12 comments on “David the Erhu instrumentalist

  1. Whoa!! John, you did all the research on the Erhu? And you managed to add the Chinese words. Hahaha! You are something else.

    David looks natural with that erhu, he would have master this instrument if he stayed on it longer. Its not an easy instrument after all. It sounds like a young rooster crowing initially. 🙂

  2. John
    Thank you for doing all that research on the erhu.

    One is immediately drawn to its tone of melancholy and soulfulness which seems to haunt like no other musical instrument. Hmmm.. I wonder what SBL would sound like played on it?

  3. My dearest archufriends … miss you guys and trying to catch up on all the comments. hmmmm very interesting read:-)

    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas everyone .. with the sound of melodies of christmas ringing in our hearts:-)

  4. Another name for the instrument is “Jinghu,” and I think that is what the gentlemen calls it. This video is a little treasure, don’t you think? I love the sound of David’s laugh in it! This was filmed in New York’s Central Park on the same day as the cute Almond the Squirrel video. David makes friends with everyone!

  5. One of my favourite popular chinese artistes, Leehom Wang, an American who makes his career in Taiwan, had incorporated “erhu” and chinese opera music into his modern music in year 2004. One of my favourite songs. Just enjoy the music if you don’t understand the lyrics because I don’t, too. haha….

  6. I hope David will one day sing an acoustic song with the cello – my favourite musical instrument.
    Do you think he visits AAM? 🙂

  7. hey Trace,

    Haha…maybe Melinda does visit AAM after you girls had given David such a lovely card. David – eh, NO. 🙂

    This girl band from China uses traditional chinese instruments (7 types) to play the traditional chinese and western music. Enjoy the magnificent sound of these musical instruments.

  8. Oh my goodness the Er Hu video is so cute hahaa David!

    When he comes here in March we should have one prepared for him. =p

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