5 comments on “Hitzdotfm “hitz party” Interview

  1. Thank you for sharing!
    David mentioned, “definitely” when asked if he will return to Malaysia.
    So will see him very soon! Save up all your energy and money for his return.

    Hey Anne, Kylie and John,

    Do you think its too early to start planning and organizing the welcome team at the airport? Don’t forget to add in a dance or two. And oh! what about designing AAM t shirt and other souvenirs? I’m sure the AAMers will be glad to be actively involved in this special event.

    Hahaha! What am I rambling?

  2. Hey,how do we become official “Arch Angels”? Because the last time he came to Msia, many people had that Archuleta Avenue tshirt and got to meet him backstage. I still don’t know where they got it from. 😦

  3. eunice, i er… *awkward silence* LOL

    Rach, just email us your details (name,contact number,etc) and thats all!We dont have the shirts anymore but should there be a concert next year,we most probably will 😉

  4. Anne, that’s ok, I was just thinking “out loud!” I don’t mean to add any more stress on you and the others at this time.I’m sure you guys will be well prepared, especially with all the lovely AAMers here. 🙂

    I will love to be part of it when that day comes!

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