46 comments on “My Elevator – by Shu Yee

  1. Dear Shu you should write more. I had a lot fun reading your recap and it was a stroke of genius to incorporate David’s songs into your story 🙂

    As for Alfredo even though he spelled ‘Malaysia’ wrong – twice – I like him lol 🙂

  2. WOAH, Shu!!! Awesome recap. So this is how when someone speaks in David language. And age kept you grounded? I’ve seen you in action. You rival the 16yo passion, my dear.

    Haha, awwww…. thank you Shu for getting Alfredo to sign! Makes up for the missing picture op.

    Very happy for the Singapore entourage!

  3. Love the recap! Full of passion and with all the woah! oh! oh! I am sure you won’t forget this intimate moments rest of your life.

    You are right. David brought us together and closer.

    Thank you

  4. ahahaha This recap is full of WIN. Loveee it!Thanks so much for sharing Shu!Love how you incorporate the songs in hahaha!And Alfredo! LOL @ how he spelt Malaysia! xD

  5. What age are you talking about Shu? You were bouncing around in Spore like a 20-year old. I can feel your earnestness as a true David fan in Spore and now I can feel the passion in your recap. You wrote from your heart. As John says, you should write more for us. 🙂

    A big high- 5 from me to a future tour in the US!!

  6. trace,i certainly second that. I still rmbr so clearly how shu made friends with the guard at KLIA last year hehehe!

  7. Shu Yee, I really enjoyed reading your re-caps and hope for more to come. Like you mentioned, we might be old in”age” but young at heart….hahaha! Your re-caps was certainly written with heaps of passion and love for DA!

    Surely, a BIG HI-5 for our future trip to the US!

  8. hello Shuyee,
    It’s really worth a wait. Thanks for your lovely recap. hahaha… You & your sister must have bionic legs to the front row!!

    I take your word to the US Tours next year? and I’m READY. I told my family and they all shook their heads and said that I have gone “mad”!! hahaha… Am I??

  9. Shuyee! You did your recap. Yay! Love how you incorporated David songs in there!

    And I didn’t notice Alfredo’s spelling till you posted the pic. Haha! #Alfredospellfail

    I also have to say that the Malaysian contingent really represented especially at the showcase. When we arrived to cue up at the showcase there was about 20 or so people there so far (it was around 1 and it was raining) and the majority of it were Malaysian! Even Sal (founder of DASG) tweeted that there were more Malaysians than Singaporeans there at the time, haha. It was also cool to see David himself acknowledge the Malaysian fans in his tweet!

    The Malaysian fans for this not only came from KL but also from Kuching (Shirley and family) as well as Australia! (Jennie and family). We also represented five decades of fans from the teens, the twenty something, the thirty something, the forty something (I think), the fifty something and even the sixty something 😉 There was also a four year old fan (Jennie’s daughter I think) that came to Singapore but couldn’t make it to the events because of the crowd and the long wait 😦

    So yeah, the Malaysian fans were out in almost full force for this one which was really nice to see. I especially liked the big group huddle at the end of the auto signing after David left to say a prayer for D and crew for a safe journey to Manila and back to the US and for amazing and continued success for his albums and tours. That was pretty cool especially considering the age range of everyone. David fans really are the best!

  10. Age is just a chronological number, doesn’t have much to do with how we feel and act! Unfortunately, it does affect our outward appearances. 😦 Got to face the fact! (sigh)
    Anyone who loves David will defile the age issue. I have seen many teens, men, women, of all ages, perk up when David is around in person!

  11. hello Sheba – thanks for your mini recap. I think memories keep flowing in as the days past. I know who you are talking about the sixty something and that person rocks like a teen!! 😀

    hey eunice – “unfortunately, it does affect our outward appearance” – No worries. The grey hairs can be dyed to multi-colours until you look like a teens!! Same goes with guys with stubble!! 😀

  12. Thank you all for appreciating my recap:-D

    When we don’t have the gift like our dear John in our writing skills, well, the lyrics in TOSOD album has so much depth in their meaning. Is a pot of gold of words to borrow hahaha!

    Well, I can’t complain. Among friends here who connects because of David .. our Kind of Perfect!!

  13. Shu
    You did great! That which is most significant in your recap is your connection with David’s lyrics. He worked so hard to ensure that the feeling through his lyrics were just right. And you have picked up on them in a most hear-felt way. David would have been pleased! 🙂

  14. Read that one group of Manila’s passionate fans waited for David at his hotel after the showcase till 5am. He strolled out, acknowledged them and boarded the van to the airport. The passionate fans were disappointed but respectful. Van moved a bit, stopped and out David came to have a picture with them.

    Wow… I truly admire this young man!! Appreciation, care and love of his fans. If you are a non-fan, you wouldn’t stay most of the night waiting or line up hours for auto signing or travel a thousand miles to see his performance, right? David, I hope you won’t change after you reach stardom!!

  15. Hello Trace,
    You’re up early!!! Catching your tennis tournament at wee hours today?? Have a nice day!

  16. Hi Shu Yee,

    Sorry, I’m always later to the party. Yours was a great recap. Loved how you inserted David’s lyrics in the appropriate places. Indeed, because of David we have made new and I am sure long lasting friendships.

    Just wondering if you’ve come down from Cloud 9? Its been a week today 🙂

  17. aKang,i read abt David coming down from the van as well and i just went all “awwww” this guy…really…*sighs dreamily*

  18. hey anne,
    I just saw the video of the Manila’s fans at the hotel on the departure day. They were so respectful. They just stood at the side of the entrance and look. They did not even surge forward to get David’s signature or pose picture with him. I think they really deserve David’s respect. In the picture, the fans looks happy and surprisingly, they don’t have “panda” eyes (wonder did they get a wink of sleep?)!! 😀 What makes David endearing is he respect and appreciate his fans. Yeah!!

  19. yes akang, I was one of the Manila fan included in the hotel, actually it was an arrival of David, we were instructed by the hotel staff not to make a noise, since there is a lot of guest in the hotel, so we just stood in the corner carrying the banner of welcome, but surprisingly after David wave to us & entered the hotel, He just spoke to his handler and then David went back to us running happily and said if we want an autograph then of course we ran to him and have his autograph, then his handler said we will have a group picture, David shook our hands too. He is really humble and adorable, oh! He is like an angel , so cute and handsome. It was an awesome day for all of us. By the way we have no panda eyes ha ha! but in reality we only sleep few hours because of excitement ha ha ha!

  20. I’ve so enjoyed reading the recaps from Singapore and Manila. Thanks, guys, for being such warm, welcoming fans!

    Speaking of warm, it was literally warm there as compared to where David performed last night in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He did an outdoor show at a mall, arriving in a sleigh and helping Santa light the Christmas Tree! I was just checking the temperatures in Fort Wayne yesterday. They ranged from a high of 48 F to a low of 29 F, which means it was probably at or near freezing when David performed his show at night. What a contrast from Singapore and Manila! Check FOD, and especially David Archuleta FanScene for photos and updates. FanScene also has great videos posted of some of the press interviews from Singapore and Manila.

    On the age bit, I always try and keep in mind that the body may age but the spirit is eternal. Believe me, you don’t think about this as much when you are very young!

  21. Weather update from where I live: It’s snowing again. Dang! I don’t want it to stick because I’ve got to drive a long ways to where I work in Seattle in the morning. It’s still too warm out (37 F), but if it gets colder, the snow will stick to the streets. On the other hand, if I were a little kid I’d be jumping for joy!

  22. Hey Akang
    Sorry I’m 24 hours late to wish you Good Morning too! My kid brother came back from London for a visit so we had a family gathering yesterday…and I was stuck to the TV last night watching the Finals of the Asian Games Badminton.

    You are right – David is very respectful of his fans and we, in turn, are most respectful of him. The reason we 3 Stooges (sheba, shu and I) did not want to go stalking him in his hotel in Spore, was that we felt he needed to rest.

    Phew the weather there sounds freezing! No wonder David was clad in a thick overcoat at his Fort Wayne performance. When I saw the vid, my heart went out to him…… is he warm enough?…….poor dear, he has to sing even when his tongue is probably half-frozen? Sigh…..when will we stop worrying about him?

  23. Trace
    if we went around stalking him .. then we will be the 3 stooges. But – we didn’t so we are angels – just like David aham aham!

    Reading your temperature report already gave me the chilllll .. literally. Enjoy the snow .. cos many of us in this part of world would love to have some .. ironic isn’t? It’s his voice, personality and the sensibility he exudes that we are drawn to. That’s why his fans are made up across ages and gender.

    Isn’t it a great feeling to know we admire someone with such warm and gentle heart. His handshake is always with a firm gripped and a ready sincere smile. That’s why we go to length to see him and in our little ways, make him feel he is SPECIAL!

  24. Hi Shuyee,
    Your right, David handshake is always firm gripped, he also a good memory, David remember me when I attended the meet and greet( that was 1 day after we meet him at the hotel), when it was my turn for him to sign my cd, he said oh hi! then he stand up( he always sitting only on meet and greet), I was so surprised that I replied him oh hi too ha ha! instead of nice to see u again, David wanted to say something, but Melinda controlled him because there is a lot of people lining up for signing, it is understandable. Melinda took us a video on the hotel the one we are in a group, so I guess David remember our face.
    David is so respectful, he even hug a grandma who attended the meet and greet, he is really have a warm heart, such a good example.

  25. hey Jo,
    Salamat for sharing your awesome recap of meeting David. What I admire YOU & your team was that all of you kept a respectful distance even though all of you saw David walking into the hotel. Some fans might not be bothered with rules & regulations and will lunge forward to get his signature or a picture. hahaha.. thanks goodness you don’t have a set of panda eyes, otherwise, David will not recognise you!!! 😀 Just kidding!!

    Out of curiosity, does Manila people welcome pop singers so warmly or just David?? He really created a stir in your country!!

  26. hello Katheryn,
    Eeee…I don’t like cold weather!! Keep warm!! Going to any of David’s show??

  27. Jo,so nice to have you in our midst! You and the rest of the Manila fans were awesome! ❤

    Katheryn,what we malaysians wouldnt give to experience snow!hahaha!

  28. Hey guyzzz…sorry i haven’t wrote my recap! But yeah I miss those Archuletacraze days!!!hahaha…Those two days are going to be the most memorable days of myWHOLE LIFE(so far cos maybe i might get to meet him)All i know is that david is like the core to our earth….the atmosphere around us!=] Woahh..i sound so poetic there…yeah..i feel very weird writting a recap though=[ Hope you guys stay safe sheba,trace and shu yee(is that how you spell your names?)=] and this poem is for david!

    David,there are many great qualities about you and these are some of the things I do for you,
    I applaud you when you stand up for yourself.
    I idolize you for showing true strength.
    I praise you as you have a way of helping and giving to others.
    I commend your efforts when things don’t always go your way.
    I appreciate your kind, encouraging words.
    I hold dearly the moments when you made me feel good about myself.
    I adore your funny personality.
    I respect you for being original, just for being
    I admire your pure and fantastic voice.
    I love your smile the way it lights my day and I just LOVE you!!!!!

  29. I LOVE the song TOUCH MY HAND!!!!! becuase remember when David was walking down of the stage form the autograph signing session? I was like david and i stretched out my hand and he held it for about 3 secs!!!!THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I should have pulled him in and hugged him…but no cos we have to respect Mr Archuleta even if u just want to give him a big hug right????=]

  30. Hey Akang,

    We have team airport and team hotel, I was in team hotel, actually one of the head of archuleta philippines ask for a permit from hotel to let us greet and welcoming David, at first they couldn’t allowed us for security reason, but at last minute they give us a go signal to stand at the side of the entrance provided we will not make noise and will not go after David, just let David come to us ( and David did ha ha!), so it was clear to us then, we respect David because He might also be freightened if all of us will surge forward to Him.
    Manila fans also like K pop artist, so they also welcome them nicely but not as warm as welcoming David. David is such a sweetheart, the media and fans in Philippines like him so much. Mostly the K pop artist is not approachable as David, like for example Rain, he make a distance to fans, maybe it was instructed by manager or he just can’t speak english well. When Kris Allen come to Philippines, there is few fans and media welcoming him, so it is only David who make a chaos ha ha!, maybe Taylor Swift will also be that way, because She will come to Manila on Feb. 2011, let see if there is a lot of fans will welcome her.
    Is it true that David will visit Malaysia and do concert on March 2011? I hope it is true.

  31. Hi Rachel,
    I felt the same way of wanting to hug him after He shook my hand ha ha!, but of course I can’t do that out of respect to him ha ha!

  32. Rachel!!! Hi!! Good to see you here! Wow, nice poem. Hope you posts more often. And yes, I did see that David touched your hand as he was walking out after the auto signing. Pretty cool And you got it on video right?

    Jo. Hey. Thanks for visiting and sharing your story. It was pretty awesome how organised and respectful the Manila fans were. I think David recognised it and you guys got rewarded for it! Way cool!

  33. Hi Rachel .. good job on your peom to David! When comes to David, only the best words will flow out from us! You and your family must come when he returns to Asia .. especially Malaysia! Remember our group hugs prayer and wishes? 😀

    Jo – wow! … team airport and team hotel! Awesome:-D

  34. Hi Sheba, nice meeting u here.
    We have one event that I want to share also, when we were in the Hotel, his big bodyguard told us no picture, then David said to his bodyguard why not? in front of us, it can be seen in the video, David is so kind that he want his fans to be happy, he know that fans wanted to take picture of him and he will not allowed his bodyguard to interfere, such a nice boy.

  35. So thrill to feel the excitment here, just like the good old days!

    Keep the Archuleta flame glowing here at AAM!

  36. Go to this link to see some gorgeous pics of David from his Fort Wayne, Indiana gig. I warn you, you’ll need to take a deep breath first!

  37. Katheryn – thanks for the warning to take a deep breath lol! Everything we love about David shines through in those photos.

  38. Look at this newspaper!! Im in!!!!!It said ‘Other Fans who came form afar including a girl wearing an other side of down bandana who flew in all the way from perth!!!!!!’ it!!!=]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_hOfaslb_udc/TOLEYkg8upI/AAAAAAAAC_0/r1G840kONME/s1600/woot.png

  39. hello Jo,
    Thanks for answering my question. hahaha… I was Rain’s fan until David came along. I attended Rain’s concert 3 years ago in Malaysia and boy!! he is a good dancer and a good entertainer. The press media here commented that he is a very polite young man and I guess most of the K-pop artists are. Rain had the same warm welcome as David – a very huge turnout at our airport!!! So happy to hear that Filipino loves David, yeah!!!

    About David’s coming to Malaysia in March 2011, well, all of us here put our fingers crossed, pray and hope that it will happen. 🙂 Look out for our news here!!

  40. Hi Akang,

    I Wish that David will come to Malaysia, I know there is a lot of Malaysian fans waiting for Him and excited to see him again. Just keep on praying that David will visit Malaysia soon. Everyone here in Philippines are also praying for that, just can’t get enough of David ha ha!

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