1. Shirley!!!! You did a recap!! Yay!! Thank you so much for sharing this. LOVE it! You’ve got a way with words and pretty awesome you covered all the other parts which werent previously covered as well (like the lining up, etc). And yes a David Archuleta experience totally beats a Universal Studio experience any time !! lol!

  2. Thank you for the lovely and heartwarming recap! You are a great wrtier!
    You need to write more and send to AAM.
    We love all the stories here.

  3. Aww, this is awesome. Yay for making it a family affair 🙂

    And lol @ sheep to slaughter, reminded me of that one show David did where he had to sell sheep (????) and how they seemed to flock to him. Our natural prince-snow-white.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow Shirley you and your family practically moved mountains to get to Singapore! Only fans of David would go to such lengths. I really admire your dedication and passion for the Archuleta 🙂

    Having fans like you ladies beats winning multiple American Music Awards anytime no? 😉

    BTW is that Sheba in the hippy get up lol?

  5. Yay Shirley!
    I’m so happy you wrote a recap! And with such delicious details that it has brought back to me all the sweet memories of those awesome 2 days! Well done Shirl!

    I especially love this crazy sentence: “We felt like sheep being led into the slaughterhouse, waiting to be slayed by one David Archuleta!”. That was precisely my feeling when we were queueing for the auto session. Clever choice of words!

    And the pics of those “angels and stooges” (Shuyee? :D) will always linger in my memory. And Rachel looks so cute with the bandana Sheba made! 🙂

  6. Wow……..sis, a very good re-caps indeed. I really enjoy reading it as it is filled with lots of happy memories in Singapore, especially with the whole family getting together and also meeting up with Shu yee, Sheba and Trace! Looking forward to another “Archuleta” trip in the very near future!

  7. HAHAHAHHA…..at leats you asked for my permission to pur that pic or else it would be weird!!!=]

  8. Shirley! Love your recap and the photos just brought back so many good memories. I would need daily doses of ginko biloba in order to have such detailed account lol!

    John – Am sure David’s perfect timing will come when he will be holding those awards – not that it matters to him. We the adoring fans will need to support him alllll the way!

  9. That foetus swept the American Music Awards? Hmmm….this world we live in is rather strange…..Are the awards based on something called…sales? Maybe they should change the name to American Music Sales Awards.IMHO 🙂

    Hey you guys, good news. While in Spore Evelyn (Jolene’s aunt) told me Ikea and Bangsar Village are playing TOSOD frequently! Mission accomplished!

  10. hey Shirley and Jeanie,
    I know you!! We were seated together for the group photo last year in KL after meeting David. One of your girls cried after meeting David – who? Rachel? I think Jeanie told me it was “overwhelming tears”. 🙂 Did you hang up the t-shirt that you got David to sign??

    Jeanie – I didnt have a chance to tell you that you left most of us no space to sign on the card that AAM team bought for David. You drew a big huge heart at the center of the card plus the words “From Australia”. 🙂 Hah!!! I know because I was the last few to sign the card before Kylie put it into the envelope. Anyway, it was a fun day last year!!!

    Shirley – thanks for your lovely detailed recap. The Singapore adventure was so awesome with 3 recaps plus videos and photos for those of us not able to attend. Thank you so much.

    See you sisters and the girls next year!!! Take care.

  11. Can I do a recap?????and HOW DO I DO IT????????????????????stupid skfjafkjabf.djsf.jemdbc;

  12. Ah love your recap shirley!!Thanks for sharing hehehe! It was one awesome family reunion indeed hahaha!

  13. Hi Everyone, thanks for your lovely comments. I have no idea that my little sharing is that long * sheepish grin *

    Sheba! Yes Universal Studio is quite the happy place but you’re right, nothing beats the Archuleta experience for sure.

    Eunice – thanks for your positive encouragement. This is in fact my first attempt at writing anything let alone getting it posted on a David’s fan site…phew!

    James, haha i remembered that TV show, if not mistaken it was on the Paul O Grady show in the UK.

    John, amazing to think that we did all these for David. In fact I was so glad when my bro who is a very grounded person told me that a little madness is good for the soul…well i guess he’s quite a sage 🙂

    Trace! ahhh, loved that you were kind enough to proof read this for me…thanks so much, my friend!

    Shu Yee – haha, my brain cells are not that intact at all….that explains why it took me a week before I come up with this lol

    Sis – thanks to Andrew and our Spore hero! Otherwise this special experience will be non existent.

    Akang! you remembered us? Ok i shall go dig up that ‘family pic’ we took at Sunway. It was Kat who cried happy tears and yes that Tshirt is up on Jennie’s wall at home. haha, you remembered so much, it amazing to know. So very sorry for that big huge heart on the card 🙂

    Anne – Yes, it was one heck of a family trip 🙂

    Looking forward to our KL meeting soon. 1st quarter of 2011 is well…just around the corner 🙂 * keeping my fingers crossed *

    Good night!

  14. hi Trace – Wow…. BV and Ikea are playing TOSOD album frequently. You must have cast a spell on these people…hahaha… Now, AAM has a meeting place at either of these 2 venues. Kudos to your great effort!! 😀

    hi Shirley – able to find me in the group pix?? 🙂 I sat next to Jennie* (*sorry for the typo error yesterday) No worries, we shall meet when David is down in KL. Can’t wait for your teen girls’ recap … hurry up!!!

  15. Shirley
    There is no need to thank me 🙂
    All the words and thoughts are yours! 🙂
    Make sure you come to KL when David comes (as if you need any encouragement! :D)
    Looking forward to seeing you, Jennie and all your pretty girls again!

    Don’t forget the effort was both yours and mine! 🙂

  16. Hi Akang – so i did check our pic, is that you in a black top? Oh yes, we shall meet once David is in town 🙂

    Trace – you are too kind! The thought of meeting up with all of you in KL soon is so exciting….I cant wait! Am anticipating that its going to be one major whirlwind of an affair and another special David event to add to my memory box!

  17. @FlyFM958 RT yeaaah!! @itsSTEVElah On Mon @FLYfm958, u can win @DavidArchie’s US Fan Edition of ‘The Other Side of Down’ signed by David.

  18. hi Shirley,
    Yes, you spotted me!! Black top was the dress code suggested by AAM team, hence you see from the group picture, most of us are in black!! 🙂 We shall meet AGAIN next year!!

  19. Just read one of his interviews recently and he makes me smile.

    “Your new album is called The Other Side Of Down. What are some upsides and downsides of travelling for you?

    One big downside is packing. I don’t like doing it. I tend to overpack, and even then I still think that I don’t have enough. There are lots of upsides to travelling. I enjoy being on the move constantly – it’s harder for people to tell me what to do because I’m not in one location. Food is another upside. I like eating a lot and trying different things. I remember trying something really spicy in Malaysia and it was so unbelievably hot that I really thought I might die from it. Water didn’t help and tears were rolling down my cheeks.”

    I wonder which food that stung his tongue – sambal nasi lemak, satay sauce or nyonya curry chicken?? 😀

  20. Akang/Anne
    I think it was the tom yam – he had to cover his mouth and run to the toilet – on the way there he bumped into Jolene! 😀 😀

  21. Oh Trace!! Tom yam?! Ouch, that is spicy!! 😀

    hey Anne, looks like you are not wrong – cili padi in the tom yam soup is a real booby trap hahaha…

    Looks like the food dishes that I mentioned were too tame!! 😀

  22. aKang,

    Thanks for the interesting interview. At least, he will never forget the spicy experience in Malaysia.

  23. Completely off topic, but you absolutely must see this beautiful video of David singing “Silent Night” with Orla Fallon. It’s from the Celtic Christmas special that is airing on Public Television stations across the U.S.

  24. By the way, I believe the “next video coming soon” referred to will be David singing “Pat-A-Pan.” I’ll post it too as soon as it is uploaded.

    Orla Fallon: “I think David is America’s greatest young singing sensation.”

    I enthusiastically agree!

  25. Katheryn!
    That duet by David and Orla of Silent Night is crazily, madly amazing!!
    It is definitely music from heaven!! I have been listening to it over and over again and still haven’t had enough. Thank you!

  26. Katheryn
    David is America’s greatest young singing sensation alright! Can’t agree more.
    I’m so happy Orla made that declaration on all the public TV stations across the US!
    Love Orla for it! It’s high time more people make that acknowledgment of David.

    Maybe it was pad thai done the Malaysian way with lots of cili padi and sambal! 😀
    Poor David! Lucky Jolene!

  27. Dang! Just click on the words “Watch on YouTube” and it will take you directly to YouTube to view the video.

  28. Here’s a cute video showing the lengths a devoted dad will go to for his daughters in order for them to see David in concert and get his autograph.

  29. Katheryn
    The last vid about the dad has been blocked on copyright grounds. I was looking forward to watching it. Thanks anyway Katheryn! 🙂

  30. trace: You CAN watch the video. Just click on the words “Watch on YouTube” which come up when you click on the play arrow and it will take you directly to YouTube to see it. (Same goes for the “Pat-A-Pan” video.)

  31. Katheryn
    Clicking on the words is just not working on my “antique” computer. So I’ll just go into YouTube…….but wait, I’m stiiiiil in the vortex of the heavenly Silent Night duet! 🙂

  32. hey eunice,

    If you’re going to David’s Dallas show today (US hour), ENJOY yourself. Await for your recap. 😀

  33. Thanks Akang,

    I just came home from the concert. It was soooooooo great! He sang 10 songs.
    He did a few smooth twists when he sang TOSOD.
    Hahaha! it was a real treat.

    Got to go eat! I am sooo hungry. 🙂

  34. Eunice!

    Good to hear that you did go to the concert! Hey, you can’t just keep us hanging with just 4 lines about it. You have to do a proper recap!!!!
    Eh, Akang?

  35. Hahaha! Akang and Trace! I will work on the recap later, meanwhile I just want to share this with you.

    I just came home from the Parade! It was soooo packed in downtown Dallas and it took me forever to find parking! I texted Linha and Shiree, who drove all the way from Mississippi, to attend the concert. I missed them due to the heavy traffic.
    But while I was driving around I heard David singing, and people were cheering/calling his name. I saw a portion of his car/float. I couldn’t get close enough because the roads were blocked. I was driving recklessly on those busy streets and intersections, with almost all my attention at the crowd cheering for David. Thank God, no one got hurt and the cops were too busy watching the barricades.
    By the time I arrived, it was half way through the parade. I consoled myself, that even if I was there on time, I won’t be able to actually see him, for it was soooooo crowded. Some people were standing on top of their cars.
    I texted Linha and she told me they were on their way back to Mississppi. So I didn’t get to say bye to them, well, hopefully we’ll meet again real soon.
    We had a great reunion at the concert. Will share that later.

    So that’s all for this short note. Not a recap at all. 😦

  36. Wow…eunice, Wow… eunice, THANK YOU for giving us the first hand news – both at the concert and the parade. Parade: I know the anxious feeling when you’re driving around and at the same time hearing the cheering crowd and David singing. The best part is YOU ARE THERE. Have a good rest. What an interesting weekends!!!

  37. One little tib bit here, while I was walking to the parking lot, a mom and her 5 year daughter was behind me. I overheard the mom asking, “Wasn’t that fun to see David Archuleta”? The little girl said, “yah. he is so wonderful.” The mom mentioned David ARchuleta again and this time I turned to them and asked, “are you fans of David Archuleta?” The mom said. “yes.” and the little girl nodded and smiled. Her face was beaming with joy! I asked if they were at the concert, the mom said no. I told her I did and she said, “I bet that must be great!”
    “Yes it was!” Then we went our separate ways. David Archuleta has very young fans too!

  38. Eunice!
    Suuch F A N T A S T I C publicity for David!!! I’m so very happy! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us – I’ve got a HUGE smile on my face! Woah!!

    Yes thank God no one got hurt. Your driving recklessly through the crowd, and almost all your attention on the cheering crowd while doing so- oh my! The things we do for him! You are a true fan, Eunice!

    Excitedly awaiting your recap of the show! But your mini-recap of the parade has sent me ‘thudding’ already! 😀

  39. Eunice
    I think David has fans ranging from 3 years old (maybe younger!) to 100 years old (maybe older!)……………what a sweet story of the nice mom and the nice little girl! The mom is bringing up her daughter WELL! 😀 😀

  40. There are LOTS of videos from The Majestic Theater in Dallas as well as of the parade the next morning. In light of Eunice’s parade experience, here’s a video of a fan running along the parade route filming David. I’m not sure if this is before or after David got on the float (I’m thinking before).

  41. Dang! I wish there was an edit button. I copied and pasted the same video twice. Here’s the right one:

  42. Thank you sooooo much Katheryn for sharing these exciting videos with us .. especially to the fan who took the video…a true fan:-D

    Eunice … 10 songs!!!! can’t wait for videos and recaps!

  43. Aah..it’s Christmas again with decorations, christmas trees, lights, presents and most of all David’s singing. It’s time to take out CFTH and plug it into the cd player.

    Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  44. Euniceee,Dallas is an awesome place to live in la! LOL. Glad you had lotsa fun at the concert and parade!

    John,i blasted my CFTH in the car this morning on the way to work hehe.

  45. Hey Shu, aKang, Trace and all,

    I’m sorry to say, I didn’t take any pictures, since no camera or video taping was allowed inside. But Linha and Siree took some pictures earlier. I hope they will send them to me soon, so I can share with y’all.
    As for the recap, I don’t see the need to do one, because you can read others’ recaps from other sites like FOD, Snarkies. Some of them won meet/greet passes to see him earlier. We were just there for the concert. We didn’t have any personal stories to share. Except that, my friend brought her husband and granddaughter to the concert. I let her listened to the CFTH a week ago and she fell in love with David. Later that night, she and family watched the Orla fallon (Former Celtic woman) show, and her husband and g-daughter decided to attend last minute.
    The grand daughter wasn’t interested in David’s music before that, she told me his music is too slow and boring, and that she loves Black Eyepea! Well, I sat besides her and observed her reaction the entire time. She was clapping and smiling. And she commented, “that was a good concert,” at the end.
    Not sure if she has changed her mindset about David’s music.

    But I did make a little banner with this: “Malaysian loves you, come to Malaysia soon.” So happened my friend’s seat was very close to the stage, and she held the banner when David came out. Not sure whether he saw that a not, cause it was dark inside. I was over at the balcony. My friend told me he waved at them.

    That’s all for the sharing/ or short recap.

    Have a blessed week!

  46. Eunice
    That was awesome enough – thank you!
    And thank you too for making the banner!
    When I signed his group birthday card, I too egged him on to come to Malaysia soon.

  47. hey eunice,
    Wow…Thanks for making the banner as promised. hahaha… hope he could see your message thru the darkness!! Dallas downtown sure looks pretty. Are Shiree and Linha from M’sia??

    hey trace – you are an incredible fan!!! 😀 David sure does remember Malaysia – from Spore to Dallas to Group Birthday card.

  48. Akang,

    Linha is a Vietnameses /Chinese young lady, she is ABC and Sireesha is from India. They both are beautiful and smart, 2 nd year med students.
    Sireesha is a new fan of David. She is really sweet. Linha is a loyal fan of David.
    Way back during the AI season. She is a personal friend of David’s aunt.
    I met Linha during the AI tour, right after the competition.
    I have sent the picture of my friends holding the banner to AAM, I hope one of the mods will insert it in my recap. That’s the best I could do!
    My friend couldn’t stop talking about the concert. This afternoon she called and mentioned about the concert again. I thanked her for holding the banner. She told me that those who sat with her helped her. At first she held it upside down, so they helped her out. And they told her that David pointed/waved at them.


    I signed the group Birthday card too. I wrote the same thing.
    I think he will visit Malaysia real soon!

    By the way, I forgot to mention that the Children hospital staff told me that Lupe was there with him. I was hoping she would sing too but she didn’t.

  49. Wooot eunice!!Awesome! Hehehe i think we have successfully INCEPTED david’s mind with the constant “Come to Malaysia!” phrase everywhere muahaha!

  50. Anne, I hope he got the message. Well, have you received the picture I sent to AAM? Please check. I hope I didn’t send it to the wrong site,

    Katheryn,Thanks for the information. I will do that asap. By the way, did you ?attend the Dallas concert too? I met one of the FOD moderators there.

  51. Eunice: I wish! Unfortunately, it’s over 2,000 miles on the road between Seattle and Dallas, and plane fare just isn’t in the budget right now. Some day I hope we’re able to attend a concert together.

    By the way, I believe Ticketmaster will send you the actual link to comment on the concert. (I remember them doing that after the David/Demi concert.) I believe you log in using your Ticketmaster password.

  52. Katheryn.

    Yes, I did submit the review. Thanks for the reminder!
    You live in Seattle! The city I long to visit! Yes, maybe someday we can meet in one of David’s concerts! Please keep in touch so we can make arrangements.

    Have a blessed week! 🙂

  53. Very helpful post! I really enjoyed reading it. So wonderful to read an article that’s written in decent English! I’m going to definitely be back again for more in the future. Thank you.

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