29 comments on “Welcome Back to Asia, David!

  1. Looking at the vids and reading the recaps, I miss the time when David arrived here too 🙂
    Sadly, I wasn’t a member of AAM then. Wish I was, though 😦
    I still have the banner I was holding at the airport that day! Next time when he comes, I’m gonna hold it again 😀
    And this time, I can proudly say that I am a member of AAM 😀

  2. hi Anne – Don’t feel sad as we all know that David will be back to KL next year or in the future. We’ll save our annual leaves from today onwards to the day he comes or we go to one of his performances – ok? 🙂 The bright side is there would be a Malaysian contingent to his showcase tomorrow & the day after and I can’t wait for pictures of them holding the Malaysian flag at the waiting line. 🙂

    Shuyee – we all hope your mission will be accomplished!! Travel safe and enjoy yourself!!!.

    Oh! what a great sight of girls running around the Changi airport and I really had a good laugh!! So much Asian love for David. The next chaotic would be Manila!!

    I remembered reading an article where an Asian boy band came to Malaysia and one of the boys commented that both his hands had lots of scratch marks from girls who mobbed them while walking out of the airport. He was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt then. hahaha… Luckily David was all well-wrapped up. 🙂

  3. Hi guys, hv not seen David yet. We had our passes in our hands and ready to go for the showcase. I forgot to bring our malaysian flag:-((((. But managed to bring along our petition!! Pray that we will have an opportunity to hand it over to him. There are quite a few of us and will make sure is in his hands or Melinda’s.

  4. elynna, and i hope to see you then and give you a hug too! (:

    aKang,thanks for the reminder!Gotta keep our heads up and yes have to save annual leave hehe. and oh no..no scratching the Archuleta haha!But i think his fans respects and knows him well enough not to do that 😀

  5. Shuyee – Just kidding about the Malaysian flag!! My bad!! Nobody carries a flag to concerts/showcase except at sport events. Concert would be glow sticks, strong lungs & sing-along songs with the artist. 🙂 Just enjoy David’s voice at the showcase.

    We, AAMers will cross our fingers and toes in the right feng shui directions that you are able to pass the petition to David or Melinda or Sony Intl (if they are there) to hold a concert here soon. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear your updates. Have a good rest and sweet dreams!! 🙂 Tomorrow will be a hectic day for you guys!!!

  6. My goodness they literally pursued David all the way out the airport!!!Wow!!! they have some stamina for sure.

    Anne, Kylie and John,
    Did you guys do that when David arrived at KLIA last year? I thought you guys just stood and held the banner, singing.

  7. hello Anne – hahaha… the Asian boy band’s fans have claws!!! 🙂

    hello eunice – stay tune to our Malaysian contingent’s updates and hope their mission can be accomplished!! If yes, hope to see you in KL next year!!

  8. Eunice, it was more intense at KLIA. The moment David was in sight and accessible, the fans just wetn forward and swarmed around him like bees to honey. But AAMers held their ground, holding the banner and singing even though we saw our opportunity slipping by us.

    Lol when it was clear there was no safe passage through, they had to return to the arrival lounge to exit another way – the fans just FLEW through the terminal to the next possible exit.

  9. LOL yes i think we did flew. or at least at the rate we went,we almost did. hahahaha just laughing now thinking bout it xD

  10. the showcase is going to start in a couple of hours!! I’m so excited even though I’m not there lol. Taking a break from the Asian Games to start spazzing.

    lol sounds like you guys had so much fun welcoming David when he came here. I couldn’t be there but I will find a way to the airport next time. The swarming looks kind of crazy but quite tempting to join because some of them got to ‘meet’ him sort of. Haha.

  11. Anyone can tell me when he will be coming to malaysia?!! OMG~!! i cant wait !!! Pls tell me please~~~~!!! 🙂

  12. ai lyn,if he does come next year, and if they stil allow us to greet him at the airport (hahahaha) you have to join us! 😀

    nim,no confirmed dates or anything now..but lets keep our fingers crossed it would be sometime SOON in the future (:

  13. Hi guys, words cant express the joy I am feeling right now. Today’s experience is like my wildest dream come through. We were only 2 feet from the stage (first row) and I stressed my hand and he shook my hand!!! He sang 5 songs and quite a lot of interactions with the fans. Sheba will download it sooon!

    Will all about it when I get back. Tomorrow we will be going for the autograph session and will hv more to tell.

    A Sim gave him something to sign and he returned and wrote that he missed Malaysian Fans. So guys, keep pushing for him to come ok!!

  14. hey shuyee – thanks for your short superb update. Wow…. 2 feet away from David is so unbelievable!!! Continue to have fun tomorrow!!

    Sheba – we are patiently waiting for your vids..

  15. Hola, Trace and Sheba checking in! Have been trying to upload videos since forever but having some difficulty. Patience. Will provide link soon.

    Shuyee, you still hyper?? Lots of grammar mistakes in your post lor. haha! jk.

    Will give D the petition tomorrow so that he knows that Malaysia is dying to see him.

    On a lighter note. Can we just say that David looks absolutely GOOORGEOUS and we’ve fallen even deeper in love with him.

    My Kind of Perfect acoustic was absolute perfection. Vid will be up soon (hopefully).

  16. Anne! haha IF. I will definitely join you guys. Hopefully can get a ride to the airport from some people… coughhintcough xD

    ^Thank you for the vid, Sheba! 😀 still processing though haha can’t wait! been watching this one: http://youtu.be/594CVGd9PpI
    I seriously just died watching it in my room. and I wasn’t even actually THERE. You guys must be on cloud 9 right now hahah.

  17. oh my gosh. im so happy you guys got to go. not gonna lie, jealous as heck, but also so glad that you guys get to go and be all ‘malaysia represent, yo!’.

    also. david. david. david. why are you being everyone’s kind of perfect? aaaah. *hearts in my eyes*

  18. Thank you for the videos! Enjoy yourselves tomorrow.
    And yes! hand him the Petition! Shu or Trace!

  19. Oh! Kylie thanks for the detailed description of the KLIA’s episode. Wow! that must be a breathtaking moment.

    Great to recall those precious memories!

    I am sure David will return to Malaysia soon.

  20. Sheba,
    Thank YOU!!…wowwww.. your video cam is very good – crystal clear and David’s VOICE sounds so so good and you have great view, too.

    Shuyee – I think I saw your hands amongst the hands in one of Sheba’s videos. {wink-wink}

    Trace – hehehe… fallen deeply in love!! then you better put your ODD in tact for today’s auto session, otherwise you might frighten David. Have fun!! 🙂

    Wait for your further updates!! Have fun you gals.

  21. Ailyn,you can get a ride from me anytime! (:

    Shebaaa thanks for the videos!
    omgoshh i wonder how you ladies survived MKOP after hearing that live. MY HEART MELTED INTO A PUDDLE OF GOO.

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