4 comments on “Jerry’s story – update

  1. To have to contain a whole-heartful of wondrous joy, and to have to hold back the need for the spontaneous expression of it, by not being permitted to instantly applaud David’s performance, so spiritually driven and received, would probably have me scratching my eyeballs out!

    What an endearing recap by Jerry! I have now lived to realise what it feels like to live vicariously.

    David’s singing Angels and MKOP in the Cambio vids, which Shirley mentioned in the previous thread, was nothing short of superb. This is what I meant about David’s need to do more of music like these – acoustic and soulful (pop or classical, I ‘m not fussy) – songs that will show the sensitive immensity of his voice. Hopefully he will move towards that direction. (And hopefully, there will be no protestation from Akang! 😀 )

  2. hey peeps!!!

    in case u guys haven’t know, David was on E! News Asia for a quick interview…

    if u guys ady know abt it, then nvm…


    Merry Christmas n have a blessed New Year 2011 y’all!!!

    and also, David’s birthday is coming!!!


  3. What a beautiful vid of the xmas lights at the Tabernacle with David’s voice soaring in the midst of it!! It has touched the core of my soul. Thanks to John and snowngelz!

  4. Did you guys see David playing the erhu? (an ancient chinese musical instrument)
    It was hilarious!

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