42 comments on ““Not interesting enough…!”

  1. oh dear oh dear. All i will say is,

    someone give Ms.Melinda Goh a concert ticket for D’s VERY NEAR FUTURE CONCERT here when the time comes yah. HEHE.

  2. I don’t believe this! This woman, whatever her name is….does she have ears?….are her ears connected to her brain cells?…does she even have a brain?! Putting her in Clueless Reviewer is an act of kindness to her … I can think of other more suitable words….. but they won’t be suitable for printing here. Sheeesh to bad garbage.

    She didn’t have to like the songs…it’s her prerogative….but to find fault with his voice and describe it as “monotonous” and “needing improvement” shows her ignorance, total deafness, insensivity, having no knowledge of singing and therefore totally unsuitable for holding a job as a music reviewer and ” ……………………….” (you guys fill in the blanks.

    John do you know where I can send an email to NST? I never saw this article. I think a bombardment from us is in order. GGGrrrrr!

  3. I saw it in The Star this morning and had a double take. Luckily I was not eating then. πŸ™‚ At first I was so happy to see David’s album in the paper and then …… my goodness!! I’m in for Anne’s suggestion.

    Positive thinking – as most of the US critics said that after their first listen, David’s songs are very contagious and they had it on repeats, hence, who knows, maybe Melinda Goh is now bopping her head and shaking her shoulders in the car. After all, her review was based on her first listen. πŸ™‚

  4. obviously, saying that SBL is the best track on the album shows lack of good judgement. xD

    I think I sort of know where she’s coming from though, David’s unique singing style isn’t as evident on this album as it is live. but if I didn’t have David’s insane live performances to compare to, I’d still say his singing on this album is really great especially from when you can actually hear it without all the production. (like the part right after the bridge in STR and WIA, or MKOP, ’tis heavenly.)

  5. Singing live is a totally different beast compared to being in a studio. The energy and intimacy factor is magnified a hundred fold during a live performance. The impact therefore is more potent and the singer feeds off the energy. The same atmosphere is seldom duplicated in the studio. It takes a truly talented singer AND producer to create the same vocal performance in a cold, stark studio setting.

    Having said that though for anybody to suggest that David needs singing lessons is surely ludicrous. I think she probably equates ‘good’ singing to glory notes galore and melismatic vocal pyrotechnics that very often is totally unnecessary and beyond the bounds of good taste. This, in my opinion, is the ‘weakness’ of Adam Lambert. In the beginning I was amazed at the range of his voice especially coming from a male. But very quickly his singing became one dimensional as he went overboard most of the time and you were drowned in high notes and flourishes which became very grating and frankly boring. There was no balance and you were taken to the rafters ALL the time. The audience need to breath and have quiet, reflective moments too when listening.

    One of the strengths of David as a vocalist is that he doesn’t go overboard with his vocal gymnastics. A soft emphasis here and there, a slight raise of pitch and the occasional barn busting glory notes is what sets him apart from many other ‘singers’ I think Ms Goh totally miss the point about singing and it’s ability to evoke emotions and moods without needing to raise the roof all the time.

  6. I think she just needs to watch this (esp 2:25):

    or maybe…this?

    More than enough proof. πŸ˜‰


  8. I think she’s Melody (so unbefitting her the name!) Goh and the review was in Sunday Star,not NST. I assume some reviewers do not listen to CDs passed to them in full, properly or more than once before reviewing. Some songs do not hit the right note with listeners at the 1st spin; so maybe she should have given TOSOD another chance. Having said that, David does sound whole more impressive live πŸ™‚ somehow producers either stifle his vocal warmth / magic in the studio or can’t capture it.

    Can’t wait for his concert πŸ™‚ I couldn’t hear him at Sunway the other time lol

  9. ^Ah yeah I remember her. I’ve read her reviews in The Star since forever and I think her reviews are not… much. Like they’re super short and don’t tell important things. Idk. Yeah. Haha. I don’t know why I still read them.

    Totally, John. He knows how to exercise control when needed but isn’t afraid to let loose either.

    And as David is super talented it’s a matter of time before he gets to making album that fully showcase his insanely awesome voice. Would love to see what’d happen if he produced or at least co-produced his own album.

  10. Dang! Was it The Star? My bad lol.

    Sorry NST. Hope y’all didn’t act on my suggestion and bombarded the paper hehe πŸ™‚

  11. This reviewer has obviously been listening to so many auto-tuned, studio-enhanced vocals that she doesn’t know real talent when she hears it. Don’t worry. I’m sure there were critics in Leonardo da Vinci’s day who thought his paintings needed improvement!

    Okay, so here’s a legitimate poll that needs your votes. PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS – Which American Idol runner up is your favorite? (This poll was authored by the website itself.) As usual, our main competition are the Glamberts, so please vote as often as you can! There are six days left to vote.


  12. She is just tone deaf! Or not a fan of David afterall.

    John what about writing to set the record straight. She needs some polishing,both in her ears and mind.

  13. Eunice

    I tried to look online for her review at the paper to add my comments but couldn’t find it. Will try again later.

    Most reviewers, I think, are lazy and don’t bother to do their homework thus they mostly do a hack job.

  14. John,

    Take your time to track her down. We can’t let her go without confrontation. Otherwise, she thinks she’s doing a great review. Her review may cause harm to David’s career some if not more.

    Too bad, I am no writer, will have to depend on you sir! Hopefully, Trace and others can team up and refute her review too.

  15. Eunice
    You are right.
    “We can’t let her go without confrontation. Otherwise, she thinks she’s doing a great review. Her review may cause harm to David’s career some if not more.”
    This is the kind of strong emotion I was trying to “stir up” in supportiveness of David when I posted my comments above. As John said, most reviewers are lazy and they think they can get away with doing lazy work. Many readers of the national newspapers will take it to be true because they will believe anything that is printed. I second your proposal that we write in and at least let the truth be known. Eunice, You don’t have to be a “writer” to offer your opinions (I’m not a great one either – I’m just terribly “vocal”. Haha)

    John I have not submitted my comments to them because I was hoping you might initiate it. After you have submitted yours, I will definitely follow up by sending mine. And I hope some others will follow through too. We don’t have to be sarcastic or aggressive – just tell them the truth about David and also that very “musically knowledgable” woman!

  16. Off-topic. But still relevant to loving David.
    John, Akang, Anne, Shuyee and……..

    Don’t forget
    Ikea – this Saturday – 2 pm.
    I’m bringing a copy of TOSOD just in case they need to be gifted.
    If one of you has a spare copy of CFTH (I have only 1 copy) it might be a good idea to bring it too. Xmas is approaching and they will be playing Xmas music soon!

  17. I hear you Trace. I am behind you all the way.

    Have a great and fun Davidian time at Ikea this Saturday! Yes, play the CEFT cd too. That will create a Christmassssy atmosphere!

    Wish I can join you folks. Enjoy!!

  18. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    That’s all I have to say.

  19. Except for those fortunate enough to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert with special guest DAVID ARCHULETA, the rest of us will have to wait until late 2011 to see the concert televised and purchase the DVD. The good news is that David will be appearing on PBS this year! Here’s a trailer for Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas. David comes in at the 0:17 mark!

  20. Hey, guys. Please stream “Falling Stars” at this Mediabase website. It looks like the song may be released as the next single. In fact, Melinda Bell hinted as much in a tweet today. I’m happy to say they have it listed in the Hot AC category rather than Top 40. Could Jive finally be acknowledging that David also has adult fans?!


  21. hey Trace, I hear you about this Saturday. As you’re aware that I have not been to Ikea – Ikano Center for ages, I don’t know where Ikea Lobby is. Is it:-

    1) the area where the children play room is i.e. near the flight of stairs (same level with the road); or

    2) the starting point of the apartment style showrooms??

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  22. I heard about this post from my mum this morning and oh boy I was grumbling and mumbling to my mum how wrong this lady is~~~ T_T

    To critic on how David should improve on his singing style is just ridiculous.
    Yes, first listen matters, but to comment based on that isn’t enough. She should have listen to it again. And again.
    If she’s not a fan, or prefers another idol more than David, as a reviewer/writer, she shouldn’t be bias.
    To review a song or a whole album, takes time… should have really, REALLY listen to all the songs; lyrics, voice projection, melody… etc. before putting up a review where a the whole nation can read.
    (Probably that’s the reason why they didn’t put the review online… fans from all over the world might come and bomb the whole review into million of pieces. =S)

    Seriously… She needs to listen to the album again and write another review.
    This kind of review is so unfair! D:
    Rewrite!!! Why did the star release the review anyway? :((
    Monotonous, not interesting enough? Please laa~
    Go back and listen to the album again.

    btw miss reviewer… David CAN improve more! 8D
    He can and he will and he’s gonna be awesome! πŸ˜‰
    (he’s already awesome and he can be awesome of the awesomeness!!) Heck yeah! ;D

    I agree on buying her a ticket to David’s concert in the future and writing a letter to the reviewer!

  23. Trace … I will see you guys there at 2pm:-))

    The reviewer .. must find out who the editor of this column who approved such a ‘shallow’ review hmmmmmmm!

  24. Thanks Katheryn,

    Thanks for sharing the Celtic Christmas.

    So good to hear that the song, Falling Star is getting the attention. It is a great song.

  25. Akang
    Yes it is on the road level. Below the staircase and escalator. Just outside the toilets (haha)
    If you are unsure, I can pick you up from outside Tropicana City.

    Ditto to Eunice – thank you for the Celtic Xmas vid.
    I wonder if we’ll be able to get the dvd later. I doubt it – will probably have to depend on the internet.

  26. Trace and AAMers,

    Have a great Archuleta time at Ikea!!!! πŸ™‚

    Is anyone video taping the party? Please post them here. Dying to see you folks dancing around.

  27. I managed to find some reviews done by Melody Goh in the past but there isn’t any way to post comments directly and there’s no email contact to which we can write to. So they have covered all their tracks lol. I think the paper knows that they may well get a lot of response from irate fans.

    I think Ms Goh started her review with a jaundiced view of American Idol alums singing abilities especially young artists and wasn’t open minded enough to get past that mindset. Her review of Selena Gomez’s effort were even more scathing whereas she was positively gushing over Sarah Bareillies’ CD.

    Katheryn thanks for the news on the Hot AC charts. It’s obvious that Jive really doesn’t know how to market David. They want to pin him as a teen sensation but I don’t think David fits that category that well and now they’re trying the adult audiences. Hope it works.

  28. John,
    Thank you for the great research on our Miss Goh!Too bad we can’t reach her. But don’t give up, she will review some other singers in the near future.
    Hopefully, someone will get to her besides us!!

    Any news about David’s Asia Tour?

  29. Write a review and then hide under a security blanket to block off readers’ comments eh?
    Sounds like either apathy or cowardice to me.
    How are we going to reach a status of a “progressive society” in 9 1/2 years’ time?

  30. hi Trace – OK. Thanks and see you there!! If I don’t see you, I see whether I can “page” you by saying Trace David Archuleta – please come to the information counter, your mama Lupe is looking for you!!! hehehe… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  31. Just visited other fan site and I’m really confused by David – what is he doing?? Why is he at Ariel, Zoey and Eli young children show when he should be at adult talk shows like Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, The View, etc … Oh dear!! 😦

  32. Mama Lupe together with Jazzie, Claudia, Daniel and Amber in tow lol

    aKang don’t know much about that childrens show you mentioned but it’s really up to David’s management to get him on the adult circuit so don’t really know why they think a kids show will bring him mileage. Maybe it was David who wanted to be there.

    Not much happening Jive.

  33. John, this is what I’m talking about which was taped recently.

    See you tomorrow, if you’re coming!

  34. My, my! you folks are so archuhilarious! I can imagine what it will be like when all of you congregate at Ikea!!! hahaha! Imagine hearing, the announcement,” Trace, John, Anne or etcc Archuleta, your mama Lupe, is paging for you!”

    Love you folks! Have a grand archuleta party!!!
    Play all the songs from TOSOD and Cfhristmas cd.

  35. I disagree with that review. She should listen to the whole album again before posting it. Of course, if you’ve got a natural talent like David, you don’t need autotune to sound better and that’s why your live performances will always top the studio versions. It took my mom several listens before she starts to like all the songs in the album, Parachute’s and Airplanes being her favourite. Mine too! His voice is not interesting? And Adam Lambert’s is? Not denying that he has big voice but screaming nearly all his songs doesn’t make you ‘interesting’. It almost makes you predictable. David’s vocals in My Kind Of Perfect is one of the best on his album, especially during the bridge. Makes me want to practice my singing too. I’m not just saying this cause I’m a fan but as a view in general. Sheesh! Bias reviewer.

  36. Hi Nik, love your honest review vs Missy M’s bias review!

    Haven’t seen you for a long time! How are you?

  37. Yeah, been caught up with other stuff lately. Finished PMR already, so I have time to relax and I’m feeling fine, thank you πŸ˜€

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