17 comments on “A very happy bunny new year

  1. I’m so glad we’re back in business. 😀
    Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

    Over the busy period of celebrating the Lunar New Year, I’ve had several quiet moments to catch up with David’s news in India. Those touching pictures of him washing the wounds and feet of the patients in the lepers colony literally drove me to tears:

    There is nothing like the beauty of seeing a human being, devoid of any sense of self-importance, giving support, love and comfort to another human being in pain and sickness. Those pics have alerted me to higher levels of self-examination and consciousness. Yes, it has been a good New Year.

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!

    Hi John, love your thought of an AAM’s own reunion dinner someday. If that happens, hope I’ll be able to make it 🙂

    Hey Trace, am with you on those David pics from India. What a wonderful young man…sigh

    Again, wishing everyone a great bunny year!

  3. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Ahh if only we could have had our own AAM reunion dinner this year!

  4. happy CNY, friends! and guess what I found on Sony’s facebook page today?!?!?!!

    “Sony Music Malaysia: Any David Archuleta fans in the house ? We are sure there are tons out there. We have a Valentine’s Day gift for you fans out there. So stay with us on this page! Spread the news!”

    when is Valentine’s Day btw? CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEWS!!
    tell me you guys are just excited as I am about this new news of news that has yet to be revealed. bahah.

  5. valentine’s day is on 14th of feb 🙂 which is next monday i think?
    happy cny everybody! 🙂 omg, can’t wait for the news too! 😀

  6. is it true that David will have malaysian tour on Feb or March sponsor by Sony and Coca cola? any one new about this?

  7. Hey guys. I just got the news as well about Jive releasing David. And although i’ll admit i was disappointed but..im choosing to see this as David would. An opportunity. And in fact,i think that he will be much better off in the future despite how uncertain it may look now. He is such a good person. A one heck of a talented singer. If you ask me, it is Jive’s loss that they did not know how to polish the gem that they had. No matter what happens,we’ll be having his back,supporting him all the way!

  8. hey Anne,

    Happy Rabbit year!! According to the feng shui masters, Rabbit year is supposed to be a quiet year after the ferocious tiger year. So, does it mean the Archieworld would be quiet?? Like Eng Leong said, does it means David is not coming to Malaysia this year? Let’s hope David still remembers to put Malaysia on his tour list, if he has one!!

    Yes, I’ll still support him all the way!! Cheers!!

  9. I feel quite certain it was a mutual decision for David to leave Jive. He did not want to go their route of pop superficiality, and they did not want a twenty year old making decisions for himself. After Barry Weiss and Jeff Fenster left Jive, I rather doubt there was anyone left there to support David. We all know no one stepped up to the plate to market TOSOD.

    The only thing worse than David being released from Jive would be David renewing a contract with them. Now that he’s free he can pursue other opportunities. His tweets from Saturday hint he is doing just that. More importantly, he reassures us that he’s headed in the right direction. He’s been in LA for several days now (a place he doesn’t much care for), so there’s a lot of speculation he’s meeting with other labels. Who knows, there could be fantastic news on that front in the near future. I’m not letting my hopes get up too high, but I do know that unless David himself decides to take a leave of absence from music, he’ll be back on the scene sooner rather than later.

    In the meantime, like David we need to remain strong. I don’t know about you, but I’m more committed than ever to supporting him. As a fan base we need to stick to David and stick together!

  10. Boy oh boy! Am I relieved after reading David’s tweets! The sudden news a few days ago, of his being “dropped”, threw me completely out of balance.

    You are right, Anne, Jive had no idea how to polish the beautiful gem they had.
    And Katheryn, your words were truly comforting – I no longer feel as dejected and unsure about the future.

    And David’s tweets made me smile again and took a whole load off my chest:
    “Things are going where I feel they should.”
    “Excited for the opportunities ahead.”

    I had been fretting over the use of the word “dropped”.
    Not David.
    He does not “get dropped”.
    Nobody THAT good gets dropped.
    He has been “released” for various whatever reasons ….

    I would like to think of this development as “a blessing in disguise” for David – that it is the beginning of a refreshed career after having been undeservedly living in the Jive dumps.

    Me too, Katheryn, I’m more committed to him than ever in supporting him.
    And I am certain that there are many, many people out there who feel the same way.

    Akang, I believe there is little likelihood of there being a tour in Malaysia any time soon. But I am sure you will find the tenacity to wait a little longer. David’s growth is inevitable – I am certain of it.

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