6 comments on “I agree totally

  1. Hi, Malaysia!

    Please vote for SBL on Musiqtone’s Video Coundown Poll. It says 100 votes per vote session per 24 hours are allowed. My guess is that we can probably get in 2 sets of 100 votes per day just like in the past, based on the message you get when you have reached your voting limit for the session: “YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR VOTE LIMIT FOR THE DAY/SESSION. PLEASE COME BACK AFTER 12 TO 24 HOURS.”

    You’ll note that you can no longer use your refresh button or F5 key to vote, so you must mark the bubble each time and hit the “Submit Vote” button each time. Also, no vote results are shown, so we won’t know the results until the end of the voting cycle on September 8th at 10:00 a.m. ET.

    Now, go vote!



    Who is your favorite overall finalist of all nine seasons?


    You can usually get in at least one vote per day if you clear cookies between votes. Also, by switching web browsers you may be able to get in addtional votes.

  3. Update on the Stand Up 2 Cancer Team Challenge:

    Crush Kids’ Cancer – David Archuleta’s Angels won. We are the SU2C champs!

    Thanks to everyone who donated!

  4. Wanna know if there is someone who can help pre-order David Archuleta TOSOD exclusive fan edition for me…
    I didn’t have credit or debit card so I can’t pre-order it… 😦
    I live in Perak.
    If there is someone who can lend me a hand, please leave me a message here… Thank you. 😉

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