5 comments on “Arthur Ashe Kids Day

  1. I uploaded 2 videos of David’s SBL @ AAKD from the actual CBS broadcast in HDTV format

    But some archies asked whether I missed the intro to his segment, where the SBL MV was actually shown, so I re-uploaded anoher vid in HDTV quality



  2. Yes! One of the most gifted performers on the planet! Love her enthusiasm for David, instead of “AI runner-up blah blah blah…” which I always cringe at.

    Much as I love acoustic SBL, I think I love even more this heart-thumping, foot-tapping version at Flushing Meadows, with the band. I think SBL, performed live, will be the next ZG at concerts…

    The US Open must love David – did he not sing there too last year at the Women’s Finals?

  3. He did sing last year for the women’s final!! And it was brilliant!! It should have actually been for the Men’s final but due to the rain delay, he sang for the women’s final instead. This year, cook will be singing for the men’s final!

    Hee. Sorry too much information. David A and tennis are my two favourite things in the world!! Love it when I can enjoy both at the same time!!

  4. Anyone saw that behind and between the legs shot form Roger Federer?

    Thanks for the videos jackryan4da 🙂

  5. John and Sheba

    Yes Federer has come back with a vengence! haha
    But my favourite people are our David and Rafa!! :))

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