13 comments on “Pics from Singapore – by Sheba

  1. Sheba/Shu,

    Thank you for those precious snap shots. Great job! And oh! the special card to David, thank you for signing the card on behalf of us all at AAM.

    The petition is in safe hands now. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  2. Jin’s interview with David will air tonight during Hitz party from 8 to 12pm. Anyone can record and upload to youtube?

  3. Woot! Can’t wait for Jin’s interview. Hope I don’t miss it!

    Also, thanks for posting the pics. I hope it helps give some visual to Trace’s awesome recap and apologies in advance that there are no pics of David cause I was mostly taking vids..

    And Wilson! Hi! How awesome is it that your name is there! Pretty good birthday present right?! Hope you post here more often!

  4. Sheba – THANKS for your lovely pictures that speaks a thousand words and your videos, too.

    Woow…. Alfredo is sure handsome, right Trace? Don’t ask Trace, she is one-man woman. 🙂 Right Sheba??

  5. Haha Akang!
    Sure I’m a one-man woman! David all the way……!! 😀

    Cepat cepat somebody!! What channel is this Jin!?

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