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  1. To those who were there …can’t wait to hear your full recap:) Gosh must be total bliss to hear & see him at such a close distance and to talk to him…aiiiihhhhh

  2. farida!That reminds me…our lovely ladies owes us zouk recaps when they return πŸ˜› hehehe.

    love you too jamesy! haha!

  3. Hey Sheba,
    Just saw your vid of David signing at the auto session tonight on your youtube channel. hehehe…so cute that Melinda tries to wipe off his sweat… she really acts like his mother!!! πŸ™‚

    OK…. waiting patiently for all you ladies’ recap of the fabulous adventure {{whistling}}

  4. Superlate but just got back from Singapore. ShuYee, Trace and Jolene still there and will be driving back tomorrow.

    Akang, you saw the vid already. It was pretty funny right. Melinda should know better than to do that to a 19 year old guy in front of a whole load of people lol! She is such a mother.

    Have more vids of the auto but my internet is slow so having difficulties uploading.

    BUT I have to say that D was in a SUPER good mood today. His dimples were out in full force and not a sign of a fake smile. He was genuinely happy and singing along to his CD during the signing. Was really good to see πŸ™‚

    In fact even Melinda was all smiles πŸ™‚ I think they really enjoyed themselves this trip.

  5. Sheba,

    Thank you for all the great videos. You are a great photographer! Rest well! Hope to read more of your stories.

  6. Sheba, my husband commented that your videos awere so steady. Did you use a stand or hand held? If latter, hats off to you.

  7. hey Sheba, welcome back to cloud 9 safely!! hahaha.. Yup, I giggled when I saw Melinda’s action but I think she couldn’t help it when he is such a nice boy/guy. Wow… “full dimples in force and no fake smile” and we shall see it next year in KL! πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome videos and we are feeding on your excitement thru it these past 2 days. Waiting for your recap…

  8. Awww how can he NOT smile genuinely when he sees the loveeeeeee?

    In the TOSOD at Zouk vid, the fans were singing along, and David laughed and said that we knew the song/words. C’mon David, of course we do! Even the fans half way around his world know the words of his new songs by heart!

  9. Aww Melinda! <333

    and welcome back Sheba!!So glad to know that you guys had a rocking awesome time and so did David and Melinda!Lets hope this will be a STRONG encouragement for them to return back to this side of the world SOON HEHE.

  10. Just arrived back from Spore and still spazzzzy! Trace has been teasing me no end hahaha! Now enjoying all the videos ‘uploaded’ by Sheba:-D

    We not only enjoyed David’s singing at close range and signing session, but most of all hanging out with a group of amazing people with a common love for David! What a high feeling. Will write a recap soon.

    I know many of us are still ‘drunk’ by David:-DDD

  11. After a 5-hour drive through intermittent thunderstorms, all 3 of us – Shu Yee, Jolene and I arrived back safely in KL.

    AI-YO guys!!
    The Showcase was So Good….. the Auto Session was So Good (sorry, I have lost all sense of using better adjectives!)….Altogether, it was Sooo Gggooood!!

    Sheba, Evelyn and I arrived at Changi Airport, our hearts a-flutter, at about 11.45 am on Sunday. Rushed to the hotel to check in and dump our luggage……rushed to Zouk……Shu Yee was already there in the queue outside, since she arrived in Spore the day before, waving the passes in our faces. OMG such joy! The queue at that time made up mostly of Malaysians – such pride we felt ….but were also burdened with the worry that the queue was not building up soon enough. But by about 4.30 pm the queue was gaining a more respectable size. And many of us were singing and chanting David’s name.

    When the signal was given to enter Zouk, everyone ran in at such lightning speed as if their tails were on fire! (Sheba? πŸ˜€ ) We stood and waited for about 20 minutes before David revealed himself.
    OMG what a revelation it was! He looked so meltingly gooorrrgeous! giving us contagious smiles galore….. and the cheering and screaming sounded like it was going through the Zouk roof. It was delightfully deafening!

    He said a few things to us. Like what? Sorry I can’t remember….or maybe didn’t hear…..my brain had gone somewhere I know not where and my ears had lost their usual function of hearing……..

    He began to sing.

    ELEVATOR – fun fun fun! It used to be my least favourite song in the album. Now it is a different story.

    TOSOD – It is uncanny the way David does not need backup singers or even backup instruments to quantify the power of his sound – I guess all that is already embedded in his Voice!

    MKOP – David sat down at the keyboard….by then the crowd was getting rather upbeat and some young ones infront of me squealed the first few words of the song much to our utter horror. But they were immediately hushed up by a loud and horrified “SSSSSSHHHHHH………” from many of us. I believe you can hear it quite distinctly in Sheba’s vid. πŸ˜€ The beautiful vid of this taken by Sheba is unique – it was taken from a higher level, and you can see David’s fingers running through the keys.

    CRUSH – David introduced it by expressing his sentimental feeling towards it. His very first single. Sigh……….we feel the same way….

    SBL – His voice was rich and full. It is a song which I previously thought needed the backing of instrumentalisation but boy! did he NOT need it! Shu Yee will never forget this performance because it was during this song that he touched her hand. I managed to “share” that touch by rubbing my hand onto that hand of hers! πŸ˜€

    Amidst the continuous chanting of Encore Encore, he left the stage. He did peek his cute head out of the curtain once (more screams!) and waved, but he did not return to sing. During his very rushed exit towards his van/bus, surrounded by security guards – more deafening screams.

    To hear David sing in a smaller venue was something I’ve always craved for. After this craving was met that night (though not completely satisfied because I wanted more..more..more..), I found myself with my heart on my tongue..my tongue on my ears..my ears on my feet…the experience was out of this world…and I’m not even exaggerating.

    The next day was the auto-signing session at Bugis Junction. Shu Yee, Sheba and I went there early to buy a card to attach to the Petition. It was a beautiful card with words so apt and touching that I confess that I nearly cried every time I read them – and I read the card about 6 times. Here are the words for you guys to share:

    God has a plan for each of us.
    And I have a feeling that there is
    such a wonderful plan for you!
    I pray that the paths you walk
    and the roads you travel will take
    you to amazing places. Places where
    you see the possibilities, where you discover
    what it’s like when dreams
    come true and where you come
    to understand the promise and the
    potential of all the wonderful
    qualities inside you.

    I pray that God’s plan for you will
    gradually unfold before your eyes,
    and that – like guiding lights
    continually showing the way – you
    will find glimmers of hope and
    happiness shining every single day.

    I pray that the people in your life
    appreciate what it’s like to be in the
    presence of someone as special as
    you are. You have the kind of gifts
    that are given to so few.

    God has a plan for each of us…
    and I think there is an especially
    wonderful one …for you.

    The queue for the auto signing session, scheduled for 7 pm, started building up early. Halfway, the rain came. And we were standing/sitting out in the open. UP went the umbrellas (like Elevator) and DOWN again (like Elevator) about half an hour later. David arrived just before 7 pm. Did I say that the cheering and squealing at Zouk was loud? You ain’t heard nothing yet – the cheering and screaming here was louder than the loudest loud!..if you know what I mean…nevermind…can’t find the words…I’m still on Cloud 9..or 10..or falling asleep from exhaustion ……….

    David sat on the stage at a long table and Melinda was standing in attendance on his right, laying out the insets of the album before him. I was filled with anxiety as I had never gone so close to him before. But, once on the stage, I relaxed…..Melinda was very friendly and nice and David was …….nevermind…….more gushing will delay this recap till the next weekend.

    Shu Yee, Sheba and I virtually descended upon Melinda and David with gusto, gushing about AAM’s 2000+strong Petition with signatures for David to come to Malaysia early 2011……we are dying to see you, David……when are you coming David?……please come soon David…..we are waiting……………..
    I presented the Card (the words of which are as above) and the Petition, elegantly placed in a purple envelope, to Melinda, and she accepted it with the graciousness of a true professional.

    David stretched out his big man-hand which I took into my grateful and trembling one. And I told him how awesome he was at Zouk the night before. His oh-so-beautiful smile was ever present on his lips the whole time…….I sort of avoided the eyes…..I did not want trouble for the rest of my life.

    One thing really stood out for me after this encounter with him. He may be petite in size but his amazing aura is LARGER THAN LIFE.

    This trip down south will always be relished by me. Besides having fulfilled my dream of seeing David sing Live in a smaller venue, I have touched hands with him and witnessed an aura so unique and beautiful. Not only that, I have met and established firmer friendships with such crazily lovely people like Shu, Sheba, Jolene, Evelyn, Shirley, Jenny, Mallorie, Eugenie, Katrina, Rachel, Jonathan, Larissa, Sal and friends and many more.

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