8 comments on “TOSOD PREVIEW Part 1.

  1. So far, I love what I heard and this TOSOD album is definitely very different from the first one.

    Anne – any news from Sony Malaysia and are we going to get the album in our local record stores on Oct 5?? Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Akang, cant let much slip yet but…Sony Msia is definitely having some plans of their own hehe. we’ll just have to wait but im sure it’ll be worth it 😀

  3. was hesitating to hear it but,
    yeah. clicked play lol.


    will be good to wait for the real thang tho. it’ll be AWESOME-ERRRR. 🙂

  4. I read somewhere that the Philippines will be getting their albums on Oct 4, one day before the US. Is Malaysia getting theirs on the same day too? Any news from Sony huh? Huh?

    Sorry for being so impatient but you know how it is ……. 🙂

  5. Wanna know if there is someone who can help pre-order David Archuleta TOSOD exclusive fan edition for me…
    I didn’t have credit or debit card so I can’t pre-order it… 😦
    I live in Perak.
    If there is someone who can lend me a hand, please leave me a message here… Thank you. 😉

  6. trace, no announcement on the release date yet..but..fingers crossed! (: Good things come to those who wait? 😛

    TJH,hope you get to find someone to help you out!I dont have credit/debit card myself so am of no help sorry 😦

  7. The pre-order for the album is $51.71 including shipping, which would be like RM164! Yikes.. I really do hope Sony Msia has a better deal for the fans here 🙂

  8. c_y: OUCH.that is pricey alright >< But yeah..fingers crossed for Sony Msia yah.They've been pretty good to us thus far 😀

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