20 comments on “TOSOD available for pre-order in Malaysia and Indonesia

  1. awesome!! 😀 but I ordered through SG already…

    if anyone of you guys here order through Malaysia, please tell me the shipping cost.. lol.. thanks! 😀

  2. John, I need some advice. From your past experience (Crush?), will we receive the TOSOD cd much earlier if we pre-order, or should one just wait for it to land in Malaysia? If there isn’t that much difference in time, maybe I will just wait and buy it from the stores here in KL. Is there any information from Sony re when it will be on sale here?

  3. Hey ‘Archuleta Avenue Malaysia’ i wanna ask got sell or can pre-order David Archuleta new album “The Other Side Of Down” Exclusive Fan Edition?????

  4. Trace,

    For David’s first CD, Sony Malaysia held back the release to the local retailers and gave AAM first shot at ‘distributing’ the cd. They organized a pre-order campaign with us to allow fans an earlier delivery. It was only available at local record stores after that and it was the same with the Christmas cd. The pre-order campaign kicked off in Malaysia about 2 weeks before the official worldwide release of the album. I hope Sony Malaysia will do the same for TOSOD. I’m not sure how Jive will coordinate the delivery of pre-orders to coincide with the official release date of Oct 5th this time around.

    Go to this link for more info on the 1st album’s pre-order campaign:


    We have been in touch with Sony Malaysia about the pre-order for TOSOD. Although they are not entirely against the idea, they have not confirmed anything at this point in time. Maybe it’s still a little early for them to make any commitments. We’ll keep everybody up to date when we get any word form Sony Malaysia. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  5. John – thanks for your info above. We shall wait for your updates with Sony Malaysia. 🙂

  6. Anyone tried ordering the fan-pack through the website for Malaysia? Seems to have problem keying in the address portion – kept on insisting invalid character or something of that sort. 🙂

  7. Jonathan, long time no hear!

    Yah from twitter seems like the pre-order for Malaysia is hvng problems. I don’t know myself as I hvnt tried to place an order.

  8. that whole thing costs 166 ++ . my pocket is crying. but its worth it right? please make me feel better xD HAHA !

  9. Hsuzen, adeline, unless you’re really interested to get the special fan edition/deluxe edition, i would suggest waiting for Sony Msia to come up with something..I’m working yet i find the album waaay out of my budget too haha.

  10. Is there any other way to get TOSOD exclusive fan edition other than David Archuleta us store?
    I have no credit card… pre-order on David Archuleta Us store requires credot card only?
    Others can’t?
    And if can’t, what other links can pre-order it?
    Please help me… I need this album so much 😉

  11. i don’t have credit card and pay pal account… my parent not allow me use their credit card coz think it’s not safe even i have begging them… well I’m still high school student and i try to use pay pal but hard to put money in pay pal account…. can’t we just buy using online banking here (AAM link) like his first album…. i really need somebody to advise me… i want to solve this problem… plzzzz help me… i want to get fan edition album…. so badly…… hm… i know…. david archuleta always my fav human since watched him on aw…. he he he : ) i strongly believe AAM can help me….

  12. archie crazy, i think you’ll be able to purchase the album when Sony Msia comes up with something dont worry (: Besides,the album will definitely be on sale in our local stores in due time 😀

  13. Hello Archies! Does the TOSOD FE still available in Malaysia?
    I really want to have my own copy. :((

  14. Hi John. I’m from the Philippines.

    I’m looking for the TOSOD Fan Edition.
    I really really want to have a copy of it 😦

  15. Karlo

    I did some checking on David’s official website and it seems the fan edition is sold out! That’s good new for David but not so for you I guess…sorry 😦

  16. Aww, okay! Is the Fan Edition only available on David’s Website?
    Or does somebody in this site have an extra Fan Ed? I really really want to have one 😦

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