20 comments on “Happy Birthday AAM :)

  1. Happy birthday AAM!!! Two years and counting! 😀 Thank you for everything! We all know that it hasn’t been easy, but do keep it up!

  2. May I, as an “outsider”, wish all the AAM’ers a Happy Birthday too!

    Do keep up all the good and hard work you have been doing. it’s comforting to know that there is “David representation” here in Malaysia.
    And I’m sure David himself is appreciative and touched by the continual running and interest of this site.:) 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday AAM!!

    To the moderators: Thanks for all your efforts, sincerely from my heart!! 🙂 We, AAMers will keep this site rolling….yeah!!

  4. Hey AAM!! Happy birthday! A very big thank you to all the admins/friends and all the other AAM-ers who have been supporting AAM since the beginning!
    AAM will always be the best site ever!
    Thank you for making our dream come true which was giving us a chance to meet David himself in person!
    Thank You AAM! =)

  5. Wanna know if there is someone who can help pre-order David Archuleta TOSOD exclusive fan edition for me…
    I didn’t have credit or debit card so I can’t pre-order it… 😦
    I live in Perak.
    If there is someone who can lend me a hand, please leave me a message here… Thank you. 😉

  6. Happy Birthday! Although I live in the USA, Archuleta Avenue Malaysia has become one of my favorite fan sites. I discovered this site a little over a year ago, and have been visiting ever since. Thanks for putting up with me, by the way! Like trace, I am comforted in knowing that David has such dedicated fans in Malaysia, and it’s a pleasure getting the perspective of those living in another part of the world on all things David. Thanks for all your hard work. Hopefully it will be rewarded soon by a visit from the Man himself. I know he is anxious to pay you guys another call.

  7. Thank you Katheryn for your continuos support and encouragement eventhough you’re from the States!So glad that you’re always here supporting! (:

  8. Katheryn
    I am so happy that, even though you live in the States, you visit us often. Your comments, information etc. are undeniably very much valued. I am sure that, if you ever should come to Malaysia (to see David do another performance here?), you will be well taken care of. Eh, Archies?

  9. definitely Trace!Katheryn,hope you are able to visit Malaysia some day.Small country but we plenty to see 😛

  10. here’s a late happy birthday wish to AAM! 😀 you guys are all great and really nice! thanks for keeping the site up and running and having a place where all malaysian david fans can come together. 😀 and even though I’m a relatively new david fan having only becoming a more-than-casual fan last year, you guys have made me feel very welcome since I found this site a couple of months ago. whoot!

  11. Thanks Ai lyn for your kind words!So good to have you as a part of AAM!And even more glad you have become a ‘more-than-casual’ fan of the Archuleta 😛 hehe.

  12. Isn’t it great how David can bring people together from all over the world? Gosh, I’d love to meet all of you. Here’s hoping it happens some day!

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