6 comments on “Hope Never Fails.

  1. Anne, 🙂
    I BELIEVE Sony Msia when they said they are working for the concert next year. My christmas wish is for them to promote TOSOD in Malaysia thru press advertising. So far, 2 radio stations RedFm and FlyFM played SBL and Elevator many times a day. Love these 2 radio stations.

  2. aKang, me too! and yes,Red and Fly totally rocks!I hear SBL ALOT on Red everytime the radio in my office is on. Easily 3-4 spins within the day time at least!

  3. I don’t listen to the radio much but the few times I’ve turned it on I’ve heard SBL! Elevator I’ve only the heard the end once, after my friend called me to tell me it was playing. 😀

  4. Jeen yi, hope so too!

    ai lyn,only fly plays elevator regularly..Red is once in a while..Hitz…lol.taking it slow and easy. Mix…er.

  5. lol yeah fly is the only one I’ve heard Elevator on so far. I just heard Elevator for the 2nd time on the radio thanks to my friend. Apparently he’s number 2 on some chart show thing?! so cool! The number one song just started playing and idk how it got there lol.

    haha Hitz is still playing SBL only right. Mix discriminate against David. D: lol. Cuz everyone still anggap David as teeny bopper-ish. I saw ALTNOY vid on hitzTV the other day in a segment called Tween Pop that showed Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez and all that. and then my friend’s mom was all you like david archuleta so you should like justin bieber too today. Oh well. hahah.

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