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  1. Eunice,will put up the picture later when im home..sorry for the delay!

    Jeen yi,Merry Christmas to you too! and dont thank me, thank the wonderful,generous donors hehe 😀

  2. Thank you very much to Trace and our regular but unnamed donor for your generosity in this holiday season 🙂 There’s gonna be many a happy Archie this Christmas.

    On another and totally off topic note. What on earth is the appeal of Taylor Swift? She has sold over a million copies of her latest cd in just 1 week! AND she’s selling out her upcoming tour like there’s no tomorrow. She can’t sing, her songs are bleh. What’s the story here…..can someone please explain to me? I just don’t get it.

    Whereas David’s cd is doing nothing. It’s almost non-existent and yet he can sing circles around TS. His songs are far more entertaining with interesting story lines than any of the bland girl-meets-boy stuff that TS dishes out.

    What’s going on?!!

  3. Hi John, long time no see.

    What wouldn’t we, as ardent and devoted fans, do for this precious young man, to spread his music, love and name?
    Some religiously make vids for everyone to share………some constantly vote for him in all the polls to keep his name out there………..some tirelessly request his songs on various radio channels……….and some gift his music to keep the ball rolling………..

    Despite his winning practically all the polls out there, his sales figures, as you said, are much to be desired compared to those of TS and that…that baby baby guy. I am just as mystified as you, John, and actually rather angry. Where are all those dang (sorry) so-called Archies? There is a joke now that “perhaps Archies should vote with their wallets”!

  4. You’re right Trace. There aint no point in winning all the polls out there but not making any impression with sales and chart positions. It makes the whole exercise meaningless and superfluous.

    I think David, WEG Music and/or Jive NEEDS to find one super duper chart bustin song to get David’s name into the buying public’s consciousness. He’s nowhere to be seen or heard on American radio and so he’s mired in obscurity while the likes of far lesser lights ( talent wise ) like TS and “that baby baby guy” are baskin in the sun.

    I’m rather upset too but what else can we do? If David’s music doesn’t get heard on the airwaves he’s goin nowhere fast!

  5. I just want to say thank you to the generous donors! I know the joy of being gifted with a CD because I got CFTH from here last year. Christmas joy is starting early here! 🙂

  6. I’ve been watching David sing the songs on TOSOD in concert and it’s pretty obvious he’s so emotionally involved in them. His body language and voice just wraps around the songs’ feelings so poignantly.

    It’s a privilege to watch and listen to a real singer emote like that.

    It also makes me sad that not more people get to experience the same.

  7. No John, people don’t seem to want to listen to real singers anymore. They would rather join the crowd and listen to cacophony and senseless noises that hurt their eardrums and destroy their heartbeat and lead them to an early death!! 🙂 Ggrrr………..!

    And the precious few who do want to listen to good singers think he is just a kid and therefore feel it would be a condescention if they buy his music.

    Since he went back to the States after Asia, his voice at all those recent Live shows has been really amazing (except for the one he did with Charice, when his voice cracked a little 🙂 )And his emotions during the songs, as you said, were poignant. And, may I add, stingingly moving……….
    TS and that baby baby, even though if they climb to the top of their mountain, can do no more than a nice croak………just my humble opinion.

    Well, judging by their sales figures, not many people agree with us, John.
    All we can do, I suppose, is to wait and see………

  8. I have strong faith with David’s new management, WEG. They are getting David out to so many events these past 3 months which means they are doing it right. Hope they will promote him to the college-age demographic. Unfortunately, his music is not in the airwaves which I think is controlled by his label. According to one of the fan sites, there was a change of management in Jive during the release of his SBL and TOSOD album. Nevertheless, thank goodness, in Malaysia, David’s songs are constantly on rotation at a few top radio stations.

    John, you were asking what’s going on with Taylor Swift – my answer is “her lucky star is on the right path” so is Justine Biebier. With due respect, these young stars need to work doubly hard because they don’t have a good voice. I read an article where the President of Nike said “Going to the top is easy but maintaining at number one spot is the toughest” hence these two young stars will face lots lots of pressure in the future.

    It’s not that David did not work hard but his lucky star is still on the sideline. Moreover, he has built a good reputation/rapport in the music industry. Just one good hit song and off he goes, depending what kind of music he wants to pursue. Lucky him – he is just 20 years old and we all are still young to see him grow. 🙂

    We, fans, needs to keep voting voting for all the polls so that his name is put out there in the music industry, otherwise, he is nobody. His name is creating quite a stir with the recent invitation by the Governor of California to perform.

    hey Trace – we just have to wait for his “lucky star to be on the right track” which could be very soon!!! Confession: Every time when David needs to hit any high notes, I’m always nervous – so scared his voice will crack. 🙂

  9. Oh John, it’s the season to be merry. =) Do not fret, his sales is comparatively smaller (and guys, try being a DCook fan, haha, it’s like double pain, okay) than all these other people on the Top 40, but David’s music has never really struck me as Top 40, vapid material.

    David’s music gets people to think and reflect, and a lot of people are simply looking for escape from realities, or vapid catchy beats that do not require more than two braincells. JBieber (not a fan of the music, but not going to deny the kid credit where it’s due) and TSwift fall neatly into that.

    I don’t know if David’s going to ever catapult to that level, and honestly? I hope he doesn’t. Grass isn’t always greener, and he does well enough to have his label’s loyalty, and most importantly, his fans.

    Also, this give post is awesome.

  10. hey JPadfoot, Good point. Honestly, if David is to reach the number one spot tomorrow, I don’t think he is ready for it neither are the current 2 young stars. The plus point is that David is still on the music radar unlike some of the past years AI contestants. I can feel your double pain of DCook. Wish his 2nd album will do well when it releases.

    I was giggling hard as I must admit that I’m one of those people who looks for catchy beats that do not require more than two braincells!! haha.. I like two songs from TSwift and one from JBieber.

    John & Trace – curious, at what level do you want to see David at the moment?? scale 1 to 10.

  11. Akang
    Huh? What level do I want to see David at the moment?
    Sorry, I’m not very realistic when it comes to a person I absolutely, unconditionally adore!
    I’m driven only by an unparalled passion and fan desire when it comes to David.
    I want David to be No. 1 !! Numero Uno!
    Call it bias if you like…..but don’t you think he deserves it? Compare him with other current pop singers – there is no one else up to his mark.

    Well, that’s the fangirl part of me talking. But, very seriously, I think David himself would like to make a gradual progression because I believe he is still looking for a more definitive style. And I’m prepared to go along this journey with him how ever much my patience is being tested.
    The only thing that has frustrated me and angered me is, what is happening to TOSOD should not have happened………..TOSOD should have done, at the very least, as well as his 1st album, or, preferably, better.
    The less-than-desirable popularity of TOSOD, I hope, is just a big hiccup or a bump on the road.
    I don’t believe that a singer with such talent and potential, will be overlooked by Providence.

  12. hello Trace,

    I think the low sale of TOSOD was because his AI S7 “momentary fans” of his first album had moved on to another reality stars. The initial 39K sales was from his loyal fans and subsequent 10K was from his new fans that he acquired recently. Once he start to headline with a popular artist who has the right demographic fan base for him to tap into, his TOSOD will pick up. What a waste, if his TOSOD album did not make it to the desirable mark since it has received positive reviews from critics and I truly enjoy this album. We shall wait and see what WEG’s plans for him next year. Wonder is Malaysia concert still in his pipeline?? Hope so!! 🙂

  13. Akang
    Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year.
    As you said, maybe his “stars” will get into better alignment by then! 🙂

    I fervently hope he won’t come here next year during the time when I shall be replacing the holiday I cancelled last month to accommodate his Spore trip…..he is ruining my life, I tell ya! 😀

  14. Gasp Akang! You actually listen to that baby, baby guy?! I cringe whenever his songs come on the radio and I quickly switch stations lol. Guess I’m too old to appreciate artists still in diapers 🙂

    I like pensive, introspective music with a lot of soul where the main conveyor of story and emotion are the vocals. Hence my undying appreciation for vocalists like David Archuleta with minimal instrumentation and other production overlays. But I am able to get with the beat of contemporary music if it catches my fancy.

    You ask me where I think David should be at the moment. That’s a difficult question to answer as I realize that I’m totally out of touch with the realities and styles of modern music. Nowadays you get songs that are so overtly laced with sexual innuendos and agression that I am frankly worried for the younger generation. I am no prude but the lyrics of many current songs and the in-your-face demeanour of many artistes just boggles the mind.

    Where is the artistry and creativity? It’s so easy to come up with lyrics like : “All the boys think it’s cake when they taste my…./ You don’t even need a plate just ya face HA/ Licky licky yum yum what a great guy”

    What the heck??!! And the buying public nowadays seem to love these kinds of assinine and ludicrous version of ‘music’!

    Where does David feature in this mix? He’s like a square peg in a round hole. He’s not edgy enough to generate notice in any major way. I think the fault likes squarely with his label and past management. They are unable to come up with an effective marketing program for David. TS and JB on the other hand has a bunch of very savvy industry people who has done wonders for their careers.

    David’s vocal talent, charisma and innate musical abilities should put him on par with the likes of John Mayer, Josh Groban, Jason Mraz and Michael Buble – 4 very successful and relatively scandal free singers. But he needs a good publicity team and producer(s) to bring out the sparkle from under that uncut diamond.

    Let’s hope WEG Music can provide that creative spark as far as his public image is concerned. Also his A&R guy – Fenster – needs to find a huge hit song for David pronto!

  15. I wake up this morning to this wonderful wonderful write-up of John’s and I can’t stop myself keeling over laughing……..”licky licky yum yum”??? Do they really have lyrics like that? A children’s song about ice-cream? LOLL I’m still laughing and guess will continue to do so for the rest of the day 😀 😀
    I switch off the radio too (I switch it on only to await David’s songs) whenever Baby Baby and TS come on.

    I totally agree: Gasp Akang! You actually listen to that baby guy?! 😀

    An Open Note to David:
    Sweetie, you say having a hit is not important. But it is. It is.

  16. lol if there’s one ‘singer’ whom i totally cant fathom/comprehend/understand his/her success, its K**** (LoL i think you guys know) at least JB and TS songs i can still stand,in fact some are catchy and clean. But this one…just leaves me..clueless.

  17. Kesha? hmm…I kinda like her ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ lol!!

    Trace now it’s my turn to keel over lol. Those lyrics have nothing to do with kids nor ice-cream hehe. They’re far more sexually charged than mere sugar and milk! They’re actually from Christina Aguilera’s latest album ‘Bionic’. I think she was trying to pull a Lady Gaga.

  18. Hi, Malaysia!

    WEG Music has David as one of the featured artists on their homepage. As I write this, there is only 1 comment posted thus far on David’s page. That’s unacceptable! Let’s flood them with nice comments about David and The Other Side of Down. (Note: comments are moderated.) I think it’s a great opportunity for international fans to let WEG know how much they love David! Here’s a direct link to David’s page:


  19. Regarding the low U.S. sales of TOSOD, here’s my theory: Jive gave David greater leverage and freedom in the songwriters, producers, and other artists he worked with on the album, but at a great cost. In other words, I think that since David didn’t choose to go in the commercial direction they wanted him to (he’s said as much in more than one interview), they made the choice to deliberately scale back on promotion of the album. It’s as if they are tacitly telling him “you want to do it your way then fine, but don’t expect much support from us.” I know it doesn’t make sense, but I think Jive wants complete creative control over their artists and are willing to punish those who don’t toe the line. Perhaps they have sensed that David would be leaving them after he fulfilled his contractual commitment, and deliberately contrived to dampen sales so that when and if he leaves they can claim it was their choice due to low sales. If that’s the case, then I can’t but hope that forces in the Universe punish them somehow! Like trace said above, divine Providence will not be denied!

  20. Gosh Katheryn, as much as I’m not too happy with the way Jive has handled David’s record promotion thus far it’s hard to believe that Jive would shoot themselves in the foot by deliberately scaling back on promotions. Don’t they have a reputation of being skinflints when it comes to spending money on marketing? ‘Sabotaging’ their own artists doesn’t sound like smart business sense. I’m not too sure about your theory.

    I do feel though that even if David didn’t want to go down the commercial road too much, surely Jive does have enough influence to get David to accept certain songs that they felt would be a hit? After all they are footing the bill for the production costs and de facto David’s bosses. I have read that a lot of times, even though labels give artists creative control over their albums they (labels) do insist on including certain songs that they felt would be commercial hits or even delay the release of the end product if they were not too happy with it.

    A case in point would be Kelly Clarkson’s 3rd album where Clive Davis delayed its release due to creative differences between him and Kelly ( eventually though the album did get released but to disappointing sales which seemed to validate Clive Davis’ misgivings about the commercial viability of the album).

    In David’s case I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but the album really needs an injection of publicity and promotion. A good follow up single to SBL would be a great start. But nothing seems to be happening at the moment.

  21. Hahaha John!
    I’m of an age who would have realised that LLYY has nothing to do with milk and sugarcones LOL
    By the way, I’m still laughing………….:D 😀 It’s just tooooo funny! I just can’t get over how funny it is……… I’m killing myself laughing…….yes, still……since this morning………LOLLLLLLL

    Kesha? Whos is that? Never heard of her. I know only one David Archuleta! 😀

    W O W !! That is some theory.
    At first, as I said earlier to John, I was mystified.
    Now, I am intrigued!

    Having said that, I must admit that I’ve heard stories about the business world that are both horrendous and most intriguing and ugly. So I believe anything is possible.
    How ludicrous and farcicle!

  22. hey John – Wow… after a hard’s day work, I really need a good laugh!! and Trace made it even more funnier. I was giggling at your sense-less sexual lyrics & I honestly thought you make it up. Not bad, until you mention Christina Aguilera. I don’t pay attention to her songs and what a pity she needs to fill her album with those kind of lyrics. So funny to your shocked expression of that baby baby guy, LOL.

    hey Anne – me, too, not liking tick tock artist but I don’t switch stations, I just zone out until the next song…. haha…

    hey Katheryn,
    Wow to your theory and now it makes sense why a total black out promotions for his few singles at your US radio stations. It’s really a tough business world!! Let’s hope that WEG is able to put David’s name out to the right target audience.

  23. Whoa! what interesting theories and description of those cheesssy and ???? song lyrics. I thought John made up all those lyrics about milk and what else! I was laughing out loud when I read them! Who on earth wrote those lyrics?

    My ears hurt when listenting to those young voices except our dear David’s.
    Well, the music industry is like any other business. No artistry involved. If you don’t compromise with their deals, they will pour you down the drain.

    The question as to where we think David should to be? Maybe, we should ask David himself.

  24. Hey Eunice good morning ( Malaysian time ) 🙂

    Trace I will comment later about that article at SoulDavid. Have to gather my thoughts first but I will say this much – I don’t quite agree with the article 🙂

    In the meantime why don’t we all sit back and enjoy truly jaw dropping, inspirational and soulful singing. The type of singing that 90% of the pop artists out there today wouldn’t know anything about:

  25. John, I know my theory doesn’t make any sense, and I said so as much in my earlier post! I hope and pray I’m wrong, but at the moment I cannot come up with a good alternative. Jive is used to artists like Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake, who are favorites of the media because they often make for good salacious stories. They don’t appear to be capable of handling a good guy like David. I think in their minds the equation is good = boring, which of course David isn’t. They just haven’t figured out how to market his music, and may not possess the creativity required to do so. It’s interesting you brought up Kelly Clarkson. Here are some interesting comments from Chuckie888 and goboywonder over on Idol Chatter discussing the issue of artistic control:

    Chuckie888: As I’ve said below, anybody who falls back on the old “they just want to make money” argument to dsimiss sabotage suggestions just doesn’t understand internal corporate politics (or any kind of group politics) at all. The logic of it isn’t always yours to know.

    “Control” is often more important to them than that one artist’s profits because they know they’ll make those profits off of somebody else.

    More from Chuckie888:

    We don’t understand the byzantine politics within the industry, the obscure motives and quixotic decisions. They always say they’re just about what sells and “giving the public what it wants,” but anyone within the business who’s honest will tell you that that’s not what it’s about AT ALL.

    The industry has learned that they can make equal profits off of whomever they choose to promote, so they want kids whose faces look good on a magazine cover and can be taught to dance, but, preferably, do NOT sing very well. Because they can more easily control the artist when the prospect of yanking the Autotune plug will destroy that person’s career…. So there’s a real contempt for kids who can actually sing.

    goboywonder: I don’t think it’s too far fetched that Jive is “punishing” David by not promoting his record. Didn’t Kelly Clarkson’s label sabbotage her “December” album and it’s considered a flop even though it sold over 800K copies? Didn’t it work? Isn’t she now putting out the kind of music her label wants? David has said in several interviews that they (Jive) wanted him to put out a more commercial cd. They wanted him to put out love songs and sexy pictures. Yes they could have made a lot of money off this ablum if they had but promoted it. But I think they want David to do it their way because they could make a heck of a lot more money. I don’t think they care for some 19 year-old kid standing up for himself. JMO.

    You might want to check out the entire post “David Archuleta tops Billboard year-end readers’ poll” for more interesting comments. As usual, there’s a lot of sparring back and forth between the Claymates and the Glamberts!


  26. Hey John and all,

    Check out one of David’s songs, “Not a very good liar” at FOD. I wonder why it is not in the album. It’s really great. I love it.

  27. Katheryn
    I’ve read almost the entire post at Idol Chatter – the more I read, the more I felt David’s innate strength in coping with the business he is in, ugly or otherwise, and his unwavering determination to make music the way he wants to make it – he is true to his art and true to himself. It is a quality that deserves a standing -O and tons of admiration.

    However, the music industry being what it is, it seems that it is Power and Control that wins.
    But, having said that, I’m optimistic that David will emerge as the ultimate winner – not now perhaps – but, in time (soon, I hope), he will come to a better understanding as to what sort of music will be more successful commercially for him, but definitely NOT at the cost of losing his musical identity, which we all know, is of utmost importance to him.

    In my very humble opinion, there are many kinds of “wins” – his label may “punish” him or sideline him now to be a huge commercial success like you-know-who, which we fans are desperate for him to have right now…….but where will all these you-know-who’s be in a couple of years? I am a very patient person when it comes to the big issues in my life – I have a feeling David is too. 🙂

    Like you guys, I do not like what is happening now. But, we do not have the Power. Neither do we have the Control.

  28. Katheryn
    I just checked – Weg Music has deleted my 2 comments! Heck – the short comments I put in were all above board and proper and relevant. I wonder why…………! 😦

  29. trace: I doubt your comments were actually deleted. Chances are you have cleared cookies/browsing history on your computer since you wrote them, which wiped them from your screen. Since comments are moderated, they have probably never actually been posted by the website. Their site administrators must not check in very often. I think it’s time to send Melinda Bell and Johnny Wright some tweets!


  30. Well at least Mr Wright still remembers David:

    “Wright: Not knowing what’s going to happen afterwards is always a scary position. I’ve had so much success with Barry there, and I still have artists [signed to Jive] like Justin, Ciara, and David Archuleta, that I need to talk to him about,”

    There’s a lot of shaking up all right. It’s the nature of the beast at the moment what with cd sales going no where and execs jumping ship all over the place. So what’s going to happen to David? He’s not a huge star so probably won’t be getting too much attention from execs. Is he going to be left to his own devices until he disappears completely?

    Now that’s a scary thought!

  31. Mr Wright also talks about Barry Weiss being very frugal when it comes to spending money on promotions. Is that why David isn’t getting any?

    It’s a question of which came first – the chicken or the egg and in this case do you promote to make somebody huge or wait and see IF he/she does get huge then promote?

    Do the people at Jive still believe that David has what it takes to succeed? Does he have a champion who will go the extra mile to make sure that he does like JB’s manager who trawled the internet in order to track him down after watching his youtube videos. David needs somebody like that who has the faith, industry contacts, imagination and the stamina to really push his career to the forefront. Let’s face it, if left to himself David is apparently happy with the status quo and doesn’t seem too driven to take his career to a higher level – something that less talented ‘artist’ seem to have in abundance.

    This ‘comfort zone’ concept is not altogether a positive in my opinion. It sounds like another term for ‘laziness’ which I don’t think David is – at least I hope not. I think he needs someone who is squarely in his corner and who is able to make him see the bigger picture i.e. super star success and what it takes to achieve that. People like the Britneys, Biebers and Timberlakes have had the good fortune to have someone like that take charge and guide their careers.

    I sure hope David has the same sort of Svengali at WEG Music and /or Jive.

  32. If I were a talent scout out searching for a potential star, it is so glaringly obvious that my choice would be David and not someone like the one who recently, for some reason I will never be able to grasp, won all those awards. I would not have even batted my eyelid in JB’s direction. But JB’s champions saw in him a potential quality that I would describe as one of being common and trivial, and easily marketable to the current common and trivial tastes of the masses.

    Whereas David is an enigma and very unique. No one in the industry has a clue what to do with him. I agree totally with you, John, that he needs someone who has the faith, industry contacts to push his career to the forefront. But he/she will have to be a fan to begin with.

  33. OH.MY.GOSH!!!! Just watched David’s video with the Mo Tab. So so proud of him. He was beyond amazing there. To be invited to sing with the Mo Tab is such a huge honour and he is getting the due recognition that he so deserves. Now, can TS, JB or any of the current pop singers sing like that? No way!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trace and annoymous donor – this is an awesome gifting idea especially during Christmas.

    Going to watch that Mo Tab video again 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone!

  34. Shirley
    Me too – so very proud of him that I need to burst or I will implode! I’ve been boasting to everyone around me about him singing at MOTAB.

    And he looked soooo gooood in that tux and green vest!!!!! Thud thud thud!!
    We have some really great archie ninjas in our midst!

  35. hey, is the tosod gifting still available? i just sent in my e-mail yesterday.. i know im sort of late but i would love to get a copy of the album 😀

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