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  1. The article is lovely and the vid even more lovely. David is beginning to have a little swagger of confidence in his walk (back view)……I liiike!

    The questions you have raised – I find it difficult to think about, let alone write about it. But, in the face of “adversity” (no promo but plentiful duh people), I will attempt to give you guys my 2-cents’ worth….

    1. Does David have the ability to resonate with the masses? I will have to say: I don’t think so.
    Not the masses. Not for another 3 years or so. He will find his niche in an ever-growing group of people who will stand solidly and staunchly behind him.

    He does not fit into today’s trend, the traits of which we have talked about many times. Gone are the days when: Good is good and Beautiful is beautiful. Nowadays it is more like: Bad is good and Ugly is beautiful. Je ne comprend pas.

    2. Is his “childish image” “negative” to his career?
    I will say: No.
    As a fan of the feminine gender, I find his “goofiness” endearing, and his “seldom-going-to-the-point” way of rambling hilarious and lovable.
    Every female fan will agree with me, I’m sure.

    When we were watching Forrest Gump the movie, did we not love him? I’m not saying David reminds me of Forrest Gump, but since you mentioned it…….who is Opie by the way?

    Our anticipation of him being an instant huge commercially-successful star, has probably been overly magnified in our minds and in our hearts – and who can blame us? He is so darn talented. Unfortunately the trend of the music being what it is now, it is not easily attainable for David to reach the dizzy heights we so earnestly and, justifiably, wish for him. What I think we can expect now is:
    Slow and Steady – but SOLID
    Shock antics appeal instantly but goofy and honest David will outlast that.
    Yes, David is admittedly goofy but I see it as part of his artistic licence…
    But he is definitely NOT “childish”! Listen to his lyrics, people!

  2. Opie was a character in a TV series back in the 60s who with his fictional father and aunt Bee lived in a town called Mayberry.

    In the show Opie was a boy who grew up learning live lessons from his father who was the town sheriff. All done in a very innocent and goodie goodie kind of way. I wouldn’t say I loved the character of Forrest Gump. It was more of empathy for the runt of the litter so to speak. You know rooting for the underdog?

    David may appear mature and accomplished in his musical moments but off stage he seems to have not outgrown his ‘puppy’ phase – at least that’s the impression that a lot of people get. I think that’s why many older music fans dismiss his music off hand. They see the likes of John Mayer and Michael Buble for example and David’s personality certainly appears ‘childish’ by comparison. I like to call it ‘childlike’ instead which connotes a more positive outlook rather than the cynical, doom and gloom judgements of many people.

  3. John I term it childlike as well , it is a pity should they dismiss him purely on this reason because his songs has depth & substance and relatable to all of us irrespective of age

  4. continuation
    He is childlike becuse of his purity of heart.
    He has no deviousness – which probably is an adult thing.

  5. Oh yeah. Childlike he is but so much more mature and wise compared with stars twice his age who are widely popular for *ehem* certain..stuff.lol. *shallnotmentionnames*

  6. I think I see what you mean, John. I remember, there was a point during Season 7 when I simply couldn’t take a second where David was on my screen. At the time, he seemed too pretentious and precocious. After about two weeks of “UGH THAT KID GTFO OFF MY SCREEN”, it dawned on me (and the rest of the world, probably?) that he was real, in an awkward, genuine but totally awesomely adorable way.

    While he has shed a lot of that obliviousness, I believe that his current attitude to life is no longer childish naiveté but a conscious choice to see, believe, and do good. His lyrics and songs say a lot about him; there is a delicious hint of a sassy young man, who has wit to strike back with people he’s comfortable with, yet smart enough to play to the crowd’s tune. I’m not implying that he is fake; he’s far from it, but he simply knows the lines that lie in the media between David Archuleta, the musician, and David Archuleta, the guy who is dorky and bursts into random tunes.

    Tl;dr, the point with David is that he puts who he is out there, but you have to give him a chance first, to see the person. He shouldn’t ever be faulted or criticized for being positive or childlike – there is nothing wrong with admiring the blue skies, or getting excited over rainbows, or anything like that. Heck, more people should be like that.

    Why are we so afraid of praising the good? Of admiring nature’s beauty in the ordinary days? David isn’t.

  7. So lovely reading all your comments.

    Yes, childlike he is indeed!! 🙂 To us, we accepted his awkward behaviour as adorable, endearing and funny. When he started acting mature during interviews, I’m glad so that people will take him seriously but alas at times he is not, that’s where the childish term comes into my mind, too. I’m glad he is turning 20 soon 🙂 otherwise, people still think he is either 16 or 17 years old. I dont know whether it’s a blessing or a curse to look youthful because it seems Ryan Seacrest and Simon Fuller still kept asking his age when he last appeared on tv. Even my colleague guessed 16 when she saw his 2011 calendar. I guess his label does not know how to “market” him – a cross-road between teens and adults.

    It’s blessing for us to be the amongst the first few to be able to feel for his songs through his beautiful voice. That’s good for me!!! A young gentleman 🙂 and not a young boy!

  8. James 🙂

    I luv your observations! You have such a way with words and they ring with wisdom and truth 🙂

    It’s true that David lets it all hang out so to speak. What you see is what you get. He once commented that he will not pretend to be what he isn’t just to amuse people or go with the flow. It’s a theme that he touches on in his songs for TOSOD.

    In the article above I highlighted the last sentence ” I feel like the point of life is to look at all the good things we have, The more you focus on that, that’ll be more of your outcome.” This is a great attitude to adopt and one of many truisms that are taught by personal development teachers – you bring into your life that which you focus on. It’s an adage that we should all adopt both young and old.

    Unfortunately this is often met with cynicism and criticized as unrealistic and….well ‘childish’ Most people would not make the effort to see the actual person beneath the “aw shucks’ manner and subsequently dismiss him / her immediately.

    It’s their loss I say.

  9. “There is nothing wrong (or childish) with admiring blue skies or getting excited over rainbows.”

    “Why are we so afraid of praising the good or of admiring nature’s beauty?”

    I see and heart you! Good point!!
    The world has lost its innocence. But David hasn’t.
    We should all read The Little Prince.

    Yes we need more people like David Archuleta in this world.

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