16 comments on “Zoo A Palooza Videos & Pictures

  1. I am totally in love with David’s acoustic SBL.

    His voice is strong, sustained, emotionally charged and those sweet falsettos. He just fills that venue up with a lot of soul and magic.

  2. Totally agree with you guys. I thought the Greenville SBL was so amazing already but the Louisville SBL was even more amazing. The trait I have noticed about his singing is, the more he sings a certain song, the more he sounds better. But each time he blows your mind. By the time he goes on tour with SBL, I suspect we will be blown off this planet.

  3. trace:

    I agree with wholeheartedly with you! David sounded even better the second time out, and will continue to improve as he learns to adjust his voice to singing SBL live. I can only imagine how different is was to record the song in the studio — singing the main vocals as well all the layers, backups, etc. — and not hearing the song as a whole until the final version was unveiled. I guess it’s similar to an actor in a movie, in which the scenes are often shot out of order, and large segments end up on the cutting room floor. It often isn’t until the film’s premier that actors have any idea how the movie turns out!

    Here’s the Louisville, Kentucky SBL. (Note: The guy in the white T shirt and grayish hat right at the beginning is Kris Allen — he was hosting the show.)

  4. Katheryn
    What you said about actors in movies brings to mind about many stage actors, after a stint in movies, are dying to get back to acting on stage. It must be quite unsettling for movie actors to have their emotions cut-up, scattered and interrupted. Maybe that is why David, besides wanting to connect with the audience, love to go on tour – so that he can put his all into a particular song with the flow of the emotions intact and whole.

  5. I haven’t got quite used to Elevator yet though I think it’s rather cute and quirky. But I’m not worried because I felt the same way with his first CD. After a few listens, I totally loved the album. And I have a feeling I’ll love TOSOD even more.

  6. trace
    Great insight! I’ve seen documentaries on filmmaking which caused me to ponder how actors can keep it together as the director has the same scene shot over and over again in order to get the perfect take. One of my favorite films, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” has a scene with Jimmy Stewart praying in a bar at the lowest point of his life. In order to capture all the emotion, the director blew the film up in order to simulate a close up because Jimmy was unable to recapture all the emotion on another take when the director could do a close up the regular way. Next time you see that movie, pay attention to how the film looks a little grainier at that point. Sorry to get so off topic, but I love trivia like that!

    I’m anxious to hear “Elevator” as it was recorded for the album. To my way of thinking, it could take off and big a bit hit like “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz or “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train; that is, of course, if Jive would properly market it. I guess I won’t hold my breath on that one!

  7. More trivia on filming. I’ve always admired actors who has to go through a series of motion i.e walking round a room, picking up objects etc and engaging in a dialogue with another actor, but having to do all that in a definite sequence and keeping the timing so that they arrive at a point in the dialogue in perfect synchronization with a certain action. It’s all very technical and yet has to appear natural with all the requisite emotions and feelings.

    Hope I explained all that clear enough lol 🙂

  8. Katheryn
    Oh yes I loved It’s a Wonderful Life but I saw it ages ago. The next time I watch it, I will definitely look out for that scene.

    It’s strange but every time Soul Sister comes on the radio, which is pretty often at the moment, the immediate thought that strikes my brain is: oh David is coming up! I’m either so impacted by David’s singing of that song during the AI party that, in my mind, it has become a David song OR
    my mind has been gradually “educated” by the “changing” David into a more soulful singer. Either way, it is a win-win for David haha

    Yes you explained yourself very well haha. Good acting is definitely admirable – making something “not real” into something real and believable. I read somewhere that timing is most essential for an actor.

    Do you think our “goofy” David will make a good actor? I thought he did pretty well in Hannah Montana. The few lines he had were, I suppose, to make people laugh, and laugh I did. Not at just the lines themselves but also the way he delivered them. There had been some internet buzz about the desire to see him in a movie. Despite my own desire to watch him for 2 whole hours in a movie, maybe, just maybe, I’d rather David just sing his heart and soul out to us. I wonder what he himself feels about this .

  9. Wow, good dialogue on movie making and music recording which I know little about. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    Wow, David is completely in control of his voice when he sang Crush and SBL at Lexington, KY recently. 2 years ago, he had to struggle with the high notes and now it’s like a pinch of salt to him hitting it real well. It must been all that studio recording time that further strengthened his vocal chords. Fantastic voice!!!

    Trace: Me, too. I’m not used to Elevator yet (go up and come down!!), however, need to hear the studio version first since some fan sites said it’s going to be his 2nd single. I still like Parachutes and Airplanes and hope it makes it on the album.

  10. John
    Yes, you made yourself clear! A stage actor, say on Broadway, performing the same scene night after night must also find a way of making it appear fresh every time, kind of like David does with songs when he’s on tour. The best actors, like the best singers, will stand out in this regard.

    Speaking of behind the scenes stuff, here’s a fun video posted by the radio station hosting the Bash 2010 show in Louisville, Kentucky. David is featured prominently!

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