121 comments on “TOSOD Pre-Order!!


    OK, question time!!

    1. I would like to order, but what details do you need from me?

    2. Also, how would I get the album? Will it be delivered or is it self-collection?

    3. And.. how do I make payment?

    I WANT I WANT I WANT!! Thank you 😀

  2. You’re right Anne….Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Will be sending you my details in an email after this.
    At long last!!

  3. aiks so sorry abt forgetting the details earlier LOL. we have yet to figure out the payment methods but you can place ur order first.we’ll let you know soon (:

  4. It’s basically the same method as CFTH pre-order campaign – pay into a designated account once you pre-order and collect from a designation location. With CFTH, we distributed the cds at Subang Parade.

    For outstation, we can do the mail delivery but need to consider the postage cost and the poster ………

  5. This is really a big gift for me!!!
    The off released date in Malaysia is the last day of my PMR!!! thanks god!!!
    Btw i’ve just sent in my details..

  6. Awesome! About the delivery, is it at all possible to pick up from Sony Malaysia’s office like the first album? That’s kinda nearer to me than Subang. Just a question. It’s okay if cannot. You know I’ll pick it anywhere haha!

  7. fazy, we weren’t told about the price for the non pre order TOSOD. Should be the same but we’ll let you know when we got it checked out (:

    sheba, i think you can pick it up form Sony itself if you want to..will get back to you on that 😀

    Kelvin, you mean the one on the Official Site? Afraid we don’t have that sorry 😦 Only the msian edition.

  8. OMG!I am so freaking excited!!!AHHHHH!!!
    I would like to collect the CD at Sony Music too..
    Sending my order right away!
    Thank you AAM!

  9. anne. zoe (from penang) here . i want the pre order archie’s album ! dont forget me.. wheeeee… ❤

  10. Alicia and all

    The calendar is a 2011 calendar with the last 3 months of 2010 thrown in.

    Postage costs will be posted on the site as soon as we can get some estimates from Pos Malaysia.

    Payment method is only through a specified bank account which we will let you know by email. I’m sorry but this is the only method we will use as we don’t have any paypal account. Please do not worry about the safety of your money as every cent will be honestly accounted for.

  11. zoe, wont forget you one!hahaha!Hope you’re doin well! 😀

    sheba, only 5 more dayssssssssssssss! 😀 😀

  12. Hey! I smell excitement in the air.
    Don’t worry folks! AAM mods are very professional and experienced in handling your orders. They have been serving all fans faithfully for the past 2 years!

    Thank you all AAM mods!!!

  13. This is a reminder to all to state whether you are collecting the CD or rather it to be mailed to you.

  14. Helloooo…I have a question. Well, I don’t live in KL, so I’d have to get it mailed. Does that mean it’ll arrive later than 8 Oct?

    Oh, and will AAM use those kinds of mailing solutions which provide tracking numbers which you can track online?

  15. kpy

    If u require overnight delivery than we will use pos laju which will involve higher postage charges. For normal mail which is cheaper expect 2-3 working days for delivery in Peninsula and 7-9 working days in East Malaysia.

    We will endeavour to post the CDs by the 8th October so as to get them to fans ASAP hopefully before the 12th.


    Sony malaysia’s office is in Solaris Dutamas

  16. Thanks so much for the quick reply, John! ^__^ Do let us know the postage rates soon? 😀

  17. WHEEEE! I have a question.. I was so excited when I found out that we could pre order the album yesterday, so i immediately sent my order! Problem is, i just found out today that i had to state whether im gonna collect the CD myself or have it posted! OH NO!! What am i supposed to do?? Anne! Johnny! Anybody! HELP ME!!


  19. hello AAM!

    Actually i won a signed deluxe album from DBB.which version (DVD or CD), i don’t know…but i want the calender and the poster so bad! Can i just buy the side items???

    Can I? Can I?


  20. No worries Irda!You can just send us back the same mail you did earlier informing that you nee it to be mailed or not hehe.

    Thanks for all the support you guys!So good to see that the love and support for David is still going strong over the years! He would be so proud ❤

  21. Hi Izzati! What’s DBB btw? Cant figure that out at the moment LoL.
    Abt the calendar and poster,im not sure if you could buy them seperately but most probably not as they’re premiums that comes with purchase of the album..sorry bout that 😦

  22. owh DBB stands for David Beyond Borders…..

    owh….=( but i might gonna pre-order the album.not sure yet. now thinking what should i do if i have 2 TOSOD album….hahaha…..


  23. I’ve the same prob as Irda and i’ve resend u a new email… hope to hear from u soon…
    All my friends and i can’t wait for the day the album is released officially… it would be a really really really big inspiration for us to do well in PMR.. =)

  24. Omg, yay! I’ve been very good with not spoiling myself, aside from Elevator, so it’s going to be a-ma-waitforit-zing!

    Thanks again, mods, ❤ you guys tons. If you need any help, will be glad to lend a hand.

    Also to anyone who might be concerned, the mods have been doing this for almost 2 years and are incredibly dedicated and professional. I say this only because I understand people may have doubts with liaising about money online. No worries guys, it's all about the music here. =)

    Now if you'll excuse me, going to spam their mail account. XD

  25. If i want to pre-order the album, where should i send the details? i mean what’s the e-mail address? thanks!

  26. izzati, oohh!i see i see! Hehe dont worry,you still have Oct 6th to decide 😀

    Zoe,we’ll email you the details soon,hang in there yea! (:

    Hi drexar,good to see you again! 😀

    jamesy! hugs and ❤ to you! 🙂

    I've edited the post abt where to send the details to and the inclusion of whether you want postage/pick up method as well. Sorry for the confusion folks..hands full lately haha. Let me know if there's anythg else I need/should add to the post! (:

  27. hey, will the pickup place be at Subang Parade again? Because i don’t really know how to get there on my own >.< And can i transfer the money online (through maybank2u)? That saves the trouble of my mom running to the bank 🙂 Can't wait for the album!

  28. AAM is doing it again!!! Well done!

    Placed my order today…

    Can’t wait for the date to come!!! Hope to see u guys again soon 🙂

  29. i just pre-ordered the album!!!! and i need u to respond to it asap coz of some reason….plzzz…thanks!


  30. You can transfer cash thru Maybank or any bank which has Giro facilities.

    The pick up will most probably be at Subang Parade although there may be a change. Will let you guys know in due time.

  31. Hi izzati..you have to use a Cash deposit machine. Its really simple. When we email you the bank account number,take down that number and deposit the money into that account number using a cash deposit machine. Make sure to check the name of the account holder/number is same as the one we emailed you. Print out the receipt,keep it and just wait for TOSOD to come to you 😛

  32. sorry… but how you guys will know if the person that have put money using a cash deposit machine is me? can you explain? it’s secure or not? and if i keep the receipt… how you guys will know the proof of my payment? can AAM tell me? i know i might sound like jakun… he he he he 🙂

  33. owh gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! owh nooooooo!!!!!!!!! Anne!!!!!!!! i just transferred the money using the atm machine…..from my acc to the acc no. that AAM have sent to me (Soon *** Ching’s)……..owh noooooo! what should i do? but i still keep the transaction slip. want me to show u the slip? btw, did i transferred the money to the right acc?


  34. hm… i’m so excited…. i just pre-ordered the album… plz respond to me as soon as possible… 🙂 i want to make the payment as soon as possible…. so i can sit back and relax to wait the cd….. whoaaaaa…. i can’t wait! LOL….

  35. ATM transfer is possible even if you do it from other banks, as long as they are in the same MEPS network.. Just choose interbank transfer

    After that, just keep the transaction slip, AAM will be able to tell that transaction is yours…
    Just sharing my experience… 🙂

  36. Just a suggestion: those worried about pickups, why don’t you tell us the area range you’d be most comfortable in, and maybe there *may* be people who can help pick it up for you.

  37. just sent aam an email!
    Prefered pick up range: Damansara area/ Bandar Utama/ Ttdi 🙂


    Off topic, but please vote for David on the new Portrait Magazine poll — Top 30 Under 30 2010:


    You’ll note that David won the “Most Beautiful Inside and Out” poll and now appears on the cover of the October issue! Let’s also get him a win for the new poll. (He’s currently in 3rd place.) Depending on your internet connection, you may be able to vote every day if you clear cookies between votes. Here are some other voting tips posted at FanScene:

    1) Email trusted friends and family members with the link to the poll and ask them to vote. 2) If you have a laptop, you may be able to get in additional votes depending on your IP address at different locales. 3) If you are in a computer store with WiFi, sneak in a vote or two! (I did that recently at Frys!) 4) Public libraries. 5) Workplace computers — only if you are allowed! 6) Tweet vote requests, and include the link. 7) Ask for votes in the comment section of David’s videos on YouTube. 8.) Vote from phones with web access.

    Voting extends through till the end of November, so please get in as many votes as you can!

  39. Good morning, angels! Just a question to the AAM peeps, if I buy the CD from local stores, will the poster and calendar be included as well?

    Just asking since I will not be able to pick it up at subang. Thanks!

  40. We have updated the post with info on pick up point and fund transfers through ATMs.

    For ease of minds you can email the payment slip to us with your name on it for confirmation and proof of purchase. That way we will be able to tell who has deposited what. Hope that helps.

  41. Whee~~
    You guys make it on a Saturday!
    I can come to pick it up!!!
    A reason for me to wear the AAM t-shirt to the mall..
    Can’t wait to see you guys!! 😉

  42. c_y, only the cd and calendar if you buy from the stores ….. altho’ it’s “while stock lasts”. Poster is for those who pre-order – there is a possibility if they have extra posters left from the pre-orders, they might be distributed to the stores; not a guarantee.

  43. There won’t be any pick up point in Subang?? 😦 I’mn not sure if my parents are willing to bring all the way to MV to pick the album out….

  44. New pick up point at Subang Parade MacD’s this Sunday 2pm-2.45pm

    Please let us know by email which pick up point you will be attending ASAP. Thanks

  45. I cant really confirm where i m going to pick up my cd.. can i just choose a venue whn i am free and just go and pick up my cd? i cant really confirm my time

  46. Kyan

    we’ll only conduct pick ups at the places that has been posted this weekend. You may place your order and arrange for another time and place that is convenient for both sides to pass you the cd.

    Perhaps you can email us the times that are suitable for you and we’ll see if we can make it otherwise we’ll just have to arrange for alternatives. Hope that helps.

  47. Hey guys! I have another question.. Aren’t all three of the above pick up points stated already have been confirmed? Because down there you’re asking us to inform you guys about which one we’d prefer ASAP.. So, I’m a little confused. 🙂 But I’m sure like what you’ve done before, you’re gonna put me out of my confusion very soon! Really appreciate it! Thanks AAM ❤

  48. One more thing.. I’ve already resent my order stating that I’m gonna pick it up myself.. Yet again, I just saw a comment from Archuleta Avenue Malaysia saying that we have to inform you guys the pick up point we will be attending to.. Huhh… *sudden complete silence* Anne, please help this unfortunate fellow ArchAngel again….

  49. Hi Irda, yeah you have to inform us in your email orders whether you want to pickup or postage.

    If you want pickup, you need to tell us which pickup point you can come to so that we can arrange the appropriate people to be there to distribute the CDs hehe.Hope this helps!

    aww zoe! *hugs*

  50. Hi again! I’m sorry if I’m like the most annoying person on this comment board cus I’m like asking too many questions or something.. But this one’s from my mom! She asked do we HAVE to email you guys the payment slip with our name on it as our proof of purchase or is it like an option that we can accept or reject? Do we? But you guys will still know who deposited money when we show you the receipt when we pick it up right? My head’s going up and down like an ELEVATOR! LOL 😀 Save my soul again please Anne!

  51. Irda
    it wud b gud if u cud email us the payment slip. It’s easier for our administration to identify who has paid what amount but it is not compulsory. If u don’t feel comfortable about it then just bring the slip when u collect the cd.

  52. aam, i can’t bring any payment slip with me cause i used my brother’s online bank account (and he doesn’t allow me to print it out for some weird reasons), so i’ll only be able to provide you guys the bank acc number during the pick up. is that okay? >.<

  53. Anybody who works in and around the KLCC area can pick up the cd from me at the KLCC concierge on Monday 11th October at 1.15pm. Please let me know.

  54. i have put the money just now for my TOSOD… so… what should i do? just wait? i’m lazy to e mail my resit but if needed, i will send it…. so what should i do? can AAM know that i’m the person that put that money? so just wait?

  55. Shuk and Amalina

    check ur email. Have responded.

    Hope ur having a great time in the US 🙂

  56. Hey, it’s me again. Terribly busy with university so right now, I’m just a mere occasional lurker to the site.

    And wow! You guys are so lucky! I couldn’t pre-order it…but I’ll definately get teh CD when I see it. 🙂

  57. Thanks John! I’m gonna email my payment slip. I just wanna make it easier for you guys to identify all the payments.. That’s like the least we can do to repay AAM’s good deeds for helping out all ArchAngels to get our copies of the album! So pitch in fellow Angels!

  58. Hey all there’s still time to place your orders for TOSOD so email us now pronto! 🙂

    Be sure to tell us whether you’re picking up the cd yourself or whether you require us to mail it to you. If so please let us know by which method – normal mail or pos laju.

    Also for those who earlier requested for posting of the cd, please let us know by which method so that we don’t get the orders mixed up. Thanks for your cooperation.

    Thanks so much for your support guys. David has the world’s best fans from here to the far reaches of the galaxy! 🙂

  59. John, I think I forgot to tell you that I’ll be using PosLaju. So that sums up to an amount of rm58, is that right?

  60. Jeen Yi that’s right.

    Joanne you can still order but you must do it before 3pm today.

  61. Hey all

    some of you have yet to get back to us on whether you’ve deposited the cash for your cds. Please do so b4 2pm today. Otherwise your payment will not be recorded which may mean you not getting the cd.

    Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

  62. hei… thank you AAM…. i can sit back and relax while waiting TOSOD reach in my hand… he he he…. thanks again…. AAM always the smartest choice to get anything (info,pre order, etc) about david archuleta! well! i can believe in AAM… have a nice day! 🙂 i’m glad to be malaysian…

  63. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!! I’m trying my hardest to resist clicking on the TOSOD preview clips on youtube!! AAAHHHH!!! THE PAIN!

  64. Hi again AAM! I just transferred funds frm my mom’s Maybank account. Will be e-mailing you the time of transfer. What other details do I need to include, to prove that I did pay? Because I had to get it posted & I can’t e-mail you the whole slip (My mom’s account). Thanks!

  65. Hey all

    The cd, calendar and poster all come separately as supplied by Sony so we have to repack them into one for mailing. I’m afraid we’ll have to fold the poster in order to mail it to those who opted for posting otherwise it would be difficult for us to send a rolled up poster through the post.

    Hope y’all understand.

  66. Yeah, I will Anne! I’m gonna win this one on one fight with myself! 1 MORE DAY ARCHANGELS!! OR two for some.. And more for others.. But still! 1 MORE DAY YA’LL!!! 😀 *chanting: “MUST NOT CLICK YOUTUBE*

  67. hey anne, i just heard about this TOSOD pre-order from a friend and I would like to order archie’s new album, calendar and his poster as well. my friend, IRDA got her’s yesterday at the Tropicana Mall. i really loveeeeeeeeeeeee david!!!and i really want to order those stuff..i knw the order date which is 6th october has past! but can i still order?please help me?:(

  68. john/annie/ can i email you my pre-order and if i do the payment by today??will i be able to still receive those stuffs by tomorrow or monday if use poslaju??i really want that calendar…if its possible then i can email to ya’ll my payment slip with my name on it to make it easier for u guys to identify.

  69. Hi zulfarishma! Im not too sure about that but John will get back to you on that soon im sure (:

  70. Dear John, duty and mission accomplished. Will send the photos soon. 🙂

    Zulfarishma, may need to get back to you about that.

    TOSOD is officially in stores nationwide on Tuesday. The extra items may still be available while stock lasts.

  71. anne: okay, i will keep waiting 😀

    kylie: please let me know if theres any available extra stocks for those items. thank you to ya’ll for considering :).means the world to me.

  72. Zulfarishma, not sure if you read the thread … please send your pre-order email asap and John will take it from there.

  73. Zulfarishma
    If you still want the cd please email us your order ASAP and follow the directions as laid out on this post above. Thanks 🙂

  74. can i like jus buy david’s calender & the poster without the CD?
    and is the preorder still up till nw??

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