40 comments on “Recap from Singapore – by Trace Ho

  1. It was so unbelievable to see David again!!! Can’t really put my feelings into words but this whole journey to Singapore was so worth it!! And David remembered me :))) I was speechless when he answered me “I do remember you!”

    Sigh…still having withdrawal symptom 😦 Anyway, i had a wonderful time with all of you-Shu Yee, Trace, Sheba and not to forget my aunt, Evelyn 😉

    Really hope David will come to KL soon!

  2. Ohmygosh! Reading Trace’s recap makes me want to cry 😥 I enjoyed reading it. Thank you trace for taking time to type out this lovely recap for all the AAM-mers. *sigh* I have to see david soon. I really miss him SO SO much!

  3. Trace,

    Thank you so much for the detailed description of your encounter with the only David Archuleta!!

    I agree with you, I still can’t find the right words to describe the similar feelings I had when I met David in Utah last March. And he gave me a big hug when I told him I am from Malaysia. I was speechless and in shock for several hours from that warm loving gesture of his. I didn’t expect a hug from him, knowing he isn’t much a hugger!

    His special presence and touch will linger in our minds and hearts for a looooong time.

    Hi Jolene! So glad you had a great reunion with David and AAMers! Waiting to read your thoughts and recaps.

    Now we shall wait for Shu and the others!
    Come on! cepat, cepat!

  4. hello Trace – welcome back to cloud 9 safely!!

    Thanks for your lovely recap. Shu, Sheba & you really know how to choose such lovely written and appropriate card for David. You sure have an elephant size memory!! Are you sure you did not leave any words out from the card?!! 🙂 Mission accomplished and await news from Sony Malaysia!!!

    hahaha…Shu must have the biggest aura amongst the hands that David had his hand on her…I mean touch her hand!!! Next time, I must stand beside Shu in David’s concert!! 🙂

    I can hear the screams… screams, excitements in Sheba’s videos and I also truly enjoyed his performances & the no fake smile, shake hands, mopping off his sweat during the autograph signing on my 17″ computer screen in my living room.

    Waiting for other ladies’ recap!! cepat..cepat..

  5. Good morning, aKang! I heard is holiday today!
    What holiday? Miss the multi holidays in Malaysia.
    We have the most holidays in the world! How nice!

    I am waiting for our ladies recaps here. Hahaha!

    Have a great day!

  6. Trace, I am going to send my recap to you for editing hahaha!

    aKang – I don’t think Trace left anything out, with sun beaming down, she read, she cried, she copied the words down and repeat the whole motion for a good hour hahaha! exaggerated abit lar.

    Eunice – is Hari Raya Haji today. Thank God, cos we have time to recuperate.

  7. Awww i love you folks!!!Thanks for the recap trace!The poem on the card is SO touching :’) Cant wait to read the rest of the recaps hehe!

  8. This recap is so full full of love :)and what can i say about the wordings in the card except it is just beautiful , just beautiful………Thanx Trace for the awesome recap

  9. hello eunice ~ I left in a hurry this morning that I forgot to mention that it must be lovely to get a “free” hug from David, what a beautiful memory. So, please put your come back home plan for next year so that we could attend his concert together in KL.

    hello Shuyee – hahaha… thanks for telling me that Trace did not miss a single word from the card thru her “watery” eyes under the hot sun!! Ah!! an hour to copy that piece and I think she is making it into a song?! I love teasing her!!! 🙂

    hey Trace – how is the editing going on. We are so anxious to hear Shu’s feeling, excitement, etc… so cepat..cepat!!

    o.OO David will be leaving Asia tomorrow!! Wow..he looks so fashionable in Manila!!!

  10. aKang .. hv not started on my recap:-((( Started, then backspace *repeat motion* hahaha! It will flow soon enough. Meantime, enjoying reading others recaps as well all the videos hmmmmm

  11. hey guys,can i like jus buy david’s calender & the poster without the CD?
    and is the preorder still up till nw??

  12. Hi Trace,
    The whole showcase was just out of this world… just can’t seem to put them down in words! Just to let you know we got back safetly to Perth at 9.15pm. It was awesome to be able to met up with your guys. We all from “down under” surely intend to do our re-caps soon and post it on AAM soon.

  13. Good Morning Shuyee!!

    Oh dear!! I hope I did not stress you out and I know it is difficult to pen a recap when all the fabulous words like “soooo Gggood” “awesome” “gorgeous” “gushing” “fallen deeply in love” were taken by Trace. 🙂

    Come to think of it, you have actually done your short recap before and after the showcase when you posted here. Questions:-

    1. How did you get to the first row ie 2 feet away from the stage?
    2. How did David know there were Malaysian fans amongst the Singaporean fans as Asian faces look the same to the Westerners except for Jolene. She has a special look that David remembers!! 🙂
    3. Where were David’s or Melinda’s reactions when 3 of you mentioned about concert in KL?
    4. What did you do to attract David’s attention to bend down to shake your hand? 🙂

    Oh mine!! 3 of you at zahdmusic’s blog looks delirious!! I guess it must be after the showcase.

    Gheezz…..I need to shoot off for an appointment now. Ciao.

  14. Hey it’s so nice to hear all your comments on my recap!

    Ohhhh Marianne
    I hope all those tears were happy ones! 🙂
    I know how you feel – we are all dying to see David soon – it never seems to be soon enough.

    Still having withdrawal symptoms? Take a panadol. 😀

    The reason I wrote the recap in detail, other than wanting you guys to enjoy the Spore experience vicariously, is to imprint it in my own mind…..not because I won’t remember it, but because a David-experience always seems so brief….he is here…he is gone…in a flash. After the showcase and also after having stood so close to him at the auto session, I felt like it never happened…..much too transient.

    Yes I hope David likes the card too! 🙂
    And that he too will find it touching enough to tell his management: I WANT TO GO TO MALAYSIA!! 😀

    Shu Yee
    Where is your recap? The editor is waiting!

    Thank you!

    Glad you guys arrived safely! Yes I had such fun with you guys!

    Our Miss Shu is quite, quite out of her element at the moment. Not only has she not given me her manuscript to edit, I believe she is still lolling about on some cloud, sipping her David-juice, and randomly moving her lips to the lyrics of MKOP….So, instead of rudely giving her a wake-up call, I will answer the questions you posed to her.

    1. How did she get into the 1st row at the showcase? She zoomed into Zouk as if her pants were on fire!……..oops, I forgot, she was wearing a dress.

    3. David’s and Melinda’s reactions were very positive…….am I right Shu? I was too busy looking and therefore not listening very well.

    4. Why David shook her hand? Well, Shu was squealing and screaming so very hard and looked as if she was on the verge of having a fainting spell that David decided to come to her rescue to prevent her from total self-destruction.

    Yes Ak, in the Zahdmusic blog, Sheba, Shu and I looked unkempt and sweaty but….. Sooo Happy! Woah!

  15. hey Sleeping Beauty (Trace) has woken up!! :-O

    Thanks for answering the questions on behalf of Shuyee. What about Q2?? On A1: I was thinking of getting the kind of shoe that Shu has and now maybe the dress, eh?!!!

    On Zahdmusic blog picture, I told you that all you ladies’ make-up were still intact and you don’t believe me!! 🙂

  16. Hey Trace. I never commented on the recap. Sorry, been busy since I got back but I love it!! Nice dig about the running haha!

    Anyways, awesome that you got it up so fast! You captured the experience perfectly!

    Jennie!!! You’re here! Yay! I heard from Shirley that there was mention in a newspaper about a girl from Perth wearing a TOSOD bandana!! Go Rachel! woot!

    I saw Zahdmusic blog and man, remind me to never agree to having a pic taken after waiting in line for more than five hours and being rained on during that wait lol! But you’re right Trace, what an experience! It was fun and only one guy would make it ABSOLUTELY worth it!

  17. Sheba
    I love the booradleigh vids and your pics! I think they’re the best in the “market”! 🙂

    You should stalk David all over the world and keep doing vids and pics of him!
    And I will follow from behind and do “instant” recaps.
    And Shu can……well, we’ll ask her when she decides to saunter down from her cloud.

    You don’t miss anything,do you? Sorry I don’t know the answer and I was trying to “sly” away without anyone noticing. Trust you to catch me red-handed! 😀
    Can anyone help?

    Guys -I forgot to mention that, just as we were parting after Bugis – Shirley, Jennie, Shu, Sheba, Mallorie, Eugenie, Katerina, Rachel and I – did a big group hug to say a prayer for David to wish him a safe trip to Manila, and thereon a safe trip back home to the States. Just thought you guys might want to know.

    I also forgot to mention that Sheba made several bandanas with the words Other Side Of Down printed on them, for anyone who wants to wear them. Rachel was wearing one, and Sheba too. I had mine tied around my arm.

  18. Trace, I just sent my recap to AAM – John. Wish I have your writing skills .. pants were on fire LOLLL!

    Remember our feet didnt hurt the whole two days until we said goodbye to David and the gang .. we felt our feet hurt so badly that we needed to be carried back to the hotel! Had such a great laugh that we p…. in our pants lol!

    aKang .. Q2- A Sim was carrying a Malaysian message all the time. She also prepared a card for David from Malaysian fans. She gave the card to DASG girl who went for the M&G before the showcase. He replied the card to her and wrote on the card that he misses his Malaysian Fans! How great that is!!! Also we kept shouting ‘come to Malaysia’ – ‘Malaysian Fans love you’ anything to capture his attention to MALAYSIAN!!

    Jennie! Hiiiii … so good to hear from you here! How are the girls?? What sweet memories we all have:-)

    Sheba .. we must meet soon! We were talking to meet up for pajamas party hahaha! How crazy is that!

  19. May I also add that is important that we vote /request David’s songs on our radio. The Phillippinos fans voted SBL to No.1 spot on their radio charts in the first week of release there. hmmmmm …

  20. Trace, Shu, Sheba and ladies from Perth!

    Sounds like you had a blast time together! Didn’t it feel good to let down your hairs? I love to do that someday.
    I will make sure I join you ladies one day!

    Love all your recaps, videos and pictures. Ladies you are on fire for David Archuleta!!! Keep the flame burning and I am sure he feels it from the Malaysian fans.

    Thank you for representing Malaysian fans/AAM!

  21. Akang,

    Looking forward to meeting you and all the ladies one day!
    Meanwhile, enjoy all the treats we can right here at AAM!

    Thank you AAM mods. You have created an Archuleta heaven for us dieheart fans.

  22. Hello Everyone!

    Greetings from Kuching, Sarawak.

    Thanks to Kylie we’ve managed to connect with Shu Yee before our Spore trip and thereafter got to meet the other lovely ladies ie Sheba and Trace.

    Man, this trip was so worthwhile in every sense and we are truly blessed to be able to witness David’s live performance at Zouk. The other best part is to able to meet like minded folks who loves David as much as we do 🙂

    Trace, your recap is spot on. Thanks for capturing every details and I especially loved our impromptu gathering at the end of the street. To others, we looked like a bunch of crazies – 4 grown ups and 4 teenager all acting goofy haha.

    Sheba – you took the best videos and like I’ve told you, thank goodness for your steady hands.

    Shu Yee – extremely honoured to have met you and your lovely sis…who knows the world is such a small place.

    Ok then, have a productive day everyone..it has been hard to focus on real life, still on the Archu-high 🙂

  23. Eunice, agree. When the David fans come together, young, in-betweens and old (like us) … spazz, scream, shout, sing … it’s a sight to behold.

    Guys, please request for the songs and vote for every chart available. We have to build this up for the Concert 2011.

    When David steps out of the arrival lounge at KLIA, we want him to see a huge swarm of fans, bigger and better than April 09. The ladies can then lead the mob dance.

  24. Evelyn is Jolene’s aunt (Jonathan’s mom). She flew in and flew back to KL after the showcase.

    My sister is Estee and lives in Singapore. She gave me a mouthful when I asked her to do a favour to pick up the passes for us. But at the end, she ‘secretly’ requested the same guy to look out for another pass. Woala..he did. That’s how she also got to come to the showcase. Not only she came, she stood for hours with me.. and had a great time!!!

  25. Hahaha! John, I think a letter is missing. I think its “G”— ‘gold’ for golden archies!!

    Someone is sensitive or offended with the word OLD! 🙂

  26. Shu! Thank you again for the recaps!!!

    I think your sister is a new convert now!

    David will be so pleased to learn that.

  27. Shu
    Please say a big Hello to Estee! I forgot to mention her name in my recap. I think she is a bigger fan than she thinks! 🙂

    I love the twist in the word! Gold for Old! 😀

    Maybe we are not crazy – just passionate! 😀

    As I don’t listen to the radio much, can you give me a few links to request David’s songs? 🙂

    I sure wanna be at the airport with you guys the next time, to make up for last year! Yeah we’ll have to make it REAL BIG REAL ROARING! Shall we strewn his path with rose petals so that he can stomp on them? 😀

  28. Hi Shu Yee

    Yay, we got back safetly and back to our normal routine. Hahaha…its really such a small world, just imagine the strong vibe we have from David that connects your niece to my cousin. Just spoke to her today and the recollection was so out of this world and we have intention to meet up at a “good place”. It was so crazy knowing how DA can really connect us with heaps of lovely friends around the world.

  29. hello Eunice,
    Yes, maybe we’ll meet here in KL or in Texas if David is having a concert in your area next year. I haven’t been to your part of the States before and it should be interesting!

    David will be performing in Dallas soon and is it near where you live?? Are you going?? 🙂

  30. Hey aKang,

    That will be fun.

    I am planning to go! This is my Christmas gift for myself! I am sure he will sing some Christmas songs from his Christmas cd.
    Not sure if there is any M/G session. I don’t think I have any oppotunity to meet him face to face.

    It is not too far, just around 25 minutes, downtown Dallas.

    Will check out the M/G session. If I can make it I will carry a big card, with this: “Please come to Malaysia soon. We miss you sooo much”

  31. hey eunice,

    Glad you are going and ENJOY yourself!! Love to hear your excitement from the other side of the world!! hahaha… about your sign – tell him that if he goes, then you can go home, otherwise, you cannot go home!! 😀

  32. What a shame the Malaysian Doubles in the Asian Games in Badminton lost….
    John, were you watching?

    There was a piece of good news Evelyn (Jolene’s aunt) gave me in Spore, which I forgot to mention earlier, and which sent me into a sort of semi-delirium……

    Someone (can’t remember who): There must be some big David Archuleta fans in Bangsar Village and Ikea.

    Evelyn: Why do you say that?

    Someone: Every time I went there, they were playing TOSOD!

    WOO HOO!! Maybe our mission was a success afterall!

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