13 comments on “MoTab videos

  1. Yes – rules and regulations go take a nap or something – we need to watch and listen NOW to David at MOTAB! Can’t possibly wait till Sept 2011 for the dvd.

    David was magnificent!
    And someone at The Voice commented that David “painted God” with his singing!
    Phew! Dying of pride of him!

  2. The internet is abuzz with David doing such an amazing job at MOTAB, and rightly so.
    A recent post at one of the well known sites has come up with a comment that perhaps David’s voice is wasted on pop and that perhaps he should do more classical soulful music. I find this observation very interesting.

    I personally would welcome this move with open arms. But I think people like Akang, who swears by pop, even JB pop (hee hee)! would strongly protest! 😀

    What do you guys think? John would surely like the idea 🙂

  3. Haha Trace!! Yes, I still want David to continue exploring pop/pop rock/pop country as he is about to turn 20 yrs old. I still want to hear youthful, playful songs from him which I think he truly enjoys singing it. He shouldn’t be “boxed” into this kind of music, classical as yet until his voice peak at 35. 🙂 Not now, too soon. Wow…his hard work of vocal training has really paid off.

  4. The lady who went to MOTAB and got suitably impressed by David and who is now a convert – I am glad. But there is one point I do not agree with her. David’s voice is MUCH better than Josh Groban’s. If he had been properly promoted and had he gone down the right path – in my opinion, more acoustic and soulful – he would have reached much greater heights by now. But I can wait – one day he will shine brighter than that star at the top of the xmas tree at MOTAB. 🙂

  5. Hi Trace,

    We know that David is amazingly talented and he can sing any genre (except he should not rap haha).

    It just wonderful to be on this journey with him and be pleasantly surprised all the time. His recent performance with the Mo Tab was such a pure joy to watch, cant wait for the cd/dvd. Then I get to watch the new Cambio videos where its just him and the piano and it reminded me of why I had became a fan 3 years back. Heck, even if its just him humming on the whole CD, I’ll still buy it 🙂 In a nutshell, I’ll take anything that David is willing to share with us musically.

    We know that he is the brightest star up there and I suppose after the last weekend, many thousands would have agreed too 🙂


  6. Hey Trace,

    I don’t think we have to wait too long for David to shine brighter than that star you mentioned. He has captured the hearts and minds of his skeptics over the weekend.

  7. Here’s one of my favorite reviews of the MoTab concerts. It’s written by someone predisposed in general to not to like them, but David makes a convert out of him, at least for 2010. His description of the choir members is funny but harsh. It reminds me of some of the unfortunate comments about David during his A.I. days. Just another reminder that there are many cynical individuals in the world who remain suspicious of the upbeat, happy people amongst us.


  8. Katheryn

    Thanks for bringing this review over. It’s a pity that not more people feel the same about David as an artist. He’s almost invisible in the eyes of the general public and even though we fans and this blogger praise his singing prowess to the high heavens, it doesn’t look like the music industry has him on the radar screen.

    I know that many of us feel that maybe this is what David is happy with at the moment – relative obscurity but I can’t help but feel that he deserves far more recognition than what he’s getting and that the music industry is letting a real gem slip by from under their very noses. This reminds me of what happened with Selena the Tejano singer who nobody in the mainstream knew about or appreciated until it was too late. Of course I don’t for one second wish the same tragic ending to feature in David’s future but it’s such a shame that talents like his and countless others go unnoticed and regrettably languish until they disappear altogether.

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