82 comments on “New Vlog; David in Singapore!

  1. WHAT!!! the phone is expensive…and he’s going to singapore not malaysia… hope he’ll come to malaysia as soon as he can… i wanna see him in person… =D

  2. I know this may sound bad to a number of fans but I would rather have him come next January!!! SPM is nearing and if he does, I won’t be able to meet him in person again! 😦

  3. I think he will pop in to sing hi to all you Malaysian folks, afterall, he is just next door.
    Meanwhile, it may be wise to send Sony the petition signed by fans asap, hopefully there is still time to reach Jive and David, before they finalize the tour.

  4. Lol this reminds me of the ‘good’ old times when i was waiting for exam results and there was suspense…suspense…and more suspense in the air….

    Eunice,i sure hope so!It would be a crimeee LOL.After all,we’re neighbouring countries.It would be awesome to have the Sporean archies coming down here too.

  5. Ahaha, I have a story to share, inspired by David.

    So, after watching the vlog, I was basically JFJHFNVYFBMIFHVUIFHVJFNVUYFHVJF CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE to my friend, at which point it was re-confirmed for the kazillionth time that he is, in fact, A UNICORN PRINCELING OF ALL THINGS GOOD TO HAVE EVER EXISTED, EVER (TM).

    Shortly after, someone on my twitter feed was lamenting the lack of ideas for pumpkin carving. I tweeted her back, saying that she ought not perpetuate violence among defenseless pumpkins.

    The tweet streamline is something like this (in descending order):

    Me: Irony dictates that Halloween should also be ‘Stop Violence against Pumpkins’ day.

    Her: I could finger paint.

    Me: I love the Internet. http://www.arlecchino.org/pasquariello/spcp/ … There’s a FB group too.

    Turns out, there actually IS such a movement. We all laughed about it, and moved on.

    Today, I get a tweet from the author of the site, sincerely thanking me for spreading the word. Never mind that it was done in absolute jest, I can’t help but want to tweet him back a ‘You’re welcome.’

    The whole point of this post? IT IS DAVID ARCHULETA’S FAULT.

  6. Lol, ikr, Anne? There is. Although I honestly don’t think David knows that, haha.

  7. Anne / John / Kylie – still no news from Sony Malaysia of David coming to KL this month?? If no, then I can plan for my year-end holidays. Thanks.

  8. r we all need to buy that xpensive phone too if we want to go to his showcase in malaysia? owh i can’t afford that….=(

  9. No news from Sony yet about the possibility of David coming to Malaysia this quarter.

    Izzati the phone purchase is for Spore only as it’s a tie in with SingTel since David’s confirmed for Spore on Nov 14th.

    For Malaysia I think you would need to buy a Proton at least to get the tix! (just kidding πŸ™‚ )

  10. Cancelled my month-long holiday when I heard he was coming. Serious.

    Saving for that Proton. Joke.


  11. Whoa Trace, you cancelled your holiday!! Now that’s dedication!! And the thing is, I TOTALLY understand!

    So umm, anyone going to the auto signing in Singapore? It’s open to public right? Would be cool if he sang something as well..

    The phone has to be a no go unfortunately cause you need to sign up for a two year contract for Singtel! just as well, I guess cause way too expensive! Sure hope getting tix won’t be as difficult for the promo/showcase in Malaysia (if there is one).

  12. ahhhhhhhh KL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
    i couldnt afford 2 buy dat phone lor!

    Showcase Details:

    Date: 14th November 2010, Sunday
    Time: 6.00pm
    Venue: Zouk at 17 Jiak Kim Street

    Note: Fans will have to purchase the new N8 phone to be eligible for attendance to this closed-door event.

    ( i dont hv dat fon!n couldnt afford !)

    Autograph Session Details:

    Date: 15th November 2010, Monday
    Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
    Venue: Bugis Junction – Bugis Square, Level 1

    Fans will have to purchase a copy of David Archuleta’s The Other Side of Down, manufactured by Sony Music Singapore, to stand a chance to have it autographed by David Archuleta

    so John,anne rent a bus for AAMers!!hehehehhe!

    p.s : long time no c !! miss all my archukazens!

  13. Hi amira! Its been so long! Hope youre doing well. so malaysians can join the signing too as long as they have the sporean copy of TOSOD yes? any takers? lol

  14. Hey Amira! You are right. Rent a tour bus to Singapore! Imagine all the AAmers riding in that bus, singing and bouncing to TOSOD cd.

    What do you think Anne, John and Kylie?

  15. Guess y’all know by now that D’s not coming to Malaysia this time. Maybe next quarter for a concert yah?

    So it’s very important to get those names in for the petition.

  16. I have a friend who has a ticket to go to the showcase at Zouk SG. She can’t go cuz she is under 18. I’m not sure if she has given it away but if anyone here is interested, I can try asking her.

  17. I don’t wanna buy a new phone just to go to the concert. It is a concert, right? I hope it’s not another showcase. I waited for hours during his last showcase and he only sang six songs. I really we get a full concert next year if he comes to KL. πŸ™‚

  18. Ignore my comment above about the ticket, because my friend gave the ticket to her sister. Sorry!

  19. Nik it’s a showcase much like the one in KL last year. But this time SingTel is the main sponsor. I guess I was right in thinking that David is being paid substantial moolah to come all the way to Spore and do a showcase only.

  20. False alarm & false hopes given.

    I have to pass up on the SG autograph session. Have an event that I must attend that weekend.

  21. So he is not coming to KL. Raised my hopes and ruined my life. What a let-down.

    Moaning to the sounds of TOSOD:
    Dang dang……….Dang dang
    Dang dang……….Dang girl…….:(

  22. Elevator goes up (Coming to KL), Elevator goes down(NOT coming to KL) 😦 ….. ah well , ces’t la vie , happy for Pinoy Archies & SG Archies tho

  23. John told, my staffs that part of their KPI is to sign the petition, heh , am not gonna lie ,the coming days are gonna hurt…so near yet so far

  24. Dont give up just yet guys!We never know what might happen next year πŸ˜‰

    LOL farida!I wish that was part of my KPI too.I would gladly do it everyday hahahaha.Tell your staffs they’re lucky LOL

  25. Hey did I read right? That he is on his way to the Philippines? How did that happen? So last-minute? A proper concert or one of those closed-door things like Singapore? Geez..I’m so confused by all this rush-rush arrangements..

  26. Trace,seems like Phils and Spore are the only confirmed stops thus far. HAppy for the fans there but i dont get the management for making him come all the way here and not make full use of other stops. oh well..some things are beyond my comprehension i suppose hahaha

  27. Hey guys! Please listen carefully…I need someone to go with me to Singapore!!
    This yearning and frustration is too much for me to bear! I really need to go! But I don’t wanna go alone.
    Akang! Where are you!
    Please respond soon – tickets are either going fast or gone!

  28. Trace, what do you mean the tickets are going fast? I thought you hv to purchase the Nokia N8.. hv I missed something?

    From FB, there are a few M’sian planning to go .. Ami Archuleta, Melvin etc for the signing session. They were quite dissapointed that there will be no singing.

    I might consider .. why don’t you give me your email address. Will communicate from there.

  29. Sigh. Hopefully he’s not coming because they are planning a full blown concert next year.

    Also Trace and Shuyee, I might actually go for the auto session. Can’t really imagine sitting in KL knowing D will be an hour (by flight) away and not going out of my mind…

    So yeah. I might go..

  30. Wow…. ENJOY yourselves if you threesome (trace, shuyee & sheba) & a few of Malaysian are going for the autograph session the following week in Spore. Be sure to tell us of your adventure!! πŸ™‚

  31. Sheba
    Hi! I’m glad you are going for the auto session – that is the signing session right? You go, Sheba, and have a great time. I agree with you – just sitting here knowing that he is just across the causeway, makes me feel totally uncomfortable.

    I’m not so keen on that – but more interested to see him sing at Zouk. I wonder how the whole thing works. Does one actually buy the phone as you go into Zouk for the showcase?

    Or does one buy the phone from Sp beforehand? I tried googling but can’t find any info how to go about it.

  32. You guys think he’ll sing at the signing session? If he does, then why go to Zouk and buy the phone right? I dunno – so confused and traumatised.

  33. Trace, my SG friend won tickets from David’s singapore fansite. Try emailing the people at the fansite and see what they can do. I’m sure they’d like to have Malaysian fans there.

  34. Trace, Sheba .. if I do make plans to go, I will most probably be driving ok. Sheba, I hv ur mobile. Trace, emailing you.

    BTW, I am going to Sony Music Msia on Monday to collect my mystery gift I won on FB. Will press for some info and hopefully they will give us a ‘preference fan’ for the auto session. pray pray hehehe!

  35. Why do we hafta buy the %#@^*&! phone? Why don’t they just sell tickets?

    I don’t want his autograph nor a pic with him – been there, done that – I just want to hear him sing! πŸ™‚

  36. Sorry Trace , was out & about yesterday , for the Zouk showcase , not only do you need to buy N8 but you need to sign for 2 years wif Singtel. Hey , to those going to SG have fun & take care. Story us of your adventure :), Anne , my staffs are already lali wif my ODD ehehehehe

  37. Shu you have a sister in Spore right? Maybe she can buy….lets see….about 10 Nokia phones and just give us the tickets? LOL just kidding yah? πŸ™‚

  38. Shu Yee
    Woke up late. Will be calling you soon – today.

    Totally agree with you. I don’t need his autograph. I just wanna hear him SING SING SING, especially in a smaller venue than in a huge stadium.
    I will go further and buy the phone since mine is like 100 years old….but to sign a contract?…

  39. Ah those who are going to Singapore,have fun and travel safe! Hope you guys have a great time and send him our regards (can also ask him to come to Msia next year with puppy dog eyes..or to Melinda if shes there LOL) Would love to go if i could too but gotta work the next day..aih.

  40. Anne, so sorry to hear that you have to work and can’t be there to see David…i’m going to be there so will take more pics of him and send it to you guys πŸ™‚

    Shu Yee, what’s your phone number? I’ll be going to Singapore so maybe we can meet up at Bugis Junction. I’m so excited to see David!!!!

  41. Jolene, you going to Zouk?? *eyes with envy*:-(
    Could you email me your mobile: shuyee1001@yahoo.com. Will call you once I firm up my arrangements.

    David .. David .. David .. you turn our world up side down hmmmmmm! BUT is worth IT Weeeee!

  42. BTW Jolene .. are you going to meet him at the airport as welllll … we want to follow you hahahha!

  43. Shu Yee
    When you see Sony tomorrow to receive your mystery gift (congratulations!), can you ask them this:
    Since we are from Malaysia, can we buy the phone without signing the 2-year contract?

    (Listening to David sing in a smaller venue is probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience, unless if we go to the US. And also, we are not even certain whether he WILL come to KL next year. They changed their minds this year about coming – they can change their minds again next year.
    What we have to pay for the phone is exorbitant – but we can regard it as the price of a VVIP ticket.)

    Would you like me to come along with you to Sony?
    Two heads are better than one.

    But if the answer from them is NO, then I guess I’ll have to settle for half the loaf and just go for the auto session.

    You don’t have to be “jell-us” – why don’t you come with Shu Yee and me? It would be fun.

  44. Trace – David is the only reason I want to go to US! well .. good things come for those who wait hahaha! (Anne always quote this verse) One day, we not only make plans to go to spore, but to US weeee! See you tomorrow:-)

  45. Jolene,you’re going to Spore too? hehehe say hi to him for me if you happen to bump into him at the airport again πŸ˜›

    gosh how i wish i could go too 😦 Must start saving money for a (very distant) future trip to the US lol.

    shu,trace and everyone else whos going,have fun!

  46. Hey, Malaysia! You’ve simply got to listen to this bonus track from the Japanese version of David’s CD. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

  47. Hey, Malaysia! You’ve simply got to listen to this bonus track from the Japanese version of David’s CD. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! I hope it will be made available as a single on iTunes. If not, I may be forced into buying the Japanese CD!

  48. Katheryn
    Thank you! Love the song! Makes me feel like swaying on a beach under the coconut trees! πŸ˜€
    David the beachcomber! πŸ™‚

  49. OMG!!!!
    haih… now egypt n m’sia seem more far away… i wish i’m back HOME right now!!!! sob..sob..

  50. Hey ladies,

    Have a wonderful archutrip! Take alot of pictures with David! And send him our love.
    I wonder if it is too late to hand him the petition!
    Just to let him know how much Malaysian fans love him.

  51. whoa you guys are going to Singapore?! Malaysia represent! haha. Have a safe trip! and go crazy. πŸ˜€ I’m travelling to Johor with my fam like a David after David leaves Singapore. That’s the closest I’ll ever get. 😦
    btw do you guys know about the cellcast David Beyond Borders is hosting? πŸ˜€ I’ll be tuning in to that. First cellcast that isn’t super early in the morning.

    oh and happy 2-year anniversary of David’s first CD. πŸ˜€

  52. Hey did you guys see the rousing welcome David received at Changi Airport?? But not half as rousing as the one he got from Malaysians last year eh? πŸ˜€

  53. Thanks Katheryn! You’re up late! πŸ™‚
    No…no we Malaysians can do better….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  54. Suuch a lovely feeling to see David so loved!
    Will be in Singapore for the showcase with some wonderful AAM’ers!! Wheee…

  55. Okay, so I need to get some sleep, but first I’ve got to ask Malaysian fans to please vote for TOSOD on Billboard’s Best Album of 2010 poll. You first must mark the “Other” bubble and write in the following:

    ‘The Other Side of Down’ by David Archuleta

    Voting is unlimited!


    I prefer using this link. It loads faster:


  56. hello Trace & those wonderful AAMers who are going to David’s showcase this Sunday. Go and have a blast!! and tell us about your adventure. Wheee…wheee..

    Trace – remember to do what I asked you to do!! πŸ™‚ Dont worry gals, I did not ask Trace to kiss him!! hehehe…

  57. David is OUR timezoneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Gleeeee!

    The Changi vids really brought back memories. How I identify with their excitement and screams. KLIA was crazier than that. I think they were prepared this time. Lol.

    Now why are Asian fans so hyper??????

    Phillipines, get ready to explode!

  58. To those travelling to SG, safe travels and ENJOYYYYYYYYY! Scream. I told Shirley to make a huge poster and write “David, WHY NO KL?????”

  59. Kylie! That’s exactly what I thought. David’s in our timezone! ahahah. he is also about 600 km from me. Just sayin’.

    saw those Singapore welcome vids! wow craziness. and he was waving and smiling and signing even after his long flight. apparently he got his sharpie out and ready before he exited the arrival lounge hall thing. lol.

    also apparently Jin from hitz.fm is doing a phoner with David. https://twitter.com/jinnyboy
    don’t know if it’s too late to tweet questions. I bet the number one question will be whether he’s coming to Malaysia next year.

  60. Yes, we are so excited about going to see David .. but you know, it will be so much fun if more of you be there toooo! The M’sian flag flying; the AAM banners and the group singing and laughing and just talking everything David hahaha! No age and gender barriers … Just David!

    Our mission, to bring David to do a full concert in KL next year!

  61. Hi you go ladies!!!! Great idea, Kylie!!! Yes! make a big banner, ask “why No KL?”

    Have a great trip, Shu, Trace and many others!!!

    Hope you can hand him the petition from Malaysain fans!!!!

  62. Jamesy, why you no go?

    Shu, make sure to catch Melinda and program KL Concert 2011 into her brain … πŸ˜›

  63. Ai Lyn, still trying to find out when is/was the interview aired…. no one knows? No answer from twitter yet. Facebook?

  64. Please vote for TOSOD for Billboard’s Best Album of 2010. You need to select the “Other” bubble and write it in as follows:

    ‘The Other Side Of Down’ by David Archuleta

    There’s no limit to voting! The exposure David gained from winning Billboard’s Favorite Idol Alum poll was very positive, so let’s get him another win! (Note: This link loads faster.)


  65. Kylie! Jin posted on twitter that it’ll be aired during hitz party… which I airs at Idunnowhen. I haven’t listened to hitz in forever. I think hitz party is when they play club music and stuff on saturday on sunday night. but I’m not sure. =/ hope someone records it!

  66. I feel bad for posting so many times in a row lol but I thought I’d post it here before I forget!

    “Interview w @DavidArchie on @hitzdotfm will be aired next week on HitzParty either Tues or Thurs! Thanks @jinnyboy for informing:)”

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