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  1. Great review & great insight John πŸ™‚ TOSOD is pure pop in its truest sense and i find it so addictive πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I lurve that David is a rebel of sorts with his refusal to conform to the formulaic , powder puff confectionery of his peers but instead opted to have the album Davidized & yes the lyrics to STR made me ponder too !!

  2. Enjoyed reading your review john! I agree on your observation of Stomping the Roses as well! Different side of David. I Liiiike. The song is growing more on me with each spin. and eventhough i didnt call Look Around as one of my early favs, the song is also growing on me alot and with each spin,i find myself tapping my feet and singing along to the chorus hehe.

    and the ‘melancholy longing’ in MKOP… aih.i have no words.no words.

  3. i meant TOSOD the album , heh πŸ™‚ , this album is my kind of prozac hehehe. Yeah Anne the melancholy longing in MKOP is so heartfelt. You can’t help but love him more for allowing us to see his vulnerable side , now that takes courage!

  4. John, just for my own curiousity, can you give some examples of albums already released (past/present) that you would like.want David to head towards?

  5. John .. you sure know how to pen a review. You can also watch all the videos of David preview of the album. Amazing insight to this young man.

    I lost count how many times I have listened to this album. One thing for sure .. I must end with MKOP before turning off the lights and go to bed with a smile on my face hmmmmmmm:-)

  6. Kylie
    The 2 releases that quickly comes to mind are ‘Mistaken Identity’ by Kim Carnes and ‘Tapestry’ by Carole King – both huge albums with great songs and stories. They’re very ‘old’ artistes I’m afraid and not the cup of tea of the Bieber generation.

    The former is from the 80s and the latter from the 70s a time when song crafting and true singing were highly admired skills. More current artists would be the likes of Billy Joel who wrote great songs and could really sing. Kim Carnes in fact is well known for her raspy vocals which lent a very distinct quality to her music.

    These artists and others like them took a lot of pride in their chosen profession and could be said to be gifted in that they found inspiration in all sorts of unusual circumstances. There was a lot of attention to detail and were introspective in the creation of their music and you could personally identify with it.
    Nowadays it’s just the synthesizers and autotune, mix in a driving techno beat, throw out a suggestive video and voila you have a hit!

    A more recent example would be Janet Jackson in her earlier albums like ‘Control’, ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ in which she used her music to make statements about herself and the way she saw the world. I thought it was very refreshing for a R&B artists to do so.

  7. That was a great review, John!!

    And it was very honest by saying even though there is no one truly outstanding track on the album, he is heading towards the right direction. After all, this is really his, as you put it, it is his `babies’.

    At the moment, MKOP is growing more and more on me and I can’t stop the sound of the piano accompaniment in my head. It really makes me want to go back to play the piano again..haha πŸ™‚

  8. John
    I have delayed my response to your review after reading it this morning, hoping the day, while spinning the album umpteen more times and watching tennis in-between, will bring me some “intelligent” thoughts. But. Sorry. Those supposedly “intelligent” thoughts didn’t come. (LOL) Can’t think of anything to add. Your review was so insightful and your favourites are my favourites too. So what can I say? Brilliant, John, brilliant.

    But may I ask you to consider adding to your favourist list, Good Place, as well. My perception of the lyrics is that he is singing to us; that he is grateful we are there for him. Sentimental David. And sentimental me too. Without sounding too foolish or fangirlish, whenever I hear this song, I feel a lump in my throat…

    I love the way you put it…..he lay down his own musical pedigree…..that alone is enough to earn him, very soon in the future, his rightful and well-deserved place amongst all the other music greats.

  9. John – good review & what is your rating of this album?? πŸ™‚ Agreed that David is much more better than his generation because his voice is beautiful with heavy sounding wherelse the young artists are all having lighter sounding vocal.

    My favourites are TOSOD, Elevator, SBL, Who I am, Look Around, P&A & Complain. These catchy songs really makes me happy and I could sing along here and there without really knowing the lyrics. MKOP is just ok for me. I prefer “You Can”. Maybe a few more spins and also look at the lyrics more closely, I will change my mind. πŸ™‚

    Now I know why David delayed his release of this album so that he can add in more “oh oh oh oh to Look Around & yeah yeah” to most of his songs. πŸ™‚

    My “non-fans” family members (bribe them!) likes SBL, Elevator and TOSOD. They said that David voice sounds different in this album. Oh yes, David’s voice has gone deeper as compared to his first album.

    hey Trace – yaoshio and I did it!! We have completed 500 words to John’s 2,000 words review as promised. πŸ™‚ What!, you only have 4 favourites out of 12? Yaoshio beats us all ~ 12 out of 12!! hahaha….

  10. hi Kylie, you have asked a very interesting question. My take would be Five for Fighting & Sting type of music when David grows much more mature. πŸ™‚

  11. omgosh yessss! I LOVE Five for Fighting’s music!Clever yet meaningful lyrics that tells a story..would definitely love seeing David taking that kinda route hehe.

    btw,just curious..which song do you guys think would be most suitable as the next single in your opinion? πŸ˜›

  12. My, my! These are very insightful and honest reviews to all 12 of his songs. I wish David has the opportunity to read them! He will be so encouraged!

  13. It really bugs me that people dismiss David’s music on the flimsy excuse that they find him childish. If by being positive and steadfast in the face of adversity, polite and well mannered, god fearing, caring and open hearted is being childish then yeah I wish everyone was childish as heck. Does he have to live his life the way Lindsay Lohan does before he’s seen as relevant? I wish people would review his music based on merits and not let personal feelings cloud their judgement.

    Trace I listened to Good Place more closely and yeah I agree that it’s a good song. Especially the part where he sings:

    “I don’t wanna waste another summer
    I don’t wanna wait until I fall
    I could be a memory tomorrow
    I could be nothing at all
    I don’t know how I ended up in this space
    But it’s a good place”

    Sounds to me he’s talking about his Idol days and the Idol Summer tour.
    Amy now I have 5 favourites! πŸ™‚

    Kylie, I also like Alanis Morissette and Jewel’s music. Their 1st 2 albums were awesome. I used to listen to them endlessly in my car πŸ™‚ Pity that Jewel decided to sex up her image later.

  14. AKang and Yaoshio
    You guys cheated. Both of you combined is less than 500 words. (I think! I started counting but lost count lol) Add another 200 next time and it will be TKOP (Trace’s kind of perfect tee hee!)

    Yes, you are right, his voice this time is deeper. I remember reading somewhere that Eman (while recording FS) suggested that David sings it with a different voice:

    When you forget me
    When you don’t remember my name…..

    He must have activated his third vocal cord…hahaha

    I love the last word he sang in FS: …Yeah….

    Just sit down ..or lie down… and calm down…in a comfortable bed…and listen to MKOP with your eyes closed and your mind blank….at ease…with no earthly problems bothering you….it will transport you to another level of joy and wonderment…and bliss…

  15. John
    I’m glad Good Place has found a good place on your list of favourites. Woo hoo!
    Now, let’s see what other song I can “influence” you with…..

    Many people have remarked that he is cheesy, and his music/lyrics cheesy. David himself, if I remember well, in one of his tweets, or maybe it was during an interview, he said something like:
    ” You need to be brave to be cheesy”.

    So my take is: When it comes to the basic admirable things in life like loving, caring, being positive and clean-spirited, polite, open-hearted, there is always a certain amount of “cheesiness” involved.
    It is about “being honest” and “being true” and “being sincere”.
    Most people shy away from this and try to be what the world now considers to be “cool”.

    In fact, I think David is probably one of the “coolest” persons on this planet.

    Because he is not afraid to be seen as “cheesy”.
    Because he is not afraid to be part of the norm.
    He is a brave young man who does not bow down to the idiotic demands of the celebrity world.

    That is why I’m very impressed by your statement:
    “He laid down his own musical pedigree”
    And may I add: “He laid down his own pedigree SELF”.

  16. Trace, haha.. aKang did combine the words to make up the 500 words…haha πŸ™‚

    John, now that you’ve mentioned Good Place, I am listening to this track as I write this. I discovered that this song has a bit of classical essence in it, I think they included cello in one of the instruments being played. It is nice.

    About the lyrics of Good Place, I couldn’t agree more with John that he was talking about his Idol days πŸ™‚

    aKang, seriously, I love them all, I couldn’t find any tracks which I would say to anyone that I don’t like it!!! πŸ˜€

  17. Loving all the lively discussions and reviews goin on here. Just like the good ol times, only better. Miss it indeed (:

    Gah.With each listen,i just grow to love each song more and more (x1000). Especially Falling Stars.

    Talking abt Good Place,definitely one of the most relatable songs in the album in regards to where david has been and currently is. Feels like hes telling us directly through that song.

  18. ;( I can’t believe it.. REALLY JOHN? When did they get divorced? I cried uncontrollably yesterday when I listened to Falling Stars again.. I didn’t think that it was true.. But I guess it is now..

  19. According to Rickey.org: “David’s album will be premiering at Number 15 with 23,675 copies sold.”

    Yes Irda they filed for divorce in Feb. 2009

  20. Anne to answer your question of which song should be the next single – maybe they should try a ballad (shocking ain’t it?!)
    After all critics have always pigeonholed David as nothing more than ‘ballad boy’ so if you can’t beat them….

  21. Anne
    I am so glad that you relate to GP too.
    It is one of the most touching songs – together with FS and MKOP.

    Those sales figures are sorrowfully low although I know some experts have already predicted it earlier on. No.15 doesn’t sound too bad but 23,675 sounds quite ridiculous, considering the huge fanbase David has. I really feel for him at this juncture. Hopefully, future exposure and his tour will help.

    Do you think not having leakages, snippets etc could have created better sales?
    Or is it just the economic situation, especially in the US?

  22. The sales figure is so disheartening and a disservice to TOSOD. This is a GOOD album.Main culprit could be lack of radio play, illegal downloads and minimal promo. Hopefully the new management would be able to address this situation , pronto. I agree the next single to either be FS or MKOP

  23. The market for CD sales is generally low in the current music industry because fans usually download singles only – legally or otherwise. Nowadays selling a million units is a big achievement and gone are the days when music acts would routinely move 5 million or more.

    In David’s case, he’s not a ‘huge’ mainstream star and thus is not expected to generate large sales. A lot of the people who voted for him during American Idol have moved on to support other artists and so he’s left with his core fans which isn’t very large if you compare him to say a Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga. In fact a good indicator of 1st weeks sales for his album is the 1st week sales for SBL which was about the same number.

    Based on tweeter followers Lady Gaga for example has 5 million followers compared to 500K for David. A BIG difference so David’s core fans will never be enough to generate a large sales number. He needs more fans which means more promotions, publicity, tours, marketing etc. Unfortunately Jive doesn’t seem to be doing much of any of these things.

    I think the AOL stream probably resulted in a lot of illegal downloads off the internet as well.

    David needs a big hit song, without which I don’t see much hope of him getting the sort of career that we envision for him. Crush may have sold nearly 2 million downloads but it didn’t get a whole lot of radio spins and so he’s still relatively unknown to many music consumers. It’s a sad but unfortunately harsh reality for our young man. Taylor Swift’s debut album took off only after her second single “Teardrops On My Guitar” became a big hit. Before that she was languishing

    I get the feeling though that David is not particularly bothered about attaining superstar status. He’s more than happy with the magnitude of the career he has at the moment which can be very frustrating for us fans who wish more for him.

  24. Trace – what!! my article did not meet 500 words? Impossible, the word count said 503!! πŸ™‚ aiyoh, I have deleted so many words last night!! Then I shall continue… I put my mind “on cruise mode” since the route to my workplace is pretty embedded in my brain so that I can listen to Good Place’s lyrics intensely. Immediately associate him to his AI years like John commented above. Music wise just mediocre hence it did not stand out for me. Lyrics is a A+.

    John – I think David is particular about the sales numbers and I’m just speculating here based on his today’s tweet which I normally don’t read too much to it:-

    β€œIf we do not do what we are suppose to do then we should not be surprised when the end result is a disappointment- and we have no one to blame but ourselves.”

    I guess his Elevator dreams delay him in signing his new management company thus lacking promo for his hard laboured album. Holiday season is round the corner and look at David’s schedule – nothing in Nov and just a few “Xmas” events in Dec (wonder whether they are going to include his pop songs to these events πŸ™‚ ) No tours announcement yet and what Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious News are you going to share with us?? We are still waiting!!

    Anne – my guess for his next single is TOSOD as he needs to capture the teens, tweens and also those need to be de-stressed from work (down..down..down…) It’s really a catchy song. He needs to show non-fans that he can sing pop songs real well which he did!!!. What is your guess?? πŸ™‚

    Yashio – I knew your favourites were 12.5 out of 12. The 0.5 is the sound of the piano accompaniment that you are hearing in your head. πŸ™‚

    Trace – now I have accomplished the 500 words!! woohooo….My korean tv drama is going to start soon…ciao!!

  25. AKang
    You are so cute hahaha you have exceeded my expectations! Well done! Keep it up!

    Yes I wondered about that tweet as well. I hope he is not disheartened about the decisions he made on the album. My heart really goes out to him since he had worked so hard on it.

    My dua sens worth of opinion on the singles he should have released are:
    1st single: TOSOD
    2nd single: MKOP

    Am rather surprised the 2nd single is Elevator. I’ve listened to it many many times, thinking that I may have missed something. I STILL don’t get it. Hmmm…I must have missed something…

  26. Hmm.Interesting to read all the feedbacks hehe.
    Gosh..regarding which should be the most suitable single next,i have no clue myself despite me bringing up the topic loll. Personally,i gave up trying to predict which song would be/could be a radio hit nowdays because it seems its a rather unpredictable thing. Unless its rap-infused with catchy beat then probably yeah cos that seems to be the trend these days lol.

    Still,i couldnt help but imagine certain songs i hear on TOSOD being played on radio lol.A few of i ‘shortlisted’ are TOSOD, Stomping the Roses, Falling Stars,PandA.

    In a way, despite my big love for STR, PandA and TOSOD, im thinking of Falling Stars as a single cos most of his past singles have been more uptembo,fast songs and he never actually released a ballad as asingle (excluding ALTNOY). And some ballads do really well on radio sometimes. In fact some artists(ie Leona Lewis) seem to have released all ballads as singles . Besides, most of us fell in love with David singing a ballad for the first time so history might repeat itself with non-fans? heh. and…. Im rambling and so i better stop. Maybe this calls for a new poll? bahaha.

    *im still really curious which song would Jive/David chose as the next single though xD

  27. Amy
    maybe that tweet was aimed at Jive?!
    Fans have always complained that Jive has not been doing what it should in promoting David and he’s beginning to come to the same conclusion hence the tweet. We’ll never know for sure what he really meant though. I just hope his new management is committed enough to really get his promotion and publicity campaign going.

    As for the next single my choice would be Falling Stars. Reason being that it’s a mid tempo ballad, written by the same people that wrote Crush.The lyrics are heart felt without being mushy and David’s vocals really defines the tone of the song which is one of regret, inevitability but strength. That’s my dua cents worth πŸ™‚

  28. John, i read the link you gave above. Awesome review indeed. And i like how she described Melinda. Seems like Melinda is definitely doing her job well thus far, replying to fans and keeping us in the loop etc. Lets hope the new management will indeed promote David much better than his previous one did.

    Falling Stars is ❀

  29. That vid link was a good read.
    And Elevator, performed LIVE, with audience participation and David’s coaxing, was actually very entertaining. Perhaps I will come around to that song afterall heh heh!

  30. Have you guys seen the vid of the 2 kids – brother 11yrs old, sister 5 years old – singing SBL? It is so cute!!

  31. Thanks John for the link .. good read!

    Right now I only listen to TOSOD .. n have lost touch with other artists *shake head*. Can’t imagine when he finally release a Spanish album … for sure my Spanish will improve leap and bounds:-))

    I still love MKOP .. but ‘Falling Starts’ will be a good single .. very relatable; so much emotion n meaning in the lyrics… n the music – love the slow start n moving on to the drum beat. Awesome!

  32. hey Trace – what were you doing at 4:34pm yesterday when you’re supposed to be splashing water colours on your canvas while listening to Elevator. I’m sure you had found your inspiration especially the last verse!! πŸ™‚

    John – you might be right about that tweet. This shows David is unhappy with the way his label is handling this album which has so far garnered positive reviews from critics. I guess he knew it from the start, that’s why he penned this lyric – “I dont care if Jeff Frenster is calling”. I like his subtle approach – a sign of adulthood. πŸ™‚

    hi shuyee – we know you’ll be the official AAM’s translator for the Spanish album once it is out!! Right, John? πŸ™‚

    Yesterday, I had an extra time during my lunch hour and I popped into the music store. They are playing David’s CD and XXXXX sure sound good!! In order to do a survey, I asked the sale person how is the album and he said good. I asked which song does he likes? Guess what he said?? To be continued….I got to go, my favourite tv programme is on now!!! Talk to you guys later.

  33. 9 out of 10 times I walk into Ikea, David’s songs are played. Very curious the person in charge of music there:-) Hope he/she has TOSOD!! Shopping in Ikea has such a happy feeling:-DD

  34. Continue…

    The guy said “none” and he doesn’t like him (David). Oh!! I guess he must have seen my surprised face and quickly said that I would like his songs. I asked how many copies were sold and he said if I to buy now, it would be the first copy. [Nice sale pitch!!] So, I bought it to start the ball rolling πŸ™‚ StR was playing at the background and one of his co-workers walked into the cashier area, smiled and said he likes StR. Got rock feel. πŸ™‚

    So, now I have an extra copy so I gifted it to my yoga buddy (late 20s) who accompanied me to the Glambert concert. She promised to hear all the songs and let me know her favourites. I’m actually dying to hear from non-fan what they like and that “none” guy was no help!! πŸ™‚

    shuyee – I have not been to Ikea for ages. Songs from his first album or TOSOD?? I heard zero gravity at one of the shops and it’s sure a nice feeling and I stayed a little bit longer until the song finished. hahaha….

  35. Shu Yee
    I totally agee with you. Although MKOP is my personal favourite, my belief now is FS should be the next single.

    Ikea is so David Fans- friendly. I’ve had a few experiences of their David-on-rotation too. Kept me in the store until the cd is finished even though I have the cd at home. Haha


    During that time you mentioned, I was wondering whether you had the guts to holler David’s name during the Glambert show heheh! Bet you didn’t, Coward.

    Actually, I was:

    Slow in my reality inside an empty box
    That’s filled with air
    But I didn’t care

    I have no inspiration to paint at the moment AK. Nadal lost in the Shanghai Open and David’s sales are not so desirable.

    Don’t you know that guys, especially the Malaysian variety, don’t like David? (Our John is one of the precious few)

  36. Shu Yee
    Sorry I didn’t finish what I wanted to say just now. Was a little blur (still blur…) We must find out who in Ikea is in charge of the music in the store!! Does anyone know? We have to gift Ikea a copy!!

  37. LOL aKang..maybe that guy too shy to admit he does like David somehow πŸ˜› and ooohh im sure STR would have sounded LOVELYYY in the music store. Can’t wait for my turn to hear TOSOD playing in one. Heh..this reminds me of…the time Lily and I went to some music stores and helped to “ehem* “arrange” some of D’s debut albums on the shelf. lol.

    and yeahh shu,i totally agree abt ikea!I seldom go but when i do get to go,ive heard David’s songs being played on several separate occasions!Hmm if only we knew who to gift TOSOD to.

  38. Trace – Ikea here we come with a gift to you and know you will love it hahaha! Shall find out soon!

    David’s No.13 on billboard on 1st week isn’t bad right? Ok .. 24,000 isn’t much. I am not chart savy person but what I read in Idolchat .. it seems David did better than the other AI in terms of their 1st week album sales.

    I noticed Rock Corner at 1U don’t put up David’s TOSOD poster .. darn … should sweet talk him!

    Anyway, I am just so happy to be the few in the country who absolutely adores David and what a joy his music brings.

  39. Hi, Malaysia! Sorry I haven’t visited for a while, but life has been busy.

    John, I respectfully disagree with your analysis that “there is no one truly outstanding track on the album.” While I happen to believe most of the songs on the album beat the dreck that passes for music on radio these day, I especially love the title track. The first time I listened to just the little snippet I could hear echoes of the Beatles in the rhythm and harmonies. Speaking of the “Other Side of Down,” here’s a video of the rescue of the Chilean miners set to the song. I guarantee you’ll be crying happy tears when you watch this!

  40. Did you guys see the SBL video on MTV Hits?!
    I woke up this morning, 10 mins ago, checked MTV to see if there was anything about David, and there he was, singing SBL. Good morning David! Go David!

  41. hey Trace, Good morning. You’re up early!! πŸ™‚ Nice to see SBL video on your tv screen instead of computer screen, right? So, got inspiration to start splashing water colours or not??

    I wonder who is doing promotion for David in Malaysia – Sony? Anyone knows?? If it is Sony, they could have taken this golden opportunity to promote David’s new album, putting SBL and Elevator-on-rotation together with a bunch of songs and flashes David’s face on two big screens on the stage during the “waiting hour” at Glambert’s concert. I realized 95% of the concert goers were AI viewers because while I was buying the glow sticks and talking how good David’s new album is to my yoga buddy, a group of girls turned and stared at me. They stared not becoz I have put on the lighted devil’s horn hair band but the mention of David’s name. πŸ™‚ I did not do a shout out (luckily did not or else my lungs would hv burst due to the noise pollution up to the max) but instead did a mini promotion!!!

    shuyee – no poster at Rock Corner, KLCC, too but David’s CD is placed at “latest” section on the wall rack. Should we put it up after shopping mall hours??!! πŸ™‚

    anne – the XXXX song greeted me at the music store was TOSOD!!! It sounds real good when the volume is turned up!!! Yes, I hung around until the 4th track…hahaha…

    hi Katheryn – πŸ™‚ nice video. Any of David’s song on your radio stations yet?

  42. Hey good day too AKang! And all you archies!
    Yes I woke up early….David’s voice was calling through SBL via MTV! haha

    “Splashing water colours”?! AK, is that the way you describe my beautiful paintings? Haha! You should come and see my paintings some time – they’re really quite something – so everyone tells me – a little self-promotion there. haha

    Sony could have at least put up a pic and an article in the Star or some paper to promote TOSOD like when the Crush album came out. I don’t understand it at all. I feel like I need to stomp some roses..or orchids..or whatever!! Maybe, people.

    Yes AK, let’s go put up a David banner infront of all those duh stores after shopping hours!!
    And go round re-arranging all the cds!!
    Hmmm..I like the idea.

    Long time no hear!
    I am interested to hear which other songs you like besides the title track.

  43. akang,ohh the XXX song was TOSOD isittt!I thought it was STR haha! Bet it sounded awesome blasting in the store πŸ˜€

    Hi Katheryn!Great to see you back here! Thanks for sharing the video with us!A truly touching tale of the Chilean miners indeed!And the absolutely perfect song to go along with it hehe

  44. Katheryn
    The TOSOD lyrics were so apt for the Chilean situation. Thank you for posting the touching vid.

  45. Whoa there was a jaw-fest goin on and I missed it all πŸ™‚ Been watching the Commonwealth games badminton.

    Katheryn good to see you after a while πŸ™‚ . It’s perfectly alright for you or anyone to disagree with my review. In fact I welcome it πŸ™‚ Good healthy debate never hurt anyone.
    Thanks for the vid of the Chilean miners. It’s absolutely heart warming to know that all of them got out alive.

    My, my looks like you ladies were busy checking out the various record stores in the Klang valley. Brings back memories of when the first album came out. All those ‘arranging’ of stocks on the shelf lol.

    I think David has a lot more guy fans in Malaysia than we know of. They’re just not secure enough to own up for fear of being laughed at which is ridiculous. At AAM, other than me we also have Jason Goh, Jonathan Lee, Allester Epin a.k.a TurtleBoy and Yoashio who are huge David Archuleta fans and who are not afraid to let the whole world know πŸ™‚

    Yah looks like Sony is the Malaysian version of Jive – absolutely zilch promotions! No paper ad, no radio announcements etc. David will have to work his butt off on his own to get people to notice the album.

  46. A DC fan , Kylie remember Diha? loves SBL ever since she heard it on the radio and when i played the whole Cd in the car for her to listen to while i try to nonchalantly drive and pretend that i am not looking at her reaction when she hears the song ,am pleased to report that her eyes got rounder when she heard Parachutes & Airplanes and am even more pleased to tell you guys that she exclaimed ” This is good! You are giving me his CD for my birthday right?” She commented his voice sounds stronger & the songs has a younger vibe to it

  47. Oops! I forgot Yaoshio! Good for Yaoshio!
    And good for Jason, Jonathan and Allester too!

  48. hey Trace – hahaha…Sure, I would love to see your paintings one of these days. Think of it “Splashing Water Colours” sound a good fun title for your next painting in tandem with David’s youthful bouncy songs πŸ™‚ You may want to do it with the “Elevator” on!!!

    Anne – yes, yes, yes, TOSOD sounds really really good in the music store, the music beats are awesome. Thousand times better than Elevator or SBL or StR. πŸ™‚

    hey farida – It’s really nice to hear your friend loves the album. Which songs does she likes?? hahaha… smart of her to hint what kind of birthday gift she would likes!!! πŸ™‚

  49. oops – *she would like!!*

    Aiyoh!! Didn’t know guys who like David are so shy – John, or yaoshio please go and have a word with the “none” young skinny guy in the music store!!! πŸ™‚

  50. Farida
    Yay for more converts! πŸ™‚

    The more I listen to TOSOD the more I feel that it would have made a great debut album. Many of it’s emotions and moods are so appropriate for what was going on during season 7 and the ensuing months after that. Listening to the songs I can easily equate certain time periods and situations with the songs on TOSOD like during the competition weeks, the tour and also the negative press that appeared in between.
    Maybe an album like TOSOD would have cemented David’s position in pop music more then.

  51. I’m so happy this morning:

    1. John has come round to my 1-cent worth opinion, that TOSOD should have been the debut single.
    It reflects the theme of the whole album. It has a catchy melody. And the beat is to die for. And I suspect this was David’s choice for the debut single – not SBL. (But I do like SBL too)

    2.What Anne said – “real men are not afraid to express their love for the Archuleta”. I love that. Yes guys, there is no need to hide behind that mask of “coolness”! The new Cool is the Archuleta Cool!

    Let’s go to Ikea soon and talk to somebody about TOSOD! David NEEDS exposure. We must do what we can, how ever small.
    And BV too. They play the Crush album often.
    Anyone else wanna come?

  52. oh boy!we should have an AAM gathering at Ikea!I LOVE that place. and their meatballs too.hahaha.

    Imagine getting TOSOD played in the background as we chatter away at the cafe? That would be a really good way to wind down after all the craziness at work lately. sigh.

  53. hi Trace & Shuyee – Yes!! It would be lovely to see both of you again. Tell me the time & date. eh…! Trace – what does BV stands for?? πŸ™‚

    Anne – Do come. Trace will definitely make you laugh like crazy!! πŸ™‚

  54. Anne, Akang, Shuyee

    Hey! I’m so glad the response is so positive.
    Shall we meet at the Ikea Lobby at 2 pm this Saturday? So that Anne can join us after work?
    Feel free to suggest an alternative date or time.
    Any other lurker who wants to join us, please do come!

    Meatballs and David – here we come!

    BV is Bangsar Village.

  55. IKEA is one of my favouritest places on Earth!
    So can I join the soiree too? Huh can I?

  56. Yes! Most definitely John! Would love to see you again.
    So many “geh po’s” going to Ikea woo hoo!!

  57. Hey Akang ! sorry out of the loop for a bit , fyi have given her the cd as an advance birthday gift her birthday is in Dec btw. Her current fave is SBL and i can safely say her 2nd fave is MKOP πŸ™‚

  58. She also finds Elevator a cute song , all in all she says TOSOD is WAAAAYYYYY better than his debut album. Crush was the only song she enjoyed from the first album

  59. hello Trace,

    Oh NO!! I have a seminar (snoring..zzzzz) to attend this Saturday, 23rd. Is the date confirmed??

    hi Farida, Thanks for your info. No TOSOD?! I hope she will like more than 3 songs and she certainly has good taste in music. πŸ™‚

  60. Hey! I love to join you folks but too far. Will imagine you playing David’s songs at Ikea!!

    Please share with us your exciting gathering.

  61. haha Akang , me thinks she loves all the songs will ask her again after 1 week’s worth of hearing!( Just gave her the cd last Tuesday )

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