. Yes, Shuk, David will be just fine. In fact, I have a feeling he will be more than fine when all is said and done.

    I checked in to make sure everything is okay there in Malaysia after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. I live on the West Coast of the U.S., but the tsunami has had little affect on my state (Washington). Stay safe!

  21. Katheryn
    As Malaysia is just outside the danger sphere, we are all ok here. Thank you so much for your concern. You are a true friend.

    I believe the West Coast of the US will be ok since many hours have passed. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that other countries around the Pacific Basin will be spared. The latest I heard this morning, the aftershock in Japan is 6.8. It is all heartbreakingly scary.

  22. Trace, I’m so happy to hear all is well in Malaysia! California and Hawaii were the hardest hit here in the U.S. but, of course, nothing compares to the devastation in Japan. Here’s the best video I could find summarizing what happened on the West Coast of the U.S.

  23. Looks like you’ll need to go to YouTube to see the video. Try double clicking on the video to get there. (It works for me!) Otherwise, type in the following words at YouTube:

    ABC News: Tsunami Slams West Coast 4500 Miles Away, Powerful Images 3/11/2011

  24. Thanks Katheryn for the vid. I had to see it on Youtube.
    It’s frightening how ferocious the force is, to have come all the way to your west coast 4,500 miles away. Let us be thankful for whatever we have everyday of our lives.

  25. Hi guys!So sorry i’ve been silent for sooo long. Sigh. At times like these i wish i was a student again..although without the exams.

    How have all of you been doing? I hope “more than fine” (: Regarding David’s news,i trust that he is in good hands and one day,although not now nor soon, he will receive the acknowledgement and respect he deserves. After all, he’s the one who taught (and showed) us that life’s trials can make us better and stronger if we chose to let it.and he is sure the type who will choose to let hardships make him,not break him πŸ˜‰

  26. Hi Anne!
    It’s nice to hear from you again after “sooo long”.
    But I’m sure everyone understands πŸ™‚ as long as you still love and admire David πŸ™‚

    Yes agree with you – David is one tough and positive guy.
    I think the biggest problem here is actually us, the fans, who are being impatient to hear more about him and have more beautiful music from him. I myself am guilty of that too.
    What we need to do now is to practise a little more patience.
    I am certain it’ll be worth it.

  27. Katheryn
    Thank you for the vid. He must be the best singer of your National Anthem. David…..sigh……he feels whatever he sings! One day I hope we can get him to sing ours! LOL

    What a shame the noise emitting from those jets drowned out his voice at the end. Or maybe in real life, the spectators could still hear him. πŸ™‚

    It’s so good to see him perform again after such a long absence.
    He looks cute and more grown up with his new haircut! πŸ™‚

  28. Hello Anne!
    You have been missed here! Yes, we will support him through thick and thin. FYI, just in case you don’t know, he, too, like you are very busy with his day-job!! πŸ™‚

    hey Trace!
    You have been missed, too. Agreed that David looks cute and what a haircut!!

    hi Katheryn,
    It’s really so good to hear David sing again even though it was only <2 mins. Thanks for video.

  29. Hi, Anne, trace, aKang and the rest of the gang! I think the jet noise was probably a timing issue. They were either a bit early flying over the racetrack, or else David started singing a tad bit late. Still, there’s no doubt David is establishing himself as the standard bearer of our National Anthem.

    Please vote for “Crush” at Musiqtone’s Video of the Week poll. You can cast 50 votes every 12 hours. Voting ends on April 10, 2011.


  30. Hi Akang!
    Long time no see! πŸ˜€ Hope to see you here more often. I miss our bantering!
    David is busy building his tower (do you think he needs us to help him carry bricks? haha!)

    Hi Katheryn!
    Yes I’ve put in my 50 votes today already at Mustique just before coming in here.
    Vote guys! You’re allowed to vote 50 times per day.

    Shuyee! Where are you?! I know you used to be a huge voter. Don’t forget this one! πŸ™‚

  31. trace:

    Actually, you can get in 100 votes per day. Musiqtone lets you vote every 12 hours, 50 votes per session. Thanks for voting!

  32. Hola Trace … si, si I have been voting tooooo! I still do my archuduties even when I cannot keep my eyes open. Love the young man to pieces.

  33. Hiya Shuyee!
    So happy to see you here! Still missing you and Sheba and the others, reminiscing about our Singapore David trip. Glad we are still on the David journey! πŸ™‚

    Katheryn, thank you for the eye-opener – I have increased the no. of votes per day.

  34. Thanks for the extra votes, trace. As of the update yesterday, David was in first place by about 2,300 votes. Let’s hope we can keep him there!

  35. Katheryn, Yes! We must keep on voting just to let everyone (especially the people in the music industry) know that David is still very much around and that the fans are standing behind him all the way. πŸ™‚

  36. trace: I’m glad you feel that way, because it looks like Musiqtone has extended voting through April 15th on the Video of the Week poll. (Why is it that we’re voting for 3 weeks on a “Video of the Week” poll?!)


  37. You got me there Katheryn! haha!
    My wishful thinking is, there are sooo many votes for Crush that they can’t handle the onslaught and need 3 weeks to sort things out! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  38. New poll:

    Q102 Ultimate Idol Bracket. Right now it’s David vs. Kris Allen.


    You can vote on this poll multiple times, and we’ll all need to do so in order to keep pace with the Kris Allen fans. Vote, close out the web page, clear cookies, open the poll up again, vote, and so on.

  39. Zap2it American Idol Top 7 rewind — Vote for David’s “When You Believe.”

    Voting tip:

    Open up the poll on all the web browsers you have installed on your computer before voting (I have Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). After you have done so, then vote on each one, closing the poll out behind you. I found that all three of my votes were accepted!


  40. David’s latest rendition of the National Anthem. This time at a hockey game in L.A. at the Honda Center. Playoff game between Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators.

  41. Thanks Katheryn! for the vid.
    Wow David’s rendition of your national anthem has become better and better – strong, patriotic and so heartfelt.
    And I loove the cheering and appreciation of the spectators!

  42. Katheryn
    Yes, I realise what you mean by David being voted against at Q102. The competition is getting too close for comfort! Go vote guys!!

  43. It’s so exciting what’s happening in Archuworld right now! David in concert in Indonesia in July. David trending worldwide on Twitter. I feel quite certain he will be announcing a concert date for Malaysia very soon!

    Love this tweet FOD posted from Fizzzigg. I think it sums things up perfectly:

    “David Archuleta – is not dead, arrested, drunk, high, pregnant, or on drugs – he’s trending because he’s loved”

    Whew! I’m so relieved to know he’s not pregnant! LOL!

  44. LOL Katheryn!! His news are never about getting drunk, arrested or on drugs etc.
    Getting pregnant is slightly more probable…….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    So excited he is going to Indonesia!
    And I read that he is going to the Philippines too!

    like a real show
    I think
    oh and he said there is more news for other asian fans… which is us. !
    okay I was so excited about this that I didn’t even realise it’s already been posted about. you guys are so up to date! hahah
    I’m probably not even going to see him but ahh. a real show in malaysia. you guys!

  46. Woohoo… David is soon in Asia. Waiting for his news coming to Malaysia. Anyone going to his Jakarta’s concert? Trace? Shu Yee? John? Anne?

  47. Hi all,

    Heard that David is planning to tour in our part of the world. Great news!

    Hey AAM MODS! where are you folks?
    David is coming!!!!Hope the site will be buzzzzzzzzzzzing again with David’s news!!!

  48. Hey, Malaysia! Please help out when you can on the Q102 Ultimate Idol poll. This is the final week, and David needs your votes! Here’s a tip if you are using Mozilla Firefox. By doing the following, most of the images on the page will be blocked, so the page loads faster.

    Click on tools, then options, then content, then exceptions (to the right of β€œload images automatically.”) Paste the Q102 web address and click on β€œBlock.”


    Next click on the β€œClose” button and then the β€œOk” button. Voila! Now the poll will load faster, so you can vote faster!

  49. Katheryn!!
    David has at last overtaken AL and taking the lead. This is so exhilarating! πŸ™‚

  50. hey guys , so excited to see stacks of David’s paperback COS @ kinokuniya πŸ™‚ , it retails at RM 49.50

  51. Well done Farida! So glad that COS has finally come to our bookstores!
    Are you going to Jakarta?

  52. If David can’t come to Malaysia this July. Malaysian fans if you have time and able to go to Manila, just visit Manila so you can see him again performing or maybe meet him too – Philippines fan

  53. hey Jo,
    Are you from the Philippines? If yes, have the excitement started yet? Tell us more to pump up our excitement here. haha…

  54. AKang- Yes, I’m from Manila, yes the excitement already started, several popular local newspapers already have news that David is coming to Manila again for a concert on July 18 and everyone is waiting for the price and the date of the sell of the tickets. Archie Philippines are already preparing for the team airport and team hotel, eventhough we still didn’t know which hotel he be staying haha! but we are ninja so soon we will know and are planning for the lightstick for the concert. We still expecting for meet and greet if possible not only the full concert. Are many malaysian fans coming to Manila to watch David concert?

  55. hi Jo,
    wow! love to hear the excitement over there. I know some of AAMers are going to the manila in fact have bought air tickets. unfortunately, i couldnt go due to work commitment. Manila is an interesting city

  56. hi Jo,
    wow! love to hear the excitement over there. I know some of AAMers are going to the manila in fact have bought air tickets. unfortunately, i couldnt go due to work commitment. Manila is an interesting city

  57. hi Jo,
    wow! love to hear the excitement over there. I know some of AAMers are going to the manila in fact have bought air tickets. unfortunately, i couldnt go due to work commitment. Manila is an interesting city

  58. Hi Akang- glad some of Malaysian fans bought air tickets, the seating capacities of Manila concert is big, 25,000 seating capacities, there so much room for Malaysian fans and other asian fans to watch the show. Maybe Malaysian fans can also book in the hotel where David will stay ha ha! so they can often see David ha ha!

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